Two of Three 2022 American Silver Eagle Enrollments Full

Screenshot of the U.S. Mint enrollment page for the 2022-W Proof American Silver Eagle
Screenshot of the U.S. Mint enrollment page for the 2022-W Proof American Silver Eagle

Enrollments for the 2022-S Proof American Silver Eagle and the 2022-W Uncirculated American Silver Eagle remain unchanged. They have been maxed out since mid-January and will remain so unless cancellations open ordering slots.

U.S. Mint enrollments let customers sign up to stay current with certain numismatic products. Members automatically receive their enrolled products when they become available.

Since enrollments are full for the two 2022 American Silver Eagles, the U.S. Mint recommends using their "Remind Me" tool, stating in an email note to numismatic editors:

"Remind Me" alerts are strongly advised in case of canceled enrollments.

Since last year’s historic design change, American Eagle enrollments have more than doubled. Currently, 100% of available units of the 2022 American Eagle Silver One Ounce Proof Coin (S) and the 2022 American Eagle Silver One Ounce Uncirculated Coin (W) have been reserved through enrollments. If you would like to be notified if either of these coins become available again, please sign up for a "Remind Me" alert.

Remind Me – 2022 American Eagle Silver One Ounce Proof Coin (S)

Remind Me – 2022 American Eagle Silver One Ounce Uncirculated Coin (W)

The U.S. Mint notes that enrollments are still open for their West Point Mint-produced 2022-W Proof American Silver Eagle. However, quantities are limited, with the Mint saying:

Limited quantities of the 2022 American Eagle One Ounce Silver Proof Coin (W) remain available, but are selling rapidly. If you wish to add this coin to your collection, the U.S. Mint strongly recommends you register for an enrollment today, while inventory is still available and enrollment remains open.

Enroll now in the American Eagle Silver One Ounce Proof Coin Enrollment

The U.S. Mint will open regular online ordering for the 2022-W Proof American Silver Eagle on April 14. Only general release dates of spring and summer have been published for the uncirculated "W" and proof "S" versions.

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ASE Collector

Are there rules behind these enrollments? Can I enroll multiple times? Is 25 coins per enrollment the absolute limit?


ASE, if you check out the American Eagle Silver One Ounce Proof Coin West Point (W) Enrollment it currently has a Household Order Limit: None, so you can order as many as you like (waymo than 25).


Oops, I did it again! My bad…

ASE Collector

Sorry, not a coin grabber. Just trying to understand this enrollment stuff. I enrolled for three of each coin originally – one for me and one for each child – so I think I’m good, but these emails from the Mint make it seem like sky’s the limit on the enrollment.


Sir Kaiser, as Mike Unser referenced above regarding the email note to numismatic editors from the US Mint, I was wondering if you received a similar email from the Mint yesterday as I did; it’s titled “American Eagle Program – Enrollments Likely to Consume All Inventory.” How do you interpret this email subject title and what are the implications for online ordering of the ASEs on their release dates?


Thanks for your reply and take on this matter, Sir Kaiser. The Mint’s words “Enrollments Likely to Consume All Inventory” would seem to imply all of the inventories, not just of each type of ASE (proor W mint, proof S mint, and uncirculated W mint), but each type of allocated portions of the inventory reserved for enrollments, the 10% allocated for advance purchases by the 18 dealers of the Authorized Bulk Purchase Program (ABPP), and the portion left for release day online ordering based on the established product limits. Or, as you mentioned, “all inventory” was only refering to all… Read more »

Major D

Kaiser and Rich, I’m learning a lot from you, always very informative- thanks! I never knew about the “18 dealers”. Is that a nod to the “Five Families”?

Major D

I find it all getting curiouser and curiouser….Just learned the Mint denied Coin World’s 2021 FOIA request to name the 18 dealers. Can’t find if it was ever appealed

ASE Collector

I just got an email that the enrollments will take up the entire stock of ASE. Wow, was that the intention?


I have yet to look closer, but are there any special ase this year?


2022 ASE -w
enrollment FULL


I canceled my enrollments you can have them



They will claim all the coins sold out and celebrate then the dealers and graders will start returning the coins and/or the Mint is faking the sell out and then logging the unsold coins as dealer returns – EITHER WAY IT’S CORRUPT.

Ryder DOWN, US Mint and the Graders to go………………….

Major D

LOL! and the Moon Landing, Roswell Crash, JFK….. wait, I think I’m on board with the grassy knoll! But honestly, I wouldn’t put SENZA’s theory in there as I think he’s definitely on to something.


Very interesting.
Available again…

Mike Hunt

Mmk —
And as of a few moments ago there were 59,738 available. I ordered one just to avoid the indignity of my order for last year’s.
— Mike

Major D

Mike, how are you able to ascertain how many are available?

Major D

Found how to get info


Received this email 3/23/22: Enroll Today –  While Inventory RemainsFor the first time in Mint history, the 2022 American Eagle Silver One Ounce Proof Coin (S) and the 2022 American Eagle Silver One Ounce Uncirculated Coin (W) have sold out on enrollments.  Fortunately, we still have some of the 2022 American Eagle Silver One Ounce Proof Coin (W) available, but as of today there are fewer than 13,000 units remaining.  It is unlikely many units will be available on the scheduled release date of April 14. If you have not already enrolled and want to own a 2022 American Eagle… Read more »

Mike Petraitis

According to the US mint all three versions of the coins are sold out through the subscription plan what is the big deal about these coins this year?


In addition to the 500k mintage limit for the 2022 W proof silver eagle, was there 162,760 coins in 40-coin trays reserved for bulk buyers? 662,760 total.