U.S. Mint: Limited 2022 American Silver Eagle Enrollments Remaining

A CoinNews photo of one of last year's U.S. Mint issued 2021-W Proof American Silver Eagle
A CoinNews photo showing one of last year’s U.S. Mint issued 2021-W Proof American Silver Eagles

New enrollments have ended for the 2022-S Proof American Silver Eagle and the 2022-W Uncirculated American Silver Eagle, the United States Mint told customers in an email announcement this week.

In addition, the U.S. Mint said that only a limited number of enrollments are left for the 2022-W Proof American Silver Eagle.

The Mint’s enrollment program enables customers to stay current on certain annually issued products. When a Mint customer is enrolled in a product line, the next issue from it automatically ships to them when it becomes available.

Release dates for the 2022-dated silver coins have yet to be announced.

The Mint’s email announcement about Silver Eagle enrollments follows.

Thank You for Your Support!

Thanks to the continued support of loyal customers like you, interest in the American Eagle Enrollment Program is at an all-time high. Since last year’s historic design change, enrollments have increased significantly. As a result, enrollments for the 2022 American Eagle Silver One Ounce Proof Coin (S) and the 2022 American Eagle Silver One Ounce Uncirculated Coin (W) have reached their limits and new enrollments have been suspended. If additional inventory becomes available, we’ll let you know.

Fortunately, we still have a limited number of enrollments available for our hallmark version, the 2022 American Eagle Silver One Ounce Proof Coin struck at the West Point Mint. If you have not already enrolled and want to own a 2022 American Eagle coin, we suggest you enroll in the American Eagle Silver One Ounce Proof Coin (W) today.

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Let’s see how the silver eagles get delivered this year. Last year was a challenge with the HOL limits but this is a full year. Let the games begin, may the odds be ever in your favor.

Chris Terp

Signed up for enrollment Allan so not jumping into the frey since reserved it already.

Enjoy your weekend.


In addition to sending emails it would be good if the information was placed on the Enrollments page on the website and remove the information there for the 2021 items.

Carl Warren

The HOL last year didn’t affect how many you got as long as you were enrolled prior to when that was set. I have been enrolled for 5, now 6, for both the W and S mint proof ASE’s for the past 10 years. 1 for me and the other 5 for my grandkids.

One thing I’m hoping for this year is the Mint goes back to the previous packaging rather than the cheap crap they used in 2021.

Uncle Sams Nephew

I’d like to think I’m grandfathered in my enrollments but is that really true? I have enrolled for a long time, with success and never turned away. But ya never know…

Kinda like having a NGC First Strike or Early Release label on me, but I’m not sure those labels are true either.

Chris Terp


Clamshell is pictured for case holding Negro League Silver Dollars. So hopefully Mint bringing the clamshell back – fingers crossed.

Wonder if because of COVID Mint couldn’t get supply of clamshells forcing them to use the cheaper cases? Manufacturers hit with short supply of raw material and personnel out with sickness, etc.? COVID is the fashionable excuse for many entities lately.

Or possibly Mint buyers displeasure with the ugly and cheap packaging bringing clamshells back into fashion at the Mint?

Carl Warren


I saw and was thinking the same thing as you. Hence, my hoping.

Chris Terp

So it’s Mint being cheap and no supply disruptions 🙁 🙁 🙁

Last one I got in clamshell was the WWII 75th Anniversary Silver Dollar with Privy Mark.


I think there will be no mintage limits on this years silver eagles so anybody will be able to get at any point I think

sam tweedy

Poorest eagle design ever, but don’t worry, Mike Mezeck has got you all covered !!!!!+!!!!! Hurry!!!!!+++!!!!!

sam tweedy

Sorry !!!! Mezack Mezack Mezack !!!!! “Just Understand”

Christopher Williams

Love it!!!


I gotta agree, Sam, the Gold and Silver American Eagle original designs of 1986 (Type 1) are much better than the new designs of 2021 (Type 2)
If turkeys could fly…


I know, Sir Kaiser, but Old Loves Die Hard! Remember the German progressive rock group, Triumvirat…

Rob S

I got in on the W proof – only for 2 of them, the least amount I tend to order. Wish I could subscribe for the S proof. I hope that comes back this year.


The 2021 silver proof limited edition set is on sale as of 8:15 on the 14th.


Thanks Allan ! I was only able to get 1 last year and I have been usually buying 2 (1 for each kid).


Good eye, Allan! And as of 11:10pm ET (1/14/22) there are only 25 sets left to purchase. Good luck!


I was late to the party and missed out again but wanted to discuss an observation. It seems that the Mint is reconciling their “books” on or about the 14th of each month. If we look back at December 14th, the Mint released the unsold Morgans for purchase with January of this year seeing the release of the silver set. I missed out at that time in December but had purchased the privy mark coins in May. KW et al. , please confirm my suspicions as the Team on this board is one of the best. Just a thought, but… Read more »


TheKings714, a most keen observation – thanks for sharing and calling attention to potential Mint ordering patterns that can serve as an aid for our exploitation. With that in mind, I will start taking notes of the dates (i.e., day in the month) and time of day when hard-to-get “Not Available” – “Remind Me” coins usually become “Available” again for ordering. This data can then be used for establishing the pattern recognition, as you have suggested. About 6 months ago, one of our commenters posted that with respect to time of day, the Mint seems to send out the Remind… Read more »


Thanks Rich!

I missed the patters on the other items as I had purchased all of them except the GAE’s so I had not selected the “Remind Me” option.

It takes a village, even when collecting coins!


All Concerned, the Mint has just updated their 2022 Product Schedule and have set the release date for both the 2022-W ASE Proof and Congratulations Set 2022 on April 14, 2022.

Rob S

Thanks. Gonna test my enrollment for 2 on the ASE-W.
And the Gold proof eagles are scheduled for 3/17.

Rob S

I gotta keep that “set” rolling too. I’m just thankful I dont “have to” get the full 1 oz. That was a kick in my bank acct when they decided to do 2 types last year!! I did the 1 oz in 2020 and was only expecting to get a single 1 oz gold due to the “transition years”. That hurt.
I’ll probably only pick up my usual 1//4 oz for myself, and 1/10th oz for my sis/bro-in-law. Makes a nice (and easy) Xmas gift.


I was not part of this until about May of last year. I understand the ASE Proof was usually out in early January, this date seems very late. I do have the enrollment so I hope to miss the race for this one. You never know until you get that enrollment pre release notice.


Your right about the release date, Allan. The 2022-W ASE Proof and Congratulations Set was originally schedule for an early-2022 release date, but they were taken off that date and went TBD about 4 weeks ago (along with the Purple Heart Commems). Their new rescheduled release date of April 14th was just set (as per the 2022 Product Schedule).


Does the mint not have a new boss this year, change can sometimes be good


True, Allan. But sometimes the new boss can be the same as the old boss. … we won’t be fooled again!

Chris Terp

Maybe with the early releases of Negro League dollars and women quarters helped to push back the ASE coins?

Then again ASE coins produced at West Point and only coin West Point producing between those is the Negro League gold coin.


Kaiser, just thinking out loud. I remember some body having issues with their long term Enrollment disappearing last year and as a result competing for an ASE. Next subject, having a third party do the final distribution to the post office sounds like plausible deniability by the mint when delivery issues happen.

Chris Terp

Kaiser, Mint has to authorize distribution of a purchase. Distributor(s), who are contractors to the Mint can then send out to that list Mint has approved. Mint is ultimately responsible to ensure delivery of its products to its customers. The contractor does not make up rules for distribution, they are guided by their contract drawn up by US Mint and Government Accountability Office rules for all USG contracts and must abide by contract terms. Even if Mint did shipping themselves there will be problems. Happens to any high demand product sold by any company or government once item in stock… Read more »

Chris Terp

Thank you Kaiser. Government contracting is very detailed and USG usually asks its vendors to do a lot for those contracts.

Needless to say, whenever Mint has big product release that I purchased I get very nervous if it takes too long to get shipping confirmation making me think I am at the bottom of list 😮 Luckily that hasn’t happened to me yet.

I am sure at one time Mint or USPS maybe did the process of shipping but to save on labor and benefit costs they outsourced it to private sector.


This is for everybody. I was looking at APMEX and I found a special ASE MS. They have the Type 2 MS-70 ‘First Day of Production’ for a very good price. The Mint made 19k of them on May 5, 2021, I suspect all of them did not grade to MS-70 by PCGS. I hope I did not break any posting rules for this. This is just an FYI, buyer beware.

And as a follow up, the 2022 ASE W Proof Enrollment is still open.


Allan, thanks for highlighting the topic of the 2021 ASE Type 1 “Last Production” & “Last Day of Production” and Type 2 “First Production” & “First Day of Production.” I have been trying to confirm the mintage figures for both the 2021 ASE Type 1 “Last Day of Production” coins out of the 200,000 “Last Production” coins produced and the Type 2 “First Day of Production” coins out of the 200,000 “First Production” coins produced. Thus far this is what I have found, according to a US Mint spokesman and NGC specification & PCGS specification according to online dealers: The… Read more »

Last edited 5 months ago by Rich

Coin News did an article on August 13, 2021 that has all the details by date and box number. The article is ‘US Mints APs Offered First and Last Runs of 2021 American Eagle Bullion Coins’. The last type 1s took 2 days to make 200k and the first type 2s took 8 days to make 200k, 400 boxes each type.


Thanks for that additional information, Allan, it can be nailed down now as follows: 2021 ASE Type 1 “Last Day of Production” mintage = 150,000 (4/8/21) 2021 ASE Type 1 “Last Production” mintage = 200,000 (4/7/21 – 4/8/21) 2021 ASE Type 2 “First Day of Production” mintage = 19,000 (5/5/21) 2021 ASE Type 2 “First Production” mintage = 200,000 (5/5/21 – 5/13/21) 2021 GAE Type 1 “Last Day of Production” mintage = 15,000 (4/8/21) [2021 GAE Type 1 “Last Production” mintage = 15,000 (4/8/21)] 2021 GAE Type 2 “First Day of Production” mintage = 2,000 (4/14/21) 2021 GAE Type 2… Read more »

Gary Colon

The use of third party grading has become an albatross in addition to cost increasing frequently, collectors are waiting, as with NGC from 2 to 3 months to receive coins submitted through them. The turnaround increased from 2 or three weeks to close to one quarter year. one month sitting in limbo, one month received, one month grading scheduled/quality control/finalized. Getting to the point where just buying on eBay is worth the average premium on regular US Mint issues. Unless a coin is Scace or very difficult to secure what logic is there in buying a proof or MS from… Read more »


It is a business now, I don’t think the Mint made much money on this when they started. Collectors are now supporting the Mint, Graders, Dealers and to some extent eBay sales. Kaiser has the right idea about grading coins. There was too much money involved, business was bound to tap into it.

Rob S

I’m going thru the 3-month turnaround blues lately myself (PCGS). I just went back to the PCGS US Coin forum, and theres some groaning about it there too. I got on a mission to have ALL of my proof coins graded. Just when I think I’m almost “there” … well, there are always new coins to grade (especially Eagles). I’m not doing it for myself tho. Trying to make it easier for my non-collector nieces who I’ll probably hand it over to some day. And I’ve spent a TON o’bux on this too since 2019. (OUCH!!!) I envy Kaiser’s stance.… Read more »

Rob S

My bank acct … and limit of free time, agree with you about the proof sets. 😉

ASE Collector

I just got into collecting American Silver Eagles last year. Where can I buy previous years coins? Any recommendations?


There are many reputable sellers on eBay and other sites. I only this year, 2022, acquired my 2nd through 22nd silver eagles, burnished and proof, and only made it back to 2014. Your local coin dealer might also be a good site. I found my smaller city of 25,000 people had a coin dealer, and I got excellent prices on the burnished and proof coins from 2016 and 2017 from him.


I use APMEX as a baseline. On average they have good prices but sometimes they are high. You have to look around on sites you trust for the best price.

Rob S

I found APMEX a while back and use them often(-ish). They’re quick to take your money, like any dealer, but boy do they ship FAST!! Amazon-speed, sometimes.
I got a heads up for a couple other places (MCM, Modern Coin Market) from the ppl here, but I have to say APMEX has been more of my go-to.

Mike Petraitis

Can someone tell me what the big deal is about the 2022 american silver eagle that the US mint is going to sell?


I don’t think 2022 is a big deal. If you collect the series ii’s just another set of bricks in the wall. Now, 2021 was a big deal in my opinion.


Any word about 2022 reverse proof ASE’s?