2021 Uncirculated U.S. Mint Set Released


Featuring a total of 14 coins, the United States Mint today released their 2021 Uncirculated Coin Set for $25.25 — the same price as last year’s set which sold out and has last reported sales of 211,788.

U.S. Mint product images of their 2021 Uncirculated Coin Set
United States Mint product images of their 2021 Uncirculated Coin Set with its 14 uncirculated coins that are split into two folders. The folder accented in reds hold 7 coins from the Denver Mint while the folder accented in blue holds 7 coins from the Philadelphia Mint.

Annually issued and often called the "Mint Set" by collectors, this year’s set contains 7 coins from the U.S. Mint facility in Denver and 7 coins from the U.S. Mint facility in Philadelphia. These coins mostly represent the nation’s circulating coinage for the year but are offered in an uncirculated finish.

The set’s complete collection of uncirculated coins includes:

  • 2021 P&D Native Americans in the U.S. Military Native American $1 Coins
  • 2021 P&D Kennedy Half Dollars
  • 2021 P&D Tuskegee Airman Quarters for Alabama
  • 2021 P&D General George Washington Crossing the Delaware Quarters
  • 2021 P&D Roosevelt Dimes
  • 2021 P&D Jefferson Nickels
  • 2021 P&D Lincoln Cents

All of them come attached to presentation folders with the Philadelphia Mint-produced coins in a blue folder and the Denver Mint-produced coins in a red folder. The set is accompanied by a U.S. Mint Certificate of Authenticity.

Three Unique, 1-Year-Only Designs

The Tuskegee Airman quarter for Alabama features the final design from the Mint’s 56-coin series of America the Beautiful quarter dollars.

The General George Washington Crossing the Delaware design will not last long either as it will be replaced in 2022 with the debut of the four-year program of quarters honoring contributions made by women to the development and history of the nation.

Native American dollars offer single-year reverse designs. This year’s design celebrates Native American military service.

No Mintage or Other Limits

According to the U.S. Mint, there is no mintage, household or order limits in place for the uncirculated 2021 Mint Set. This marks a return to standard policy which was bypassed last year due to adjustments made for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Last year’s set launched with a product limit of 213,000, making it immediately one of the scarcest in the set’s program history. It holds six more coins (all quarters as 2020 was the last full year for Mint’s series of America the Beautiful quarters dollars).

The 2019 Mint Set, which also has twenty coins, made its debut at $21.95 and ended with sales of 346,117.


The 2021 Uncirculated Coin Set may be purchased by visiting the U.S. Mint’s website page dedicated to uncirculated sets.

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I got my order confirmation from the mint earlier this morning. No limit – no hassle today.


Got my 2 Coin Reverse Proof shipping notice today – thank goodness as I picked up a US Mint Employee Stalker on the other thread.

Larry T


Well, will miracles never cease to amaze me! My order for the Reverse Proofs have shipped. All’s good in the universe.


Larry T, Sir Kaiser and SENZA: Well we finally got our due… My order for the Reverse Proofs also shipped today at long last. I wonder if SENZA had the Roto-Rooter Man dispatched to the Memphis Fulfillment Center to unplug the backup. With their distribution so clogged up with Reverse Proof Sets, S mint Proofs and W mint Uncirculated ASEs, how could they even hope to flush out all the Morgans and Peace Silver Dollars next month.

Larry T


Glad to hear your set has also shipped. That Memphis Fulfillment Center sure does operate at a snails pace. On second thought, maybe I’m being too disrespectful to the snail. It is, after all, moving as fast as it can!


Larry T & Rich, congratulations on having your Reverse Proofs shipped. Re: my post further down this thread, I am still in the queue…


LMAO, ten minutes ago the Mint sent a ‘Shipped’ notice. That new Mint Director ‘Butch‘ (or whatever her name is) is getting right On It!


Butch, Ellen, Alison as long as she is kicking ass and pumping out coins

Richard Margolis

I am still waiting for a shipped notice. Called the mint this morning and the representative said it was still pending at the fullfillment center. hopefully this week. My enrollment for the uncirculated set is still processing


It’s all coming together now Success


Sir Kaiser, with my order and Mammoth’s order, you can move up the Mint’s queue for shipping to 1:10 P.M. We just may have outlasted those dealers, flippers, buying-club boys and resellers that day as you originally hypothesized. Let the good times roll!


Congrats! Now we advance to the bonus rounds Morgans, Peace and (S) Eagles


He is just out of his methylphenidate salt, then again it could be Tourett’s. I was thinking we were a bunch of old ladies, but it appears that there is a big baby mixed in who needs his milky.


Damn it Man, Sir Kaiser


Kaiser, please don’t feed the mental patients AND

Larry T


With all your properties and yachts up for sale, due to falling Gold and Silver prices, I’m glad to see you can still afford to buy some coins. I was afraid you were downgrading to tent city in SF. Since you’re still getting sets, what are your thoughts on the upcoming Limited Edition Silver Proof Set?

Larry T


That’s what I’m thinking. It will probably be the only LESPS with a Type1 and Type2 ASE ever. I would just kick myself in the ask if I don’t buy one and then Mike ‘You must own this LESPS, it’s the rarest of the rare, the best of the best, the top of the top, and the cream of the crop’ Mezack had them on HSN for $1499.

Have you received your shipping e-mail for the Reverse Proof set? I’m sure you have, as I did and my order didn’t go through before yours.

Domenic Vaiasicca

I finally turned off my subscription to it. Sooooo over priced for what it is and what you get. Cheaper to get the few i cant find yearly on ebay. The current sets, imo, are pretty much worthless at priced so high. Its the packaging. All gloss and no substance.

Last edited 2 years ago by Domenic Vaiasicca

Truly understand. I collect them because I have each year from 1965 to this year. I just do not want to stop the collection. In 2022 the cent is the last year to be minted – so I hear – and do not want to stop this close to the last penny. Makes cents to me. I also heard that the last cent will be in 2023. It will be 1 of just 50,000 cents put into a “SPECIAL MINT SET”, the auction for these sets start at $179.00. I’ll probably never see one either.

A. Johnson


I predict that your order for the 2021 ASE RP set will be shipped shortly. Based on your very open saga, and my order fulfillment, I think you’ll get the set.


Mine was at 1:07 p.m. ET so hopefully they ship a Reverse Proof Set in this direction soon.
Looking up this order, it still says ‘Processing.’


I just can’t bring myself to pay that much – weren’t these $16 a few years ago and had twice as many coins?


Free hugs


I was collecting these starting with 1999 set. Then I got board a few years back. The mint doesn’t throw a bone to collectors of uncirculated sets. No limit, no privy mark of any kind. Just same blah coins you can get at your bank…well not in the last 2 years. Covid shutdown prevented new coins distribution.

Last edited 2 years ago by Victor



I keep thinking US Coin Shortages – and then the story about 1,011 billion $ coins being held/stored/hoarded/whatever by the mint. Nobody wants these coins and the mint keeps on minting them. I went to my local bank got some quarter rolls, and if you’ve done that too, you know the average joe can not count to 40 and may also not even know what a real quarter looks like. Low and behold, I found nickels, dimes, pennies in these rolls. But to make my point – I found a washer and then I found George Washington – the 1st… Read more »


When there were newspaper stands finding washers was common both the distributors and the bad guys used them to get free papers but I never thought of padding a quarter roll with them – criminals are so inventive.


The family business used to make washers.
my dad tells the story (from more than a few years ago) of a customer with a very specific order of washers and dumps (the insides of the washer) … which as you have guessed it, we’re used in the 60’s, because apparently coin operated gas station pumps were a thing, and this guy was self-serving fuel till it was found out.


WoW I did not know that bit of History and new ideas are born as I absorb your writings = see image below


A silencer built into each round. I like it

Larry T

No one, unless you are a Lt.Colonel in the Marines!


Larry totally lost me on that one too – I’m so confused – not Keanu Reeves confused but at least Jackie Chan confused.


Small brain may explain it.


I have great News! There is a cure for what you have.

Larry T

Don’t you guys keep up with current affairs? Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller is in the brig for questioning his ‘superiors’ about the fuc* ed up withdrawal from Afghanistan. Good grief, might I suggest you try another channel besides MSNBC or CNN.


With all due respect it’s just not a topic for here and no argument about MSNBC and CNN


And I was thinking of Oliver North. He sure got things done.


It’s just not fair Kaiser


… or “Jail Break”


Yes he was. I use a coin counting tube device and always empty the roll into it to see if the roll is actually 40 quarters, which it was. When I dumped them out to go thru them, half of the quarters were stuck. I had to use a screw driver to punch GW out, but he was really stuck, and the screw did leave PMD. Now the washer was real slick and came out in a flash. Thanks for asking about GW.


Well gee….3 days and my reverse set is still “shipped”…..what do they have a once a week pickup??


2 days for me and it’s still on it’s way from the Mint to the Post Office – this is really bad Government – this is everything we always new was wrong with the Government but never really wanted to experience. I think it all went wrong when the Aliens who infiltrated our Government started reproducing with our females.


Senza – my order now shows ‘Shipped,’ but a check at the USPS website’s ‘Track Your Package’ just says, “Tracking Number Created.”

Well, that beats ‘In Processing,’ I suppose…


Yes, it is a positive sign, I’m currently experiencing day 4 of that but they did take my payment out again yesterday so I’m counting this one as a done deal. The Mint has strange flexible rules – they don’t even start their clock until the package is received by the Post Office then they say they have 2 weeks of mailing time before they even consider something to be wrong. There is another strange phenom I experience as a frequent flyer with the US Mint – about every 5th order I place – they just don’t ship it until… Read more »


Agreed, and Smart Post AKA: Stupid and Slow Post didn’t help but I have not seen the Smart Post on my recent orders. Also, they have up to 2 business days to ship overnight Fedex packages so they should just rename overnight to 3 day. And your only lucky enough experience all that shipping joy if you can get your hands on a coin before it’s sold out – are we crazy collector’s or what


New price hikes and delays begin Friday for USPS, but on the bright side Morgans will be shipped.


The Post Office will soon be the US Mint if we don’t get Trumps Crony out of there or “Toadie” as Kaiser would say.


Perhaps we ought to give Louis DeJoy some credit for his attempts at keeping the USPS solvent, rather than asking Congress for more Taxpayer money.

Jeff Legan

Based on the chaos at the post office since he took over, perhaps he does not. And like almost every other person put in a government position by tRump, I do not think he is there for any other reason than to put more money in his own pocket. Every time I read an article about the post office, the main reason cited for the money problems are the requirement by congress for the post office to pre-fund the retirement money for their employees out to 75 years from now. No other entity in the United States has such a… Read more »



I dunno why anyone who is worse off than those that fill these cushy jobs isn’t trying to fill one. There’s 4 sides to every street.


What he said ——–> Kaiser Wilhelm


Every crook in history of America who got rich did it by tapping into the Government and Tax Payer dollars – when Trump got in it was like electing the Goodfellas – stamps would be $10.00 if we left Trumps Toadie unchecked – just look where the Post Office is going = every time this crony implements a change the service gets worse and the cost of postage goes up. Plus, the main idea was to cripple mail-in votes to help Trump get re-elected = they screwed that up too. Trump, Scamazon, Feebay, Elon Turd Musk and Warren Buffet –… Read more »


The no mask no vaxx numbers are shrinking in a permanent manner. Disclaimer I’m not for or against the Jab and respect everybody’s personal choice.


Finally shows in transit with a Monday delivery date!

Larry T


My last shipment of the 2021 W Unc coins took almost 2 weeks to be delivered. I’m not expecting this set to be delivered any quicker, but who knows, they might surprise me. I’m just happy they are on the way, so to speak.

Steve J.

FYI, if anyone needs to send anything important or expensive using the USPS, use their Registered mail service. It is a slower and more expensive service. Each employee must sign off on it along the way. I sent some important paperwork with Priority Mail with signature confirmation. Was to take up to 3 days to deliver (not guaranteed). After 2 weeks, it still wasn’t delivered. I filed a lost mail investigation report. That was useless. It only notifies you if there is movement of your item. You get the same info by checking the tracking yourself. It finally was delivered… Read more »

Big T

Most coin collectors know about registered mail because this is what you have to use to send coins for grading at PCGS (and to receive them back).
My 1889 CC is being graded now – fingers crossed – I may have a MS60 plus coming back! My entire collection has been to get this coin!


Received my mint set a few days ago and it contained a bonus.

An extra penny in the Sac$ compartment.