2021 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set Includes Two American Silver Eagles


The United States Mint rolled out images and information for their upcoming 2021 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set. The Mint’s product page for the annually issued set now shows its price, its limits, and lists its six 99.9% fine silver coins which, for the first time, include two different American Silver Eagles.

U.S. Mint Product images 2021 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set
U.S. Mint product images of their 2021 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set

Paying homage to the pair of coins, the U.S. Mint extended the product’s name to: "Limited Edition 2021 Silver Proof Set – American Eagle Collection."

Scheduled to launch Oct. 1, the set of six silver coins weighing a combined 2.90 troy ounces will be $235. As a comparison of sorts, the no-longer-available set from last year was $201. It holds eight silver coins that, in total, weigh 2.51 troy ounces. For another data point to consider, the LBMA silver price was $24.15 an ounce on Thursday. (It was $23.89 an ounce when last year’s set debuted on Dec. 10.) Using silver’s price, this year’s set has about $9.42 more in silver value than last year’s set.

Included within the 2021 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set are the following six coins:

  • 2021-S Proof American Silver Eagle, Type 2 New Design (San Francisco)
  • 2021-W Proof American Silver Eagle, Type 1 Classic Design (West Point)
  • 2021-S Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site quarter (last in the Mint’s America the Beautiful Quarters® Program)
  • 2021-S George Washington Crossing the Delaware quarter
  • 2021-S Kennedy half dollar
  • 2021-S Roosevelt dime

A selling point for past sets has been their premier presentation packaging. Simply put and unfortunately, packaging for the 2021 set is less elegant.

That said, its attraction is boosted by the proof Silver Eagles. The Mint earlier released the same two coins as standalones at $73 apiece and each sold out quickly. Today, the pair as ungraded examples would sell from $25 to $65 more than the Mint’s $235 price of one 2021 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set.

Like last year, this year’s set has a product limit of 50,000. Orders will be limited to 1 per household for the first 24 hours of sales.

More information about the set may be found on the U.S. Mint’s online page for proof products, found here.

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So if I had managed to buy the two proof ASE in this set previously when they were offered (did) at $73 apiece, plus the Silver Proof set (did not) which contains the other coins included here for $101, I would have spent $247. This set sells for $235. It is just missing the non-silver proofs that were in the silver set. If you were unlucky enough to miss out on the two ASEs the first time around I guess it would be a good chance to try again with the new mint software in place. But if you have… Read more »


I buy one for each kid, and not happy about the packaging.


I think I will pass on this set- really had enough of the USMint BS for the year – I’m done

Late &slow

Finally bought ASE set at the sweepstakes. Shut out most times except Morgan CC and Peace $. Packaging looks tacky for $235 set. However mint gave me $4.95 shipping rebate just because they like me.


I missed out on the Type II S-Silver Eagle thanks to the Mint’s ordering cluster-F*; I tried and tried until they were no longer available. So here’s another chance to snag one – but that is a pretty stiff price if you are only after one coin.

But at least there is a consolation prize of the highly-touted 2021-S Kennedy Half…[Giggle!]
(For more snide comments, see my post on the recent Barber Dime article.)

Question: has anybody here yet gotten a George Washington crossing the Delaware quarter in their pocket change yet?



Does anyone actually use cash anymore? I honestly can’t remember last x I did.

Christopher Williams

Raymond Burr is the all-time best TV lawyer. Watched “Perry Mason” as kid back in the 60’s and still watch it on ME TV.


Yup…….Strictly cash and carry here! I hate plastic and do not want the paper trails you card users get. Nor do I want some jackass giving me a daily amount of MY OWN MONEY I can take out as well as the raised eyebrow if you walk into the bank and request a large sum of my money………LIKE REALLY?


Both P and D Crossing. Zero Tuskegee.


A roll of D Tuskegee from my bank. It’s only $10.


Was on a Meatloaf diet last fall. Those were good times.


I have an uncirculated roll of George Washington Crossing the Delaware quarters from my bank.


I tried to get a box of those from the bank. They blew me off. Have -0-

Jack Jackson

The roll are clad quarters it would really be nice to have all silver proof crossing Delaware


C cards are nxt 2 go. Just chip my elbow to walk in & out. We’re almost there. Lol

Larry T


I honestly can’t remember the last time I paid for anything with cash. Everything goes on my CC’s as it’s just much easier. Oh, and I get some cash back from the CC’s every month!

Rob S

I didnt have a yen for this set, but I currently STILL have an order for 3 S-Type II ASEs in BACKORDER??? When I called about that it wasnt acknowledged as an accident or error or anything. *shrug* My palladium I recently ordered is coming in before them! Maybe they’re pressing some more with this set to “fill” whatever “backorder” means for the S-Type II. Just not sure if I want to grab this set to get the S-Type II? That palladium made a HYOOOOGE dent in the bank acct. … I got a P Washington / crossing in change.… Read more »

Rob S

I know. Thats what my fear is also. I believe even tho they pay to have them graded, they can have sub-69s (or any minimum grade) returned un-holdered, so they can put them back in the capsules and Mint boxes.
THATS what I’ll probably get. groooooannnn

The whole B/O situation has me sick about it – just not knowing is almost as bad as canceled.

I seriously thought thats part of what I got last year, when a few 2020s graded at 67!! But it wasnt the same “rush” as this year.

Last edited 2 years ago by Rob S
Rob S

“BTK”? is that “Burger, Torture, Kill”?? lol 😀


Yep, Mine are still in “BACK ORDER” status as well 🙁


I am not a big time purchaser, but as the attached picture shows, I do spend a lot with the mint, and keeping customers in a perpetual state of BACK ORDER isn’t a smart long term play. It is easier for me to quit collecting, than it is for the mint finding a new person to start collecting. It is an interesting game, by treating the individual collector like dirt, but pandering to “the big guys”. It is like they don’t understand that this is a closed system. You don’t take these coins and spend them on candy. You lock… Read more »

US Mint Order Status.jpg
Ron H

I recieved my Palladium, I’m dissapointed it’s defective. I’m returning it.


So, “defective” to you means that you think the coin is not PR70 !!

But, rather a PR69 or PR68…..

You should be more “disappointed” in your bad spelling rather than the coin you “received” !!

Rob S

Maybe go easy on Ron, we’re not all masters of grammar and speelin 😉 .
Plus, looking at the pic, there seems to be some jaggedness around the rim. Thats probably enuff to dump it down a notch (or several) in grade. It might just be the polish? (To my eye I couldnt tell what made my 2020 ASE a 67???)
For the price … he could probably return this one and order another which may or may not have these issues. I think they’re still available. Or keep the $3k+ moolah $$$$.

Larry T

Good one Kaiser!

Mike Hunt

Mammoth —
In the event you followup on your old notes, the Mint just re-opened (on 11/27 early AM) ordering the 2021 ASE Type 2 Uncirculated Dollar 21EGN.
Please address your thanks to me if you like ….
— Mike Hunt

Sherril Matney

The packaging on these are ridiculous as is other items released.For the price we pay they should be silk lined.


Paris and London Mints provide their coins with such nice packaging. U.S. = cheap.


How about those reverse proofs on Monday? I hope my order will go through. I think that’ll be it for me for this year.

Larry T


I’m already limbering up my fingers in anticipation of that event. I’m a little concerned about Monday, as an article I read states the Mint upgraded its ordering software to take 217 orders/second. That’s a little over 13,000 orders per minute so unless all the traffic drastically slows the site down, we might only have about 10 minutes to snag a set. Why does it seem that the last item one wants from the Mint always is the most difficult to procure?


It’s on the schedule…..it just says TBD !!

How did you miss that ??

sam tweedy

Lots of “Old Ladies” here a need for a lot more nap time !!! LOL!! Whining Whining!!!


Haha. I love how Kaiser can reminisce about going to school when he grew up in Sumer … and then wheel out “cash me ousside” whilst posting memes.

LOL … it’s like a case study in Dissociative identity disorder


Would you like some cheese with that whine?

Lonnie VanSickle

Thank you. Sounds like a bunch of old ladys



Kirk R Lapham

One hour and 45 minutes into sale, the mint is still accepting orders. Don’t go to EBay and buy just yet folks!


This set would be great if they would just go back to regular quarters.


BTW, anyone getting Bush set?


Not I. Price is too lofty. Possibly on secondary though.

Larry T


I have most of the previous sets, but don’t think I’m buying this one. I’m not a big fan of the Bush’s and whilst I paid $57 or so for the previous sets, this one comes in at roughly twice that amount! Too much for the only coin in the set that I’d want, the reverse proof dollar. So, ‘read my lips’, I’ll pass!


Holding out for the Trump set. I hear it’s going to be the biggest ever seen

Larry T

I think the word you’re looking for is ‘HUGE.’


Me to


It’s gonna be ‘uge!