U.S. Mint’s 2020 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set Launch


Today at noon EST, eight silver coins in one product become available with the release of the United States Mint 2020 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set.

US Mint product image 2020 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set
U.S. Mint product image of their 8-coin 2020 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set

This product continues the U.S. Mint’s annual tradition of issuing a premier silver set for coin collectors, which is popular, in large part, because of its presentation packaging.

Collectors also favor the set because each of its San Francisco-struck coins is minted in silver. The 2020 set marks the second year in which they are composed of 99.9% silver instead of 90% silver.

The product also has a relatively low limit of 50,000 units, adding for some to its appeal.

At $201, this year finds the set at a much higher price than past releases. For example, last year’s set was sold for $149.95 and the one for 2018 was $144.95.

Contents of Limited Edition Silver Proof Set

The eight coins found within the 2020 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set include:

  • 2020-S Proof American Silver Eagle
  • 2020-S Silver Kennedy Half Dollar
  • 2020-S Silver National Park of American Samoa Quarter
  • 2020-S Silver Weir Farm National Historic Site Quarter (Connecticut)
  • 2020-S Silver Salt River Bay National Historical Park and Ecological Preserve Quarter (U.S. Virgin Islands)
  • 2020-S Silver Marsh- Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park Quarter (Vermont)
  • 2020-S Silver Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve Quarter (Kansas)
  • 2020-S Silver Roosevelt Dime

The five quarter dollars are unique to 2020. In addition, they represent the last full year of issues from the U.S. Mint’s America the Beautiful Quarters® Program. The program ends next year with one release.

Set’s Silver Weight and Melt Value

Combined, the eight coins have a silver weight of 2.51 troy ounces. Based on Thursday’s LBMA silver price of $23.89 per ounce, this gives the set a melt value of $59.96.

For comparison, when last year’s 2019 set debuted, it had a melt value of $43.80 when calculated against its associated market rate for silver of $17.45 per ounce.

Previous Set Sales

Demand for these limited edition sets has always been strong. A sampling of sales figures from past years include:

  • 2016 – 49,647 (19,266 initial three day sales)
  • 2017 – 48,901 (sold out in approximately 32 hours)
  • 2018 – 49,479 (24,990 initial three day sales)
  • 2019 – 47,404 (29,691 initial four day sales)

A limited-mintage American Silver Eagle was included in the 2017 set, leading to its quick sell-out. It was not available separately and only issued as part of the limited edition silver proof set and one other set which had already sold out.

Coins Available in Other Products

Like in past years, coins in this year’s set are not exclusive to it. They are also held within other U.S. Mint products, although none of them are available for ordering as of this writing.

The individually sold 2020-S Proof American Silver Eagle went on sale Oct. 21 for $73. It has last reported sales of 209,695.

2020-W Proof American Silver Eagle, Presentation Case and Cert
This CoinNews photo shows a standard, individually sold 2020-W Proof American Silver Eagle that is encapsulated and held within its blue velvet, satin-lined presentation case. This coin was minted at West Point and has a ‘W’ mintmark. The proof Silver Eagle within the 2020 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set looks the same, except it is produced at the San Francisco and has an ‘S’ mintmark.

The same silver editions of the Kennedy half dollar, the five quarters, and the Roosevelt dime are part of the standard 2020 Silver Proof Set. It debuted April 17 for $63.25, and later went up to $105. The set has reported sales of 313,416.

CoinNews photo of US Mint 2020 Silver Proof Set -a
This CoinNews photo shows a standard 2020 Silver Proof Set and a bonus 2020-W Reverse Proof Jefferson nickel that comes with it. It includes seven of the same coins as the 2020 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set, plus a clad proof Lincoln cent, a clad proof Jefferson nickel, a clad proof Native American dollar, and a bonus clad reverse proof Jefferson nickel.

Just the five quarter dollars in silver are in the 2020 Quarters Silver Proof Set, released Feb. 20 for $42.50. Its price was later raised to $60. The set has reported sales of 64,025.


Order the new collectible from the U.S. Mint via their online catalog of silver proof sets. An initial household order limit of two has been established.

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Oops it’s refreshing!! Another last fiasco of 2020! Also all the silver WWII coins coming down in price on eBay


And last year they cost 150? What changed? Pass!

sam tweedy

No future value in any of these, NO Thanks!!!!

sam tweedy

OH Know!!! I really wanted that Giant Weed and ugly “BAT” quarter!!!!


I’ve already gotten 2 emails for Bullion Exchange wanted me to buy 1/2 sets. They have offer $40 for the 1st set and $20 for 2nd set, plus the cost of the 1/2 sets with shipping fees.I had heard of these places having people buy for them, but this is the 1st request I have ever gotten. DON’T think I’m a buyer/seller for Bullion Exchange!!!!

Mike Hunt

I understand all of the comments and have had all of the frustrations most of you have expressed. Unfortunately I have been a collector, not an investor or flipper, for almost 70 years so I am just most concerned about the frustration in ordering.
I just ordered a set. It took me about 6 minutes and 4 tries (WHAT???) to do it. But I finally was successful in ordering one that will keep my collection “complete”.
Wishing All that read this Health, Happiness, and the most joyous of Holiday Seasons however you may have to celebrate them this year.


The mint has slowed down considerably, i guess due to Covid and the federal employees on use or lose, but that shouldn’t slow down on-line ordering. I ordered an uncirculated set on 11/30 and it is still waiting to be picked up by USPS. Also ordered at 5 ouncer on Monday and it is still being processed.


I ordered the silver Mayflower set & the silver reverse proof medal got conformation 11-17- 20 & haven’t heard a thing since


Mayflowers are shipping now. There was a certificate numbering problem.

Larry Westfield

NO….they are not.

Still processing…….from Nov 17th…..

Last edited 3 years ago by Larry Westfield

My set arrives today. But for those not in the know: The 2020 400th Anniversary of the Mayflower Voyage Silver Proof Coin and Medal set is to begin shipping Dec. 7 from the U.S. Mint, following a temporary delay concerning quality control inspection with the certificates of authenticity.
“Shipping is being delayed while we inspect the product to ensure that the numbered COAs are not duplicated,” U.S. Mint spokesman Michael White said Dec. 3.

Jerome Landesman

Mine shipped today.


Good for you!


As of this morning my Mayflower silver set is still “processing”.


The only thing processing are the two coin silver sets. I have bought doubles and already received the items with the exception of the backordered silver coins. The option to purchase triples of the gold and silver backorder did arrive while perusing the mints sight before work.

Seth Riesling

So basically you are paying $23 extra for the “special” packaging, plus this set is $51.05 more than last year’s set! Lol.



Lol Imagine giving them away as gifts to someone who would be absolutely delighted with the packaging rather than some old sausage who is a disgrace to depression because they missed out on a coin they sure sound entitled to…. I do I understand what you’re saying and I thank you, you do bring valued opinions to us.

Seth Riesling

This old “sausage” lover, has bought every limited edition silver Proof set since they were first issued in 2012…so I bought this one as an overpriced gift to myself!! Lol.



Touché !


I bought two, they will be given away as gifts!

Last edited 3 years ago by Jake
Chas. Barber

Overpriced dribble, enjoy it for what it is a ripoff…. USM milking & bilking customers since 2015


If you think the treasury is ripping you off I think your better fit with the wizards in the realms of a kitco, preaching like your sitting at the casinos roulette table, staring at the previous winners video board picking out a winner. 00. This is not a gamble, it’s a fun hobby and profits are not bad for America. Cmon man. A true American knows the only sure thing is death and taxes. Anything else, you make for yourself!


I just got my 2 sets and in one of them, one of the quarters has a brown spot on it. What could that be? Also the box itself is missing the COA. The other box seems to be fine.

Richard W.

Just called the mint on why my order from 11/30 for the regular 2020-S silver proof set is listed as “processing.”. Was told they are waiting for more bonus nickels. Annoying since I ordered this set in April and it never came. Was reimbursed but when I reordered the price had jumped a lot! I realize with the pandemic things are messed up, but it seems like really poor planning to not have enough nickels to equal the sets sold. Oh well, at least we have an unintentional commemorative, the bat in honor of the (likely) Covid transmitter!

Last edited 3 years ago by Richard W.

Now that’s food for thought. I can honestly say I have never contacted the mint for an order, they eventually show up. As for the worldwide pandemic, even the mint cant avoid that effect which affects us.

john cusumano

i bought this item from the mint the min it was released i have all the sets 2012-2020 and when 2021 becomes available ill be all over it