2021 Congratulations Set Includes Classic American Silver Eagle


A gift product containing a United States Mint precious metal coin debuts today at noon EST when the annual Congratulations Set becomes available. The set was introduced in 2013 and tens of thousands are sold each year.

US Mint 2021 Congratulations Set
U.S. Mint product image of their 2021 Congratulations Set

Included in the set is a 2021-W Proof American Silver Eagle. This same coin, produced at the U.S. Mint facility in West Point, also launches today as an individual release within different packaging and at a different price.

As for the 2021 Congratulations Set, it finds the proof Silver Eagle encapsulated in such a way that its obverse (heads side) and reverse (tails side) are viewable. Like in previous years, the packaging includes a gift-themed presentation folder and outer sleeve.

CoinNews Photo of a 2019 Congratulations Set
A CoinNews photo of a Congratulations Set from 2019. This year’s set has the same style and celebratory-themed packaging.

This set is notable for the fact that it is the last one to bear a classic American Silver Eagle. Around mid-year, Silver Eagles will carry a new reverse design.

The coin’s obverse features Adolph A. Weinman’s Walking Liberty design as first seen on the 1916-1947 half dollars. Inscriptions read: LIBERTY, IN GOD WE TRUST and 2021 for the year of minting.

2020-W Proof American Silver Eagle - Obverse
A CoinNews photo showing the obverse of last year’s 2019-W Proof American Silver Eagle
2020-W Proof American Silver Eagle - Reverse
A CoinNews photo showing the reverse of last year’s 2019-W Proof American Silver Eagle

Found on the coin’s reverse is John M. Mercanti’s heraldic eagle with shield design which has appeared on American Silver Eagles since their introduction in 1986. This design will be replaced later this year by an image showing an eagle coming in for a landing, carrying an oak branch as if to add it to a nest.

Reverse inscriptions read: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, 1 OZ. FINE SILVER, ONE DOLLAR, E PLURIBUS UNIM (held in the eagle’s beak), and the mintmark of "W" for the West Point Mint.

Specifications of American Silver Eagles

Denomination: $1
Composition: 99.9% Silver
Weight: 1.000 troy oz. (31.103 grams)
Diameter: 1.598 inches (40.60 mm)
Edge: Reeded
Mint and Mint Mark: West Point-W


Price and Ordering

The 2021 Congratulations Set with its gift-themed packaging is $75. The individual 2021-W Proof American Silver Eagle, which ships in a blue velvet, satin-lined presentation case, is $2 less at $73.

The set can be found by visiting the U.S. Mint’s Gift Ideas section.

Currently, telephone orders are not accepted due to Covid. No product, household, or mintage limits have been announced.

Associated special event sets for Newborns and Birthdays debuted in January.

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karina JOHNSON

Why does the congratulations set has no production limit but the regular silver eagle does?


It’s part of a paper product. Also its have not has*

Last edited 3 years ago by Jake

Hmmm some people


Not Available I just got at 12:05pm ?????? The Congrats Set

Kevin H

With the hype around the dual ASE this year and the last year for this reverse the best way to go was to do an enrollment.


Now your thinking


Omg we knew it would still be available in this design only everyone was selling it!!!!

karina JOHNSON

I had applied for the enrollment earlier in the year, they started processing my order at 9 am. I believe the enrollment for the silver eagle San Francisco.


And bitcoin


I got on line at 12:00:02. That is 2 seconds after it went on sale. IT WAS NOT AVAILABLE! I immediately logged on again thinking I was too early. Still not available. I repeated this process over and over at least 4 times the first minute it was on sale, still not available. I DO NOT understand haw the mint can sell hundreds of thousands in 1 second!!!!!


His name is RALPH


You can get the other, I believe in you Linda!


It was sold out via subscription brah

Gordon Garverick

There wasn’t any enrollment/subscription for the congratulations set.


End The Fed have friends and family make purchases while your out working to change fiat into bitcoins little by little step by step. You will be able to pick up this keep your eyes open guy! Focus dont just look.

Last edited 3 years ago by Jake
Robyn Johnson

I got one received a confirmation email and then the mint CANCELED it saying they were out of stock so much for confirmation it doesn’t mean I thing


me too


The US Mint is getting worse and worse.

Kevin H

I’ve knocked the USM for problems with a number of recent releases, but unlike the others this one could be anticipated and had an enrollment available that put you in line before it sold out.




And Jake lol


Me. Does me have bitcoin? Me do.


Do the math put your nickels into bitcoin. Collect and work hard for America! It’s our civic duty to end the fed and end the suffering in America.


two items same coin, same day & time, low mintage for a proof silver eagle, 99 purchase limit = pure stupidity but great PR


Stupidity I could only subscribe for lol remember 5 year investment vehicles!

Peter Gordon

I ordered my 2021 Congratulation Set at 9:00 am successfully. Received my order confirmation at 9:30 am. Order status on the US MInt site indicated “Processing”. I just checked at 4:45 pm today and order status is now showing as “Backordered”. Thank goodness I have their eMail showing a successful order. Don’t know how it can go from “Processing” to “Backordered” when my order went in at exactly 9:00 am. I smell a “Mezack”.


Mezack is such a muppet!

Gordon Garverick

How could you order it at 9:00am when it didn’t go on sale till noon?

Gerald Haefling

West coast time zone.

Bob Vaughan

At least you got that far. I got nothing more than Out of stock notes, at 2 min after 9AM PST.

Gordon Garverick

OK, thanks.

Peter Gordon

9 am Pacific Time.

Peter Gordon

Update: My Congratulations Set went from backordered to processing as of 8 am Monday February 15th.


Why wouldn’t they want you to call I thought that was the safest way with the covid


They dont want Coronavirus electronically transmitted over a land line.

Kevin H

They are working from home and there isn’t the security to process credit cards.

Gordon Garverick

Does anybody actually know if the congratulations set was really released? Does anybody know anyone who has them?

Bob vaughan

I am so Pissed at the terrible handling of the people and the sales end of their coins. This is the 3rd time in a row that I was on line 2 min before the sale opened and ordered, and was told the item was no longer available. They need to either mint more items, or get their order systems in order.




People that collect have them confirmed and dont plan on selling anytime soon just buy more when their available

Gary Colon

It doesn’t take much to realize that The US Mint has become The US Business Mint. Why would a “Business” desire to “package” 99 coins separately and ship to 99 people when they can sell 99 coins to one person or dealer? AS in the “Godfather” “its not personal collectors….its business” More complaints to Congress seems to be the way….and that is wishfully too. So what if a Silver Eagle lists for $73 online and a dealer offers it for $350 or more…no harm done…Too bad…you want it?…sorry Charlie pay up..


Someone tell me what the difference is between the 2021 silver eagle proof coin and the coin in the congratulations set is.People are selling the congratulations sets for over $400.00 what is up with that?

David R Barton

I have the same question. They seem the same to me as well…except the price.


Anyone know the mintage for the 2021 congratulations set