2021-W $5 American Gold Eagle Two-Coin Proof Set Launch


Out with the old, in with the new — or in this case, why not get both? That may be the philosophy behind the U.S. Mint’s release today of its "2021 American Eagle One-Tenth Ounce Gold Two-Coin Set Designer Edition."

U.S. Mint product images 2021-W $5 American Gold Eagle Two-Coin Proof Set
U.S. Mint product images for the 2021-W $5 American Gold Eagle Two-Coin Proof Set. The set is a marriage of first and last year issues.

Included in the 22-karat, two-coin proof set is an American Gold Eagle with original (Type 1) designs and an American Gold Eagle with new designs (Type 2).

Just 5,000 of the sets will be available with an initial household order limit of one.

A design change for the 35-year old American Eagle Gold Coin Program was announced last year, the first in its history. This includes a "refreshed" version of their classic obverse (heads side) and a completely new reverse (tails side).

2021 American Gold Eagle Redesign Features
This U.S. Mint image shows the key redesign features of the 2021 American Gold Eagle (Type 2)

Classic 2021 American Gold Eagles (Type 1) were initially offered in one-ounce and fractional sizes on March 11th. The replacement Type 2 editions followed on July 29th. Both sets of coins sold out in minutes of their release.

Today’s two-coin set offers buyers the chance to get one each of the classic and new one-tenth ounce versions through a single product purchase, albeit only a few will be successful owing to the small product limit.

Coin Designs

Obverses of both coins feature a likeness of Liberty as originally designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens. The image dates back to the 1907 to 1933 Double Eagle $20 gold coin and has proven to be a favorite of many collectors. So much so that it re-appeared and remained on American Gold Eagles since their introduction 1986. For the new Type 2 coins, the design was refreshed utilizing modern technology that scanned historical U.S. Mint assets.

2021-W $5 Proof American Gold Eagles, Type 1 and Type 2
U.S. Mint product images of 2021-W $5 Proof American Gold Eagles (classic/Type 1 designs and new/Type 2 designs)

The full-length version of Liberty is shown with flowing hair, holding a torch in her right hand and an olive branch in her left. She is surrounded by the inscriptions of LIBERTY, 2021 and a W mintmark indicating the coin’s production at the U.S. Mint’s facility in West Point.

For the Type 1 reverse, we find a male eagle carrying an olive branch flying above a nest containing a female eagle and eaglets. This design was created by Sculptor Miley Busiek Frost and executed by United States Mint Sculptor-Engraver Sherl J. Winter. It has been featured on American Gold Eagles since 1986.

This image is replaced with the one found on the new Type 2 design. Depicting an eagle, the redesigned reverse was created by U.S. Mint Artistic Infusion Program Designer Jennie Norris and sculpted by Medallic Artist Renata Gordon.

Reverse inscriptions on both coins read: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, E PLURIBUS UNUM, IN GOD WE TRUST, the legal tender face value of 5 DOLLARS and the content of 1/10 OZ. FINE GOLD.

Coin Specifications

Denomination: $5
Finish: Proof
Composition: 91.67% Gold, 3% Silver, Balance Copper
Diameter: 0.650 inch (16.50 mm)
Weight: 0.1091 troy oz. (3.393 grams)
Edge: Reeded
Mint and Mint Mark: West Point – W
Privy Mark: None



Orders for the two-coin proof will be accepted beginning at Noon ET from this U.S. Mint product page. Pricing for the set is $645.00.

Both coins of the set are encapsulated and packaged in a single black presentation case. An outer sleeve showcases both reverse designs with an individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity offering imagery of the obverse and reverse designs. A limited number of the CoA’s are signed by United States Mint Director David J. Ryder.

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I wonder how they got the mintage of product limit of 5,000 when they have all but exhausted the mintage limits of the 1/10” West Point Gold Eagles (see attached picture).

Big T

product limit is different than mintage limit – but I see your point


Yeah, that’s why in my table I articulated the remaining coins possible from the mintage limits of the two types of 1/10 oz coins. There simply isn’t enough to fulfil the product limit of this “set”.

I honestly thought this would be a bigger deal for the members here.
Though maybe we are just used to the mint fabricating numbers and screwing collectors.

Larry T

i’m beginning to feel like I’m gay, if you know what I mean? Again people sarcasm!

David Kaye

You are correct. The final number of 1/10 oz type 1 gold eagles minted will be 21,200 coins, far above the product limit of 5,000 SETS. The mintage limit of type 1 1/10 oz gold eagle coins sold BEFORE the release of the 2 coin designer set was 16,200 (which includes the individual coin and 4 coin type 1 set). Since the mint released the 2 coin set, the actual mintage for the type 1 will be 21,200 and it’s probably a similar situation for the type 2 coin.


Bulk Purchasers already have them on Ebay for $1,100 !!

Why the mint continues to allow that is beyond me.

They don’t care about the small collectors who have supported them for years and for decades.


ideally pre-sales should not be allowed on ebay, you shouldn’t be able to sell what you don’t have. it’s called naked shorting in the stock market and is illegal.

now, if you have a confirmed order email, then OK maybe sure in that case you can sell it, as you technically have one, just not delivered yet. but speculatively hoping you can land one and refund if you can’t, that’s not cool.

Last edited 2 years ago by c_q
ron schmidt

Had one in my cart, lost it………mint customer 30 plus years……and will never buy from secondary mkt…….done with the mint…….

Mike Petraitis

Joe I agree with you 100% on that statement.I have been purchasing coins for many years and I have never sold any of the coins I purchased and never will I enjoy collecting them it is my hobby. I will pass my collection on to a friend of mine and hope they enjoy the coins like I have.

ron schmidt



I would have rather seen a 1/4 oz set instead.


Then the set would have been about $1,500.

A little expensive for some.


$3225 per ounce. Have to pass. I’ll side by side the 1 ounce coins.


$645 for two-tenths of an ounce of Gold???
Maybe for one of the ‘limited number of the CoA’s signed by United States Mint Director David J. Ryder.’

…on second thought – NO.
David J. Ryder can go pound sand. He is responsible for fixing the problems we coin collectors have when ordering products from the Mint.


A few benefits of ordering these from the US Mint over broker is:

  1. no sales tax
  2. the broker will push heavily into selling stuff you don’t want
  3. proof vs bullion

The tax narrows the $700 difference as much as $200 for CA and NY
Brokers will often sell another $300 of useless stuff
not sure about the proof premium.

On this set. Since there is no mintage limit, what’s to stop US Mint to roll more of these 1/10 in the future?

Big T

It is true you can buy the bullion coins from websites like providentmetals.com for small premium over spot. BUT they are bullion coins that come in tubes of 20 in monster boxes and not proofs or uncirculated coins that are individually boxed and handled better. The bullion ones are just cranked out really for investors, not collectors. It always amazes me that the bullion silver ASEs are sold as ‘collectible’ coins after getting PCGS to grade them – which if I was the grader I would refuse to grade investment bullion coins. Who cares if they are MS 70 or… Read more »

Larrry T

Big T

I’ve been following Mike ‘Coin God’ Mezack for years now and he clearly states that “you must, you must have these new Type 2 silver eagles in your collection. You must get them right here right now, you must get them right here right now!” Clearly these coins are extremely limited, I mean rare, and you will be able to put your kids through college if you get them.
For those of you who tend to believe everything you read, I’m being sarcastic.

sam tweedy

Mike Mezack is the “Coin God” and also the “KING” of coin collecting, I am “Not” being sarcastic. Truth always wins !!!


Sorry Sam, Mike “Not Enough Coins” Mezcak is neither a Coin God nor a King of coin collecting, he is basically a BAG OF HOT AIR!!!! Pretty much a snake oil peddler of yesteryear.


You mean…..Mike ‘CON GOD’ Mezack !!

Howard Klein

How about ” First Strike ” designation? To me first strike is the first one minted. Anything else is just part of the production run. Whole 500 coin monster boxes are graded with first strike labels. Means nothing. See how much you get when it comes time sell. The only thing the holder is good for is to verify it’s genuine, nothing more.

Larrry T

I am just curious if anyone will ne trying to buy this set. I’d imagine if you are a collector of the 1/10th AGE’s this set would fit nicely in your collection. It is a bit expensive though!

Rob S

I’ll have (will have) both 1/10th oz from previous orders, got lucky I guess. Why would I want this set? And why the even more extravagant premium … the type 2 1/10 sold for 315, they type 1 even less. 645???

Does the packaging really mean that much to invest … er, I mean collectors? Seems only for the dealers to charge more.

Plus, it doesnt come with the red oak presentation box!! 😉

Scott L

You realize it’s 2 coins right?

Larry T


I only paid $15 over what the Type 2 1/10th AGE sold for and know the ‘set’ contains two coins. I like to get these limited edition sets because sometimes they go for big $$ in the secondary market. Mine will stay with me in my safe! Also, I’m curious what the sets with the signed COA will go for? Congrats if you were able to get one!


How many are supposed to be signed

Rob S

And why the even more extravagant premium … the type 2 1/10 sold for 315, they type 1 even less. 645???

Yes, but like Larry T said, its still $15 over – even if you double the type 2 cost that just sold.
I just dont get all the packaging “hoopla” / hype (to me anyway). Thats for some hard(er) core collectors than myself.


Tried to get this set and was again burned by the mint. Already signed in… had the coin ordered within 15 seconds. Was met with a place finger here bot check. allowed to purchase and redirected to invalid page. Coin still in bag… return to checkout … process… then given a mispriced coin error and asked to remove from bag. Now we’re 1 min in and figure there’s still time so I remove coin, repeat the process including bot check and on purchase…. Unavailable at this time! All in a minute and a half! Done getting up early for the… Read more »

sam tweedy

That is one pissed off looking eagle !!!! Yikes !!!! Don’t worry Mike Mezack will be hawking these soon for a great “DEAL” !!!! Understand !!! Scary !!!

Larrry T


Mike Mezack calls it ‘fierce looking’, probably the only thing he ever said that I agree with! lol

Rob S

I’ve commented in the original type 2 release, but it looks to me like a “parakeet”. haha just my opinion, in the eyes of this beer-holder. Get this thing some red bull STAT, ‘cuz it needs some wings. Looks like it was designed at an Ozzy Osbourne concert in the 80s. It just seems less majestic IMO w/o the wings of the darn symbol of this country. I bet it looks better in person tho. I’m not a MAGA guy by ANY means, but to me this says more like, “Hi we’re America .. we’re sorry.” I’m not so eager… Read more »

sam tweedy

If you were a MAGA guy you would say this is Real America !!! Don’t mess with me!!!!

Peter Lowell Gordon

Holy smokes. Went in at exactly 9 am (PT) and ordered and checked out in 20 seconds. Amazing.

Adam L

I got mine is less than a minute. But this is the first time it has ever made me press and hold anti bot system 2 times before it went through. For the D&S Morgan dollars I didn’t see that just a few bad gateway or page doesn’t exist. Eventually I got 3 of each.


Another total waste of time.
Sold out in a minute.

Rob S

I got some satisfaction out of not having interest. BP level was not raised by this one. So I say buh-bye. 😉


2-3 minutes in and its gone.

Peter Lowell Gordon

Unavailable by 9:04 am (PT).


Yep. But I had no problem placing an order and checking out. None!
Best checkout in years.


Oh yeah, in and out in under a minute. I have a feeling I’m getting the autographed COA. Still on track for the best 2021 collection ever!

David T

Had it in my cart. Tried to pay 4 different times, then got the you are not a human tab. Then back to my cart and tried again to see that it was no longer available, but was still showing in my cart. If its in your cart, they should not be able to get it out….


Had the same issue with the you are not human thing. Does anyone know what’s causing that issue?

Larry T


I think it’s because you are not human! Now come clean, what planet outside of our solar system do you come from?


Why ?? People leaves things in their cart for days and weeks……

Maybe, not you. But others do therefore….FIRST COME FIRST SERVED….IN CHECKOUTS !!

P.S. leave it in your cart for over one minute….and it is sold out !!

Last edited 2 years ago by Joe
Lou M

Yeah, I got to the final checkout screen 10 times in that 2 minutes but ended up with a ‘page not found” every time. Seems that the only way they “fixed” their server issues was just by putting more CAPTCHA nag screens in place. Funny thing is, I’m not really that upset. I feel like I just earned $645. That we’re all scrambling to pay over $3000/oz of gold is only going to encourage the Mint to put together more of these “limited releases”, and they’ll just overplay their hand…watch in 10 years how there’ll be so many more of… Read more »


Yes, it is a downhill spiral. I have seen it within the Royal Australian Mint. Years ago they started producing limited release, novelty/themed coins.
A fellow collector I know calls them “Granny bait”, as they appeal to little old ladies who want shiny things. That said, us collectors naturally get suckered in due to the limited volume … and before long, as you rightly point out, the mint has this garbage as a reliable income stream.


WOW! That was worth the google search. Hahahaha

Kenneth C

My son and I both tried and had the same experience as you. I also had the issue on Tuesday. We are at the point where we are thinking about not purchasing anymore products from the mint.

Mark D.

So says Choo-Choo Charlie, if memory serves.

Mark D.

Should have gone to the Kollege of Musical Knowledge (instead of MSU?)!

Mark D.

Here’s Charlie…

Mark D.

I dunno. He never returned.

The tangential numismatic connection, I presume, was intentional.

I’m not worthy.

Mark D.

Xerxes or Darius?

Mark D.

Nope. South Bend is west and, um, south of East Lanzig. However, “Persia” is east (some 6K miles), so there’s that.

Larry T

I picked one up and was also concerned about the ease and speed which I sailed through the Mints website, less than ! minute. Then I refreshed and damn they were Sold Out! 5000 sets gone in 2-3 minutes..Wow!

Peter Lowell Gordon

I agree with the ease of getting this set. Wonder how many people were influenced by the Pinehurst Coins offer to buy one for them? I did not.

Larry T


What is Pinehurst Coins offering for these sets? I have a spot picked out for this set in my safe. Oh, football alert, tonight is the 1st NFL Pre Season game!

Peter Lowell Gordon

This is the quote from Pinehurst that they emailed me on Wednesday afternoon. “Paying $50 Over Mint Issue Price Per Two-Coin Set, Plus A Free, Fully Insured Shipping Label!”


Wow, those sold out fast. Wanna bet most of these went to the flippers?

This is a preview of next Tuesday’s blazing fast sellout of the 2021 Peace dollars…we’d better drink a full pot of coffee to help us type FAST.


No, next Tuesday’s Peace and Morgan Dollars will take much longer than 2 mins. You’re dealing with 350,000 coins and a lot more people that will pay $85 rather than $645. So the traffic is going to be enough to bring the web page to a lockup again with all kinds of error messages and difficulty checking out. My guess is around 30 min. vs. 2 min for this set. It’s just how many logins and people trying to place orders can the web page actually handle at once. So look for a problem order day next Tuesday.

Peter Lowell Gordon

Wish they had limited the Morgan and Peace Dollars to 1 coin for the first 24 hours (I know, there will be a sellout well before 24 hours).. The 1 coin limit seems to eliminate many of the large flippers. I had a good experience with the gold eagles and today’s set that were limited to 1 coin, while the 3 coin limit coins had many more problems.

Larry T

375,000 coins…200,000 Peace Dollars and 175,000 Morgans.

George Wolfe

did my best , lost out in the checkout process, unavailable at 12:05

Mike Petraitis

It was the same old thing I placed an order for the set went to check out and pay said the page could not be found. I called customer service and the lady said you have to prove your human by clicking on a square box.I told her I did and it did not work.She said she would report it .What good is that going to do.I also agree that there are people out there who purchase coins and turn around and sell them which I believe is unfair.I buy coins to collect for myselfe and never have sold any… Read more »

Scott L

Managed to snag one. Only failed 1 time at payment page. Order confirmed processing by Mint


I passed it , because the gold value will sank down crazy and the packing is too easy to make counterfeit.

Larry T

silverinvester, Do you mean you think the value of gold will go down drastically? I would argue the opposite with these socialist ‘leaders’ of ours spending money like drunken sailors (no offense to sailors!) We now are providing legal counsel to illegal immigrants (at your expense of course) and plans to spend trillions more on ‘green initiatives’ and human infrastructure (whatever the hell that is, also at your expense!) In 10 years, I think gold will be closing in on $3000/oz. as our dollar becomes more closely related to the Mexican Peso! Remember that in 2006 gold was trading for… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by Larry T
sam tweedy

You got that right, Larry we are all screwed, WWIII is not far away, any day now!!!


In & Out in less than one minute, very easy, got one & hope to get a signed COA


I managed to get one. I have never sent any coins out to be graded, but from reading blogs and the grading companies, you should send your box from the mint to them unopened, but this set you might get a signed CoA.  Should I open to check if I happened to get a signed one?? Appreciate any advice!

Rob S

If the grading co requires an unsealed box to verify it as from this set, you probably shouldnt open it.
I know PCGS allows the COA to be encapsulated … for like $20 more.
I had this done for my End of WWII Silver Eagle; I mistakenly thought it was numbered, but only the gold ones were. I didnt realize it until I got it back. oops.

Last edited 2 years ago by Rob S
Peter Lowell Gordon

NGC also will encapsulate your certificate for $25. Do not open the mint box if you want the set designation.


If you send it in within 30 days of sale you are good for first strike/early release designation. After 30 days you need the box sealed for that designation.

Rob S

I may be wrong, but I think thats the case for 1st Strike, etc.
I dont know if like PCGS has a diff coin number for these from the sets. If so, and someone wants THAT designation, they might need to send the set unsealed.
I asked once about a Ltd Ed Silver Proof Eagle, and was told to get it graded for that, it needed to be in the unsealed box (way too late for that in my case).

Last edited 2 years ago by Rob S

To get special designation that it is from the set this may indeed have to be sent in unsealed. Technically if opened how would they know if the coins were swapped.


The question is…………..if you send the set in for grading in the unopened box, how will you know if it came with the signed COA? I guess you have to trust the grading company. But can you?
What do you say o’ wise Kaiser?

Larry T


Since both of these two coins in your designer set were produced and sold separately from the mint, if you want the set graded as “2021 AGE Designer Set” it MUST be unopened! Obviously because people could substitute coins that were previously sold. With that designation, you will probably
get a substantial premium vs just Proof AGE coins. Just look at the crazy premiums some put on ASE”S that come out of the Congratulation Sets! Hope this helps.

Rob S

Thats pretty much what I was thinking Larry T. Just not sure if they have a separate number (in PCGS, havent looked it up, but they probably do). Its also what I dont always get, feels very HSN-Mike to me … “my special core graphics in my exclusive holder from grading co XYZ”. Just that its from the mint this way. The type 2 .10oz (or any coin for that matter) is the same coin by itself or in this set, to me. And BTW – I feel EVERYONE who got this set ought to get the signed COA! Just… Read more »

Larry T

Rob, I agree. Personally, I see no real value difference in a SAE that comes out of a set (Congratulation Set for example) vs one that I buy as a SAE in it’s little box or in the Limited Edition Silver Proof Set. I think these ‘coin hawkers’ just keep coming up with ways to convince naive people that these are worth your money. As for the grading, I have 99% of my coins in OGP and like it like that. I do have some sets, the 2011 25th Anniversary Set, still in unopened boxes in case I ever want… Read more »

Rob S

Yeah grading is SO expensive, I can see why so many forego it. I posted my reasons elsewhere why I jumped on it. It costs time AND $$$$.

I agree about MM. He does put on a show and I find myself watching him quite a bit (like a car crash or something, where nobody gets hurt). Say what you (I) will, I do learn some things as he is in the know about some things. He is a super coin geek (and hawker) after all.

Last edited 2 years ago by Rob S
Larry T


Mezack does know his products, no question about that. He always has coins to view before any of us get ours. And I do enjoy seeing some of the crazy looking coins that come from around the world. I wish he’d refrain from using the words ‘rare, rarer, and rarest’ though. That gets old fast! Lol


Larry you are 100% correct regarding the coin hawkers.
And you are even more correct regarding Mezack ” Not Enough Coins” and his BS. Just saying.

Peter Lowell Gordon

Rick Tomaska always used to say “buy the coin, not the slab”. All of the coin show sellers now hawk their “special” cores as being somehow better than the coin within. Wish NGC and PCGS had not gone along with them on the special cores for individual coin sellers.

Adam L

What I do is I go to the world fair of money, Long Beach coin expo or PSGS member only events and take the sealed box and have them open it in front of me. I did that with the 2019 ASE enhanced reverse proof and encapsulated the numbered COA and also for the basketball hall of Fame coins. Some had a chance at signed COA’s. None of mine had signatures but I had peace of mind knowing for sure and I saved money on shipping them in. Although I drove 700 miles to Las Vegas Nevada lol and I’m… Read more »

Mark D.

As much as one might prefer it, it wouldn’t be fair to keep morons, malcontents and Caligulites off flights just because of their ignorant, arrogant, hateful and wholly rancid, “sarcasm.” Just kidding!

Mark D.

You, sir, are the most delightful and precious Kaiser I’ve ever known. Sarcasm!

What think thee of the Rusk “share” links that are offered up on all our comments?

Mark D.

1st of 3
Here’s a shot of the “share” icons that appear when one rolls over the “<” share link.

Last edited 2 years ago by Mark D.
Mark D.

2nd of 3
The highlighted icon for “VK.com” goes to Russian site. Enter “VK.com” into a search engine and tell me what you think.

Last edited 2 years ago by Mark D.
Mark D.

Weirder and curiouser. Reminds me of that “RT America” Russian version of Guy Fawkes “news.” The missing Twitter icon (from your pov), along with omitted Instaglam, Phlegmbook, ReadLit and the rest, seems odd too.

Mark D.

A new take on the old “numbers station” network I suspect.

But bringing it all back to numismichology was a master stroke.

Do you hear that shrill whirring noise? Sounds like the pull start on an old lawn mower that just won’t turn over, sputtering “rrr,” “rrr,” like some, feckless mechanical voice rolling three r’s again and again.

Mark D.

Images/steps, start below.
3rd of 3
The sideways “OK” icon goes to OK.ru. Enter in search engine, etc.

Mark D.

A pathetic sludge match it would be.

The Bloody Russian vs. the Orange Crushin’.

Just think how many tens of thousands of individuals would flock to see such a spectacle.

Larry T

Mark, Some individuals just can’t get over the fact that tens of thousands of individuals would flock to see Donald J Trump at a rally, while at a dementia Joe ‘gathering’ all you find is a few so called reporters.Basically, those Trump Haters are simply envious of the man and his success they could only dream about! They see his wife and then look at theirs and say “Damn, why can’t that be me!” They are so pathetic and have no retort to his sound policies, so they instead resort to ridiculing his supporters. And they usually hide behind ‘avatars’… Read more »

Fred E

Sold out in like two minutes

David T

Found out I would have been able to get the coins!! My credit card company sent me a fraud alert and I did not see it in time to tell them it was not fraud!!! Therefore rejected at the mint!!!!

Larry T

That sucks big time!


I find it so funny people are mad at coin retailers, everytime lol

Carl Warren

I find it funny people are willing to pay a ridiculous premium just to have a slabbed/certified coin. Now that NGC has come out with an Advance Release designation, you can have a really special coin and/or set.


Yea thats just silly. I am not a fan of encapsulating any coin. I have one and I will never do that again. I see it as a good idea for a baseball card collection, but not a coin collection.

Rob S

I admit, after much deliberation, I jumped on the grading bandwagon; this is my 2nd year w/PCGS. Its very expensive and not for everybody for sure. But I’m with everyone regarding the stoopud granular special case false-rarity classifications. I call BS!! But to me selling a coin is rather like selling a used car … on the interwebs no less! A buyer may take the car to a mechanic and he/she says it has transmission problems, needs a new Johnson rod 😉 , and is leaking blinker fluid 😉 😉 . The seller says its in PRIMO condish. Whaddya do?… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by Rob S

I agree, roll them in your fingers, feel the warmth.
Here’s a video of me breaking the hearts of Australian coin collectors:

Last edited 2 years ago by Daniel
Peter Gordon

I was not an early believer in TPG coins until I bought a coin from a known dealer that turned out to have been cleaned. Yes, bought online, but the pictures of the coin did not show any evidence of being cleaned. Since I have never sold any of my coins, I guess it is not a big issue for other buyers, but my wouldn’t want my grandkids to have an issue after I am gone.

Carl Warren


Hope you didn’t pay a lot for that coin. I’m guessing you now only purchase certified coins online, which is some cases is prudent. Or do you have coins you purchase from the mint or already own certified?

Last edited 2 years ago by Carl Warren

Do the coin retailers get an equal opportunity at a signed COA or is that reserved for individual collectors with an account?


I think the coin retailers should have special privilege they spend a lot of money, all at once compared to individual collectors and there is clearly a retail market for US coinage, the 10% allocation seems fair, it could be worse, let’s just be thankful it’s not 50% allocated to retailers

Mike Petraitis

What gets me is that I was on line logged into my account when they went on sale.I also called the US mint on my phone to try to purchase one .I started calling in at 11:55 the recording said wait for the next available person thought for sure I would get a busy signal but did not.So I waited and waited then at 12:04 they answered my call and said they were sold out. Just seems funny they answered the phone after the coins were sold out.

Larry T

On eBay the Designer Set of 1/10th AGEs are selling fo between $1000 and $1250 a set! Glad I got one.


Most of my coin knowledge came from Rick Tomaska. I can’t listen to MM for very long.


They are both hawkers, except one is refined and sophisticated while the other is a bag of hot air pitchman.


warning: Gold is Hyper-overprice. from 1986 to now , the world had minted over 1 billion ounces of gold coins ! We hold it ,flip it and wait for price up , but what happen if everyone put out the coins for sale ? How much is real value of gold should be ?Hence, AGE( American Gold Eagle) have $50 face value. that mean our government believe it is only worth $50 per ounce . WWIII are already on . it is Human VS Virus .

Larry T

God, I hope your grammar is intentionally meant to humor us! If this is indeed how you express your thoughts, then I have to congratulate our wonderful education system (and the great teachers union) once again! You can thank all the liberal thinkers (some on this site) for this bliss. So Gold was selling for around $360/oz. in 1986 and now is over $1800/oz. Can you name anything that you bought in 1986 that you can buy cheaper today? New cars sold for around $10,000 in 86′ now they require you to take out a second mortgage. Houses, land, Rolex’s,… Read more »


Thank you LT. I agree.

Kenneth Guinta

LT, Amen. You are absolutely right. If we put things in prospective, the stock market was at $3894.00 in 1986. It is above 35000 now. That is about 9 times more. If you bought gold at $360 an ounce in 1986, times 9, gold should be worth $3240 an ounce. The mint is charging with their premium about $2700.00 an ounce. A little under valued considering it is gold that can’t be burnt like money, or printed like money, only melted and is still gold unlike money if it is burnt. This is a true story. In Lincoln high school… Read more »

Kenny Guinta

Kaiser, There were exceptions in FDR’s bill for special collector coins and jewelry that were of much greater value then bullion gold. Also, the price of gold was established at $35.00 some time in 1934 or 1935. The story I told you was absolutely true, and a coin collector gave Bob $36.00 apiece for them. This story was all over the Cleveland papers when it happened and no one claimed the coins were stolen or lost probably for obvious reasons. The boys were allowed to sell the coins that were pretty rare. This happened in my neighborhood and is a… Read more »

Larry T

Has anyone received their 1/10th oz. Proof AGE Designer Set yet? I received confirmation my set has been shipped, but no DOD has been posted, as of now.


Mine shipped also Larry. My friend did receive a 1/10oz. gold type 2 and it looks really nice. I ordered a 4 piece set and got it at 12:05 PM. and they backordered it on me. Can’t figure that one out.


Kaiser, I sure hope your right. With the mint now a days, you can’t be sure until it is in your hands. Enjoy your set also.


I received mine via USPS today. My order went through at 12:01 and I received a shipping notification the next day.

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I received this set today and what surprised me most was that it was left in the mailbox and didn’t require a signature. I’ve ordered sets that were far less expensive that required the Postal worker to come to my door and get a signature. We have lots of mailbox bandits in the area and I’m glad I was off of work today and grabbed this out of the mailbox a few moments after my camera detected activity. Considering the price, it’s a little unnerving that this was just left in the box.

Larry T

I was just wondering for those that received their 1/10th oz AGE Designer Set if anyone has gotten the COA signed by ‘His Highness?’


Set 3422 here, no signed COA


So checking the mints website here is what I found for 2021. Type 2 tenth oz. gold proof designer set = 5,000 product limit Type 2 tenth oz. gold proof in 4 coin set = 10,250 product limit Type 2 tenth oz. gold proof indiv. = 10,000 product limit Type 2 tenth oz. gold proof mintage limit is 25,250. The numbers add up Type 1 tenth oz. gold proof designer set = 5,000 Type 1 tenth oz. gold proof 4 coin set = 8,200 Type 1 tenth oz. gold proof indiv. = 8,000 Type 1 tenth oz. gold proof mintage… Read more »

Edward Viscusi

Are the 2, 5 dollar gold eagles in the set, pr70?

Marcy Morris

Can you tell me if I can get a $100 gold piece with a Ms Liberty on front and Eagle on back at MS 70 grade and if so what it would cost approximately. Thank you