U.S. Mint Produces Over 7.3 Billion Coins in First Half of 2021

Pile of US coins
U.S. Mint production facilities in Denver and Philadelphia minted more than 7.3 billion coins in the first half of this year

The amount of U.S. coins produced for circulation through the first half of 2021 topped 7.3 billion, marking the quickest six-month start since the first half of 2017.

As for the shorter-term, headline figure for June, manufacturing figures from the United States Mint show that the government agency struck over 1.3 billion coins — down 8.5% from May and 15.5% lower than in June 2020.

Here’s how the month compares to others in the past year:

June 2020 to June 2021 Circulating Coin Production

Month Mintages Rank
June 2021 1,348.60 M 7
May 2021 1,473.06 M 4
April 2021 1,320.28 M 8
March 2021 1,134.84 M 11
February 2021 1,163.40 M 10
January 2021 919.52 M 12
December 2020 903.50 M 13
November 2020 1,165.10 M 9
October 2020 1,404.69 M 6
September 2020 1,422.59 M 5
August 2020 1,657.06 M 2
July 2020 1,697.74 M 1
June 2020 1,596.48 M 3


The Federal Reserve orders more 1-cent coins than any other denomination even as data shows it costs 1.76 cents to make and distribute each one. The U.S. Mint made 782 million Lincoln cents last month, representing 58% of the circulating-quality coins produced.


In month-over month comparisons for coins used daily by Americans, production totals in June declined:

  • 4.4% Lincoln cents,
  • 3.9% Jefferson nickels,
  • 22.4% Roosevelt dimes, and
  • 7.5% quarter dollars.

Native American $1 coins and Kennedy half-dollars are no longer ordered by Federal Reserve Banks but they are still made in circulating quality for coin collectors. Often in January, the U.S. Mint strikes both coins to the expected amounts needed for the entire year.

That wasn’t the case for 2021 halves. Mint data shows none were produced until February, and then only 1.6 million from Denver. Philadelphia finally showed up in March at 1.9 million. Then in April, amounts for both facilities advanced by 5.2 million from Denver and 2.9 million from Philadelphia. Finally in May, production increased by 900,000 from Denver and 300,000 from Philadelphia.

Together, the months add to a combined 12.8 million halves — the most for a year since 2001. Last year’s half-dollar ended with 3.4 million from Denver and 2.3 million from Philadelphia for a total of 5.7 million halves.

Published mintages of 2021 Native American dollars have remained unchanged since January with equal splits of 1.26 million from Denver and 1.26 million from Philadelphia for a combined 2.52 million coins. In contrast, the 2020 dollar saw 1.26 million for Denver and 1.4 million for Philadelphia for 2.66 million coins.

The U.S. Mint started selling rolls and bags of 2021 Native American dollars on Feb. 16. Rolls and bags of 2021 Kennedy half dollars debuted on May 11.

Here’s a summary of all circulating-quality coins produced last month:

US Mint Circulating Coin Production in June 2021

Denomination Denver Philadelphia Total
Lincoln Cents 385,600,000 396,400,000 782,000,000
Jefferson Nickels 78,200,000 83,000,000 161,200,000
Roosevelt Dimes 124,500,000 105,500,000 230,000,000
Quarters 86,800,000 88,600,000 175,400,000
Kennedy Half Dollars 0 0 0
Native American $1s 0 0 0
Total 675,100,000 673,500,000 1,348,600,000


U.S. Mint plants in Denver and Philadelphia manufacture all of America’s coins for commerce. Last month, the Denver Mint made 675.1 million coins and the Philadelphia Mint made 673.5 million coins for the combined 1,348,600,000 coins.

Coin Production in First Half of 2021

Through the first half of this year, the Denver Mint has struck 3,879,140,000 coins and the Philadelphia Mint has made 3,480,560,000 coins for a combined 7,359,700,000 coins, which is 12.8% more than the 6,523,680,000 coins minted through the first half of 2020.

This next table lists 2021 coin production totals by denomination and by U.S. Mint facility:

YTD 2021 Circulating Coin Production by Denomination

1 ¢ 5 ¢ 10 ¢ 25 ¢ 50 ¢ N.A. $1 Total:
Denver 1940.4M 458.88M 848.5M 622.4M 7.7M 1.26M 3879.14M
Philadelphia 1782.8M 442.3M 748.5M 500.6M 5.1M 1.26M 3480.56M
Total 3723.2M 901.18M 1597M 1123M 12.8M 2.52M 7359.7M


If the current production pace stretched through to December, the annual mintage for 2021 would top 14.7 billion coins. The U.S. Mint made over 14.77 billion coins for circulation in 2020.

Mintages by Unique Design

In addition to the Native American dollar, the U.S. Mint released (on Feb. 8) another coin with a one-year-only design — the 2021 Tuskegee Airmen quarter for Alabama. Its mintage remained unchanged in June.

This last table offers a breakdown of this year’s mintages that have been reported by coin design:

2021 Circulating Coin Production by Design

Denver Philadelphia Total
Lincoln Cent 1,940,400,000 1,782,800,000 3,723,200,000
Jefferson Nickel 458,880,000 442,300,000 901,180,000
Roosevelt Dime 848,500,000 748,500,000 1,597,000,000
Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site Quarter (Alabama) 304,000,000 160,400,000 464,400,000
George Washington Crossing the Delaware Quarter 0 0 0
Kennedy Half-Dollar 7,700,000 5,100,000 12,800,000
Native American $1 Coin 1,260,000 1,260,000 2,520,000
Total 3,560,740,000 3,140,360,000 6,701,100,000


There are 658.6 million in quarters that the U.S. Mint has yet to officially assign to a design. These are 2021 George Washington Crossing the Delaware quarters. Hundreds of millions more of them will be made until the first American Women quarters are issued in 2022.

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‘Kennedy half-dollars are no longer ordered by Federal Reserve Banks but they are still made in circulating quality for coin collectors.’

12.8 million halves have been minted so far in 2021.
Is there really collector demand for that many half dollars?

Maybe the Mint will start offering these as consolation gifts to the hapless collectors who got kicked off their website when attempting to order the Proof ASE’s and 2021 commemorative Silver Dollars…

Seth Riesling

Kaiser –

My new non-profit organization is called, Non-Cents. And the motto is “It’s simply Cents-less – Stop The 1-cent Madness!”
Join today & get a free T-shirt, coffee mug & tote bag made in Communist China for your kind support. Call now – Operators are standing by to take your money (no cents allowed).



Seth, your comment wins the Internet for the day.