2021 Kennedy Half Dollars Released in Rolls and Bags


Rolls and bags of United States Mint 2021 John F. Kennedy Half Dollars became available for ordering today at noon EDT. The 50-cent coins feature the classic 1964 portrait of the 35th President of the United States.

The United States Mint is offering circulating editions of 2020 P&D Kennedy Half Dollars
The United States Mint is offering circulating editions of 2021 P&D Kennedy Half Dollars

Priced at $34.50, the two-roll set includes two 20-coin rolls with one containing coins produced at the Philadelphia Mint and one holding coins struck at the Denver Mint. Available for $147.00, the 200-coin bag includes 100 halves produced at each of the aforementioned U.S. Mint facilities. All of the coins are minted in circulation quality, but have never actually been issued into circulation.

Kennedy halves first appeared in 1964 shortly after the assassination of President Kennedy. Their obverse (head side) portrait was created by Gilroy Roberts.

2021-P Kennedy Half Dollar-obverse
2021-P Kennedy Half Dollar (obverse)

The effigy is surrounded by inscriptions of LIBERTY, IN GOD WE TRUST, the year and a mintmark — in this case, a ‘P’ or ‘D’ to indicate the production facility of Philadelphia or Denver.

Reverses (tails side) offer a modified Presidential Seal design by Frank Gasparro. This image also debuted on the 1964 half dollar and has appeared annually with the exception of 1975-1976 when an image of Independence Hall of Philadelphia was used. Inscriptions read UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and HALF DOLLAR.

2021-P Kennedy Half Dollar-reverse
2021-P Kennedy Half Dollar (reverse)

Beginning in 2002, low demand for the coins in circulation led to them only being minted for numismatic purposes. The table below shows U.S. Mint circulating mintages for the coin since 2000:

2000 – 2021 Circulating Kennedy Half Dollar Mintages

  Total Mintage
2000 42,070,000
2001 40,700,000
2002 5,600,000
2003 5,000,000
2004 5,800,000
2005 7,300,000
2006 4,400,000
2007 4,800,000
2008 3,400,000
2009 3,800,000
2010 3,500,000
2011 3,450,000
2012 3,500,000
2013 9,600,000
2014 4,600,000
2015 4,600,000
2016 4,200,000
2017 4,700,000
2018 5,800,000
2019 3,400,000
2020 5,700,000
2021* 3,500,000


*The mintage total for 2021 probably will not change since half dollars are produced solely for numismatic purposes and their production is typically completed early in the year.

Recent Sales of 50c Rolls and Bags

U.S. Mint sales figures for the half-dollar coins in the last couple of years are as follows:

  • 2020 200-Coin Bags – 11,662
  • 2020 2-Rolls Sets – 24,312
  • 2019 200-Coin Bags – 11,534
  • 2019 2-Roll Sets – 24,132
  • 2018 200-Coin Bags – 9,442
  • 2018 2-Roll Sets – 22,622


Order the rolls and bags directly from the U.S. Mint’s webpage dedicated to half dollars. They have no household, product or mintage limits.

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Chas. Barber

Stop this madness, $150 for $100, stop it already it would help the collectors. 2022 will likely be $199 and alotwill pay it, you’l NEVER see that $ back

Seth Riesling

Amen brother!
Well said.


Last edited 2 years ago by Seth Riesling

Just remember when the Mint raises their prices, so do the flippers. A good business man keeps his retail prices always set at a profitable percentage over his own costs. Im only curious as to who are all the buyers on ebay paying those maddening prices. Is that QVCs customer base shifting for more deals I swear they must not know you can buy directly from the Mint. With free shipping after 5.95 on shipping over three purchases. I bet the mint raises shipping prices next, just to sock it to people lol

Mark D.

Is the corollary of “COINcidentally” … “CURRENCidentally”?

Amar Mohamed

Wow that viechile is in parkslope brooklyn.
I live around the block from where he always parks this tank/car.

Jim Longacre

An issue just screaming for a redesign.

Jim Longacre

No one says they should. But the Mint doesn’t have to use profiles anymore and without the need to coin for mass circulation, a higher relief is possible. That image you show would look just fine adapted for a coin.


Disagree. The original design is timeless and all a redesign will do is make it appear clunky. Look no further than the current nickel or even the Washington quarter the past 20 some odd years. Keep it clean.

Mark D.

Hurry, hurry, hurry!
Mike Mezakrap is selling slabbed 2021 silver proof halves (PF70) for the excruciatingly low price of just $250, plus P&H!!!

Hurry, hurry, hurry!
Mike Mezakrap is selling slabbed 2021 silver proof halves (PF70) for the excruciatingly low price of just $250, plus P&H!!!

Hurry, hurry, hurry!
Mike Mezakrap is selling slabbed 2021 silver proof halves (PF70) for the excruciatingly low price of just $250, plus P&H!!!

sam tweedy

Mike Mezack Still the “KING” of coin collecting has always got a “DEAL” for you!!! “UNDERSTAND” Hurry Hurry Hurry!!!!

Mark D.

Call me biased, but I’ve always been suspicious of Communist oaks.

Mark D.

My reply (in Cyrillic) has apparently been rejected. So, here it is again, this time phonetically: na-stro-vee-ahh!

Seth Riesling

Mike Mezack of Home Shopping Network is a form of numismatic herpes – you can’t get rid of him no matter how many times he has been sued for fraud & deceptive trade practices because the unknowledgeable people who buy the overpriced crap he sells don’t know they are being ripped off till it’s too late! He reminds me of a line from the movie “Steel Magnolias” when she says “You are a pig from Hell!” Let’s start a “Lock Him Up” campaign against Mike Mezack who lives in Florida.


Eric Drisgula

I’ve came across a couple sellers on Amazon advertising JFK’s struck in recent years that they claimed were 99.999 pure silver , is this true , have they stamped JFK’s containing silver in more recent times ? As I always thought the bicentennial 1976 JFK 40%’ers were the very last to contain silver , if I’ve been mistaken does anyone know where to purchase these modern times minted silver JFK’s?