2020-W $25 Uncirculated American Palladium Eagle Released


A new series finish and mintage low lends support to the U.S. Mint’s latest product, the 2020-W $25 Uncirculated American Palladium Eagle, while a $3,000 price weighs against it.

2020-W $25 Uncirculated American Palladium Eagle, Coin, Case and Certification
U.S. Mint image of a 2020-W $25 Uncirculated American Palladium Eagle. Each coin arrives encapsulated and packaged in a gray leatherette presentation case with satin lining that is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

The uncirculated coin is composed of 1 ounce of .9995 fine palladium. Each bears designs originally created by world-renowned designer and medallic artist Adolph A. Weinman.

American Palladium Eagle Release History

This collectible continues the U.S. Mint’s program of American Palladium Eagles which saw its inaugural release in 2017. Public Law 111-303 authorized the Secretary of the Treasury to strike and issue palladium coins. The series debuted three years ago and has seen one coin released annually with varying finishes. They coins include:

  • 2017 bullion Palladium Eagle – the bullion version intended for investors had a maximum mintage of 15,000 which the Mint sold in one day through its network of authorized purchasers.

  • 2018-W Proof Palladium Eagle – the proof edition intended for collectors also saw a maximum mintage of 15,000. It sold out in less than five minutes at a price point of $1,387.50.

  • 2019-W Reverse Proof Palladium Eagle – the reverse proof coin, also for collectors, has a maximum mintage of 30,000. Priced at $1,987.50, it reached sales of 16,690 through its first four days. Still available, it has sales of 17,804 through Sept. 20.

Coin Designs and Specifications

Palladium Eagle obverses (heads side) bear Weinman’s "Winged Liberty" design taken from the "Mercury Dime" obverse. Surrounding inscriptions include "LIBERTY," "IN GOD WE TRUST" "2020," Weinman’s distinct initials, and a "W" mintmark representing its production at the U.S. Mint’s facility in West Point.

2017 $25 American Palladium Eagle Bullion Coins - Obverse and Reverse
A CoinNews photo showing two bullion 2017 American Palladium Eagles produced for investors. At left is the obverse and at right is the reverse. These same designs appear on this year’s uncirculated coin.

2018-W $25 Proof American Palladium Eagle - Obverse and Reverse
These two CoinNews photos show 2018-W Proof American Palladium Eagle produced for collectors. Again, these same designs appear on this year’s reverse proof coin.

2019-W Reverse Proof American Palladium Eagle - Obverse and Reverse
These two CoinNews photos show a 2019-W Reverse Proof American Palladium Eagle for collectors. Once again, these same designs appear on this year’s uncirculated coin.

Weinman’s 1907 American Institute of Architects Gold Medal reverse design featuring an eagle and a branch are depicted on the coin’s reverse (tails side). Inscriptions include "UNITED STATES of AMERICA," "$25," "1 OZ. Pd .9995 FINE" and "E PLURIBUS UNUM." Pd is the chemical symbol for palladium.

Coin Specifications

Denomination: $25
Finish: Uncirculated
Composition: 99.95% Palladium
Diameter: 1.340 inches
(34.036 mm)
Weight: 1.0005 troy oz.
(31.120 grams)
Edge: Reeded
Mint and Mint Mark: West Point – W


Ordering and Price

The 2020-W $25 Uncirculated American Palladium Eagle is available today beginning at Noon ET from the U.S. Mint’s online page for palladium products, found here. An initial household order limit of one coin is in place.

Pricing for collectible Palladium Eagles can change weekly depending on the market price of palladium and the Mint’s pricing matrix.

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Nice coin but too expensive. I don’t collect these. Gold only.

Seth Riesling

Only about a $650 premium over spot palladium price for just an Unc. coin! Lol.


paul chiu

spot palladium this morning (non coin) 2238 ASK
so 25.4% premium, but that 10K mintage is the fewest in this series.

Melissa W.

Still not sold out though, even with the 10,000 mintage. Price is too high and too many people are jobless and struggling during this pandemic. I’m guessing they knew that it wasn’t going to sell out quick and that’s why they put a 10,000 mintage on it?


10K mintage makes it interesting but the price and presentation? Still available for sale at the mint. BTW, looks like thieves our stealing catalytic convertors on Prius vehicles. Palladium and Platinum content is the reason.

Chas. Barber

More like $900 ABOVE SPOT, great deal, looking for a 2020 Silver bullion Eagle for $100 as well……………


Very expensive. Is this the most expensive coin offered by the US Mint?

I’m surprised that there was such little news and discussion about this coin in the days prior to its sale. Maybe the price squashed the interest.

Seth Riesling

In a “leatherette” case (not real leather) at $3,000…they couldn’t include a nice hardwood box??!! Lol.


paul chiu

Buffalo gold 2019 was the last to offer a wooden box.

Melissa W.

I bought one, even though they are way overpriced. I have the other 3, so I just couldn’t resist buying it so I can have the full collection. Does anyone know when this program ends? Or are they going to keep releasing the palladium coins forever, like other American Eagle coins?


Sold out


NOT Sold Out. Currently Unavailable. Big Difference…


Federal Law mandates these coins. Unless Federal Law is changed, there will be Palladium coins…

Melissa W.

Thank you for this information. Just what I was looking for.

Seth Riesling

The 2020-W Barbara Bush First Spouse $10 gold coins in Proof & Unc. have very nice hardwood boxes.


sam tweedy

Mike Mezack will get his share and send them off to ANACS for the “BIG” FLIP…JUST UNDERSTAND!!!! Run Forrest Run!!!!

Thomas Barron

APMEX already has them listed at $3,500. Preorder only.

Christopher Williams

LOL@Run, Forest, Run!!!

paul chiu

wow, as of 330pm Sept 24 date of sale, this baby is now unavailable.

Screen Shot 2020-09-24 at 3.48.04 PM.png
Bob H

Got one at 9:01 PDT . What can I say, I’m one of those Pd addicts. I hope they are “unavailable ” because they sold out all 10K but I doubt it. And some dealers obviously got some first to be offering graded flips.

I think the Pd price run-up has been yet unexplained and that it’s something other than in Cat Converters for ICE cars. A coincidence that Tesla’s new battery technology was called “Project Palladium”? I think not. So my hunch is that soon Pd will be just as important to electric and Hydrogen car manufacturing.

Michael J Petraitis

I ordered one at 11:00 called back at 1:00 and canceled my order

Bob H

Didn’t know you could do that ! What great customer service. And no restocking fee. 😉

Thomas Barron

Why???? Either you want it or you don’t; or you are simply a flipper.

Michael J Petraitis

The reason is-The company I work for is closing the doors in Dec leaving alot of people out of a job .I worked there 40years!


Lot a rich people in the world wow! Is right if sold out guess people are not hurting as the news states!


Some are and some aren’t

Bob H

What’s 1% of 330Million? That group has more than ever before.

Chas. Barber

Wait for the RETURNS between the poor babies not getting a 70 to the $100 cut in price coming, they’ll be many returns. If I missed it, alll I can say is no no biggie. To me the mint is DEAD already…my pruchases $7,000+ 2018 $1,200 2019 $2k in $154 5z ATBs that I may eventually be buried by the price. $3k is alOt ALOT of $$$$. $30,000,000 in sell out is impressive either a lot of $ about or the $1 is devalued…or BOTH.

Mark D

2019 still available!

Adam L

I ordered 1 @ 10am MST and I got it through in under 2 minutes at 10:21 I got the confirmation email. . I have the other 3 so I figured I better keep my set current. I submitted the 2019 one to PCGS at the show in Las Vegas Nevada last week. My 2018 graded 69DCAM. Unfortunately it had a Mark on the rim I didn’t realize when I submitted it.

Thomas Barron

Per PCGS, a mark on the rim would not prevent it from grading at 70. I have a 2017 graded by PCGS at 70 even though two marks (not severe) are on the rim.


As a silver eagle and mint collector I’m so excited to see these at only $900 above spot for a $3,000 coin I don’t have the cash for now I can wait a couple more weeks for these to be advertised on various cable coin shows with a fancy ABC 123 grading and payment plan for about $10,000 but they’ll offer a 60-month payment plan and put it in a nice little box I can’t wait….

paul chiu

as of 10 AM EST, they are available again. i ordered one.

sam tweedy

Mike Mezack and Mr. “ebay” Rick Tomaska Flip Me Baby Flip Me!!!! Do they have a “DEAL” for You!!!!! Hurry Hurry Hurry!!!!! Understand!!!!!


I ordered one yesterday just past noon, not knowing whether a sellout would happen with a $3,000 coin. Fortunately (or Unfortunately) I have the other 3. This one, with the lowest (10,000) mintage, will be the series key (until next year?). Not as pretty as the proofs from 18 and 19. Saw them go “un-available” yesterday afternoon, and come back on this morning. Something tells me the “re-availability” might be credit card issue based cancelled orders from yesterday, though we have know way of really knowing. With this coin, the mint has just reduced the number of completed sets possible… Read more »

Tom Shuman

REMIND ME” is on the US Mint Web Site now… I think the American Eagle 2020 one Ounce Palladium Uncirculated coin is SOLD OUT… I ordered one yesterday.


Sold Out is Sold Out. That means there will NEVER be coins available again. Currently Unavailable means that there Could be coins available again. This morning there was well over 200 coins that were offered for sale again. In the next two week there will be a LOT of returns from flippers that are not being received well on eBay…


OK, so the coin arrived today and it is going back. The inside rim evidences die erosion; small bits of the die broken off that leaves a very thin shiny granular line where the inside edge of the rim should be a crisp line separating the rim from the face of the coin. Coins were available again today, so I ordered a replacement already. If the next one is the same, that will be sent back too. I’m guessing there will be fewer “70”‘s of this issue as a % than for the first 3 issues.


Here is the coin showing edge die erosion…

paul chiu


Can you post a higher resolution photo showing this? Thanks.


Only here and at the bottom of the obverse. Doesn’t bother me, gives it character!


I bought 2. Both arrived today. Both have the same blemish but only on the bottom. My wife says it looks like strike was off center. If that’s the case, would these be worth more?


I looked at my coins closer and did some research. Both have what is called a collar clash. It effects the thickness of the rim and the reeded edge. Also on mine you can actually see a faint “railroad track”. I’m wondering if this mint error is worth anything. Any ideas?

paul chiu

My 2 arrived yesterday and I could not open the seals. Did look closely at the 2 and I am okay with the minor imperfections at the inner rim. Although they may also be reflections off the face of Liberty onto the edge. I much prefer this year’s over the high mirrored version of 2019. At only 10,000 mintage and now nearly sold-out, this is a keeper. In my view.

I uploaded a short 4K 2160p videos of my palladium coins here:



Hi Grant, I purchased one of these 2020w coins last week directly from the US mint and it has these same marks. I too am wondering if it can be a true die error coin, thereby being more valueable. I’m not sure, but I believe that in order for them to be documented as such, they need to be submitted to the NGC for the documentation to even occur. I don’t know if the US mint will do this on their own. So!, …how can we spread the word to have all owners of these submit them for die error… Read more »


unavailable … what is going on -i dont think its a sell out??.


I’m guessing, the ‘flippers’ have freaked out. Realized they might not make their 2k flip on eBay and can’t afford to pay their credit card, without it…so, they’ve cancelled their orders.

The Mint has an utterly ridiculous flaw in their returns policy. It’s great that it protects those who have suffered changes in finance etc., but really, it allows the flippers, to either make a lot of money out of us…or not lose any.


Toooooooo expensive. Would have loved to see this design on a one ounce dollar coin annually with the ASE


For sale on Mint’s webpage Saturday 9/26/20 at 11:00 am.

Stuart Wheeler

The 2020-W version has a 10,000 limited mintage; the 19-W
has 30,000 mintage; 18-W stands at 14,986 and the 17 (W)
at 15,000. Both ’20 Bush coins have 2,000 for the BU and
3,000 for the proof. The American Eagle Gold with WWII
Privy Mark will only come in at 1,945 pieces and THAT beats
everything else considered modern issues. But prices? Only
the sky, outer space and the universe are the limits as to
how HIGH they will skyrocket.


I’m loving it

sam tweedy

The 2019W Reverse Proof is the best of the four, even at 30,000 minted. One of the nicest coins I have ever purchased.

Chas. Barber

I passed………$3k for a COIN no way Jose……Pd a thin market you could be @ $1,500 if a mouse farts in a mine!

Last edited 3 years ago by Chas. Barber

that cracked me up!

Chas. Barber

Thanks once in awhile! Hurry only <99 left TODAY


sales thru sep 27-9971. interesting as theyre available this morning

sam tweedy

Mike Mezack just got his returns back from ANACS and shipped them back to the mint. They will have more available at the mint for sale today,only $3000!!! HURRY!!! Go Forrest Go…

sam tweedy

Back on again today grab a return while you can, so what if they have strike problems. Hurry!!!!! Only $3000!!!


I like it! Yes, so what if there are strike problems! Its bought and paid for, on to the next big ticket item!

Big T

This is BY FAR my favorite coin design… the issue is that pd is in a bubble price and likely to drop back closer to 1000/oz if and when pt is transitioned into catalytic conversion (which has already begun). At the same time, pt is comparably cheap, and likely to go up from here – and while I collect the pt eagles I think this coin is better looking. Again, my concern is the price is too high and you could be left with a coin that is not rare enough to retain the value with a pd price under… Read more »


price now from us mint is $3100.even though its unavailable