2020-W Uncirculated American Silver Eagle First Day Sales Reach 98,682

2020-W Uncirculated American Silver Eagle – obverse, presentation case and reverse
U.S. Mint sales of the 2020-W Uncirculated American Silver Eagle totaled 98,682 in the first day

The 1-ounce, .999 fine 2020-W Uncirculated American Silver Eagle notched first-day sales of 98,682 coins, according to U.S. Mint spokesman Michael White.

Released Wednesday for $54, the single-day tally could have been higher had the coin’s product page not had it listed as "currently unavailable" following its launch.

Its status remains unchanged as of this writing, with a "Remind Me" option provided on the page to sign up for an email notice when the Mint takes orders again.

For reference, last year’s issue registered five-day starting sales of 82,784 coins. Priced at $46.95, it is also listed as currently unavailable. The Mint’s latest sales report had it up 201 pieces for the week ended July 5, lifting its total to 140,801 coins.

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Mike Unser where did you get those numbers for the 2019w? Yes the mints latest sales report had it up 201 pieces for the week ending July 5, but the mints calculation comes out to 138,161 not the140,801 that you have listed above, making it the low mintage burnished champ if the mint doesn’t resume sales.


Gary, I also included the 66 units sold of bulk 40 coins, which added 2,640.


I didn’t know thank you mike


I’ve gotten 2 email reminders of the product being available again but when I go to the site still not available. And I go a few minutes after I got the reminder. I think that function doesn’t work. Why not let you at least back order them since there is no mintage limit?

Bob is your uncle

Mint seems to be late when they send those. I have received the alert a few days after something becomes available. I tend to check daily anyways when there is something i really want.

sam tweedy

I guess not many people were worried about the Big $7.05 price increase. Mike Mezack got his 20,000+ Understand!!! lol


What if any difference is there in this release and the one earlier this year when I purchased one for, $64.50

Gerald Haefling

The one you purchased earlier this year was the proof silver dollar from west point, this is the uncirculated or burnished version.

Adam L

The one that you purchased earlier this year is the proof finish. This one is a burnished finish and looks similar to the bullion but with the W Mint mark. They cost less because they are regular blanks not specially polished and stuck as many times as the proof. Hope you have a great weekend.


I can’t believe that since the Mintage Limit, Product Limit and the Household Order Limt was None, that his item is currently unavailable. They must have had some difficulty acquiring the planchets and only made a small supply until they could get more planchets. I did an enrollment for this item and received it today, Mon 7/13. Nice looking coin. I was thinking about getting 2 but decided not to and just be satisfied with just one for my collection. Hopefully they will acquire more planchets and mint some more. If they do not make anymore, it will be a… Read more »

Chas. Barber

200k not low in today’s world. 75k coming next LOWER & LOWER #s


you know i was thinking about the lack of silver planchets and i came up with this idea.if the mint did’nt hide a hoard of silver eagles from a few years back they would have had some planchets.all they had to do was send those eagles they some how found in a vault to the smelter and done what they were supposed to do.those eagles were supposed to be melted not released to a grading company(NGC.)

Chas. Barber

Don’t worry kids they’ll make more & more @ 2x plus spot, try to sell one with this mintage #- you get the same $ a common bullion lest you make an effort to sell………….and if silver goes way up, only spot nevr a premium for this too many already & it will be 200k when all is done


Today its available for back order.

sam tweedy

Mike Mezack had some returns that did not grade at least a 69 from ANACS . Just Understand!!!

sam tweedy

They are now back for sale again, but the Mint can’t give you a date when they came back for sale. How stupid is that!!!


I’ve been buying coins for a multitude of years through the mint and have purchased eagle through their subscription method. How can it be my order was cancelled when it was a subscription? Something doesn’t seem quite right at all – seems there is manipulation at the highest levels occurring in most organizations on the hill. I am a fan of controlling the coining of our own currency.