2020-S Proof American Silver Eagle Released


The United States Mint released today its latest American Silver Eagle, this one in proof quality and struck at the San Francisco Mint.

2020-W Proof American Silver Eagle, Presentation Case and Cert
This CoinNews photo shows a standard 2020-W Proof American Silver Eagle that is encapsulated and held within its blue velvet, satin-lined presentation case. The coin’s folded certificate of authenticity appears at left. This coin was minted at West Point and has a ‘W’ mintmark. The proof Silver Eagle released today is packaged the same and looks the same, except it is produced at the San Francisco and has an ‘S’ mintmark.

In January, the U.S. Mint released the West Point proof version which has, so far, accumulated individual sales of nearly 360,000. The West Point edition in uncirculated quality launched in July and has sales of almost 146,000.

Silver Eagles are always popular with coin collectors thanks in large part to their 1-ounce, 99.9% fine silver composition and their attractive designs. Of note, this strike will be one of the last to carry the familiar designs as next year the Mint will introduce issues featuring a "refreshed" obverse and redesigned reverse.

Issues annually since 1986, American Silver Eagle obverses showcase Adolph A. Weinman’s full-length figure of Liberty. The image first appeared on 1916-1947 half dollars and features Liberty with her right hand extended and branches of laurel and oak in her left.

Reverses offer John Mercanti’s rendering of a heraldic eagle with shield. An olive branch can be seen in the eagle’s right talon with arrows in the left.

2020-S Proof American Silver Eagle Specifications

Denomination: $1
Composition: 99.9% Silver
Weight: 1.000 troy oz. (31.103 grams)
Diameter: 1.598 inches (40.60 mm)
Edge: Reeded
Mint and Mint Mark: San Francisco – S


The San Francisco mintmark appears on this coin’s reverse just below and left of the eagle.


Limited to 200,000 and at a recently established raised priced of $73, the 2020-S Proof American Silver Eagle may be ordered directly from the U.S. Mint’s online page dedicated to American Eagle coins.

Each ships in a blue velvet, satin-lined presentation case and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Another Upcoming Release

On Nov. 5, the U.S. Mint will release one more proof 2020 Silver Eagle from the West Point Mint. This unique offering will carry a V75 privy mark in remembrance of the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II.

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Seth Riesling

It costs the Mint about $29 tops, including packaging & COA, to produce this coin, with spot silver at about $24. And, they raised the price from the “W” Proof version from earlier this year after raising its price from last year’s “W” & “S” Proof versions! $73 ?? Lol. An asinine situation for sure. The Mint has lost approximately 1 million collectors from its active customer “mailing list” since 2014, mostly during the last 2 years under Mint Director David J. Ryder. The Mint now has less than 400,000 active customers, & the majority of them are reaching retirement… Read more »


Seth, where are you getting the “less than 400,000 active customers”? My guess is less than that but you could be correct…

Shelton Vance

Thank you mister president

Big T

With all due respect, it costs more than 29 to make this coin. For UNC Eagles or certainly ‘business’ strikes that might be closer to truth but the mint buys these planchets for over spot (since they first buy the silver bars and then pay to have them made into planchets) these are all hand-weighed, stamped with dies that are polished and heavily maintained, hand-transferred to inspection that prevents bag marks, and so forth. The overhead is more extreme than just a few dollars over spot. They probably pay 29 just for the polished planchets. They still make a nice… Read more »

Seth Riesling

Big T. – The Mint had a private, invitation only bid sale this year as reported in the coin publications of almost 200,000 2016-W ASE $1 Proofcoins and they required a minimum bid to cover their cost plus a small profit on each coin & the average price paid by the 4 coin dealers who bought them directly by bid sale from the Mint paid an average of $26 per coin. I added $3 since silver went up a little. I am a professional numismatist & know the process & costs involved in Proof coin production. Look up the article… Read more »


Beautiful coin but very disappointed. Sad what the mint has become.


Us mint is shooting itself from the foot. In economic depression to increase the price twice is the sure way to kill collecting habit. Nice going US Mint.

Chas. Barber

Wow I bought 300 it’s a heck of deal, Ryder said so as he’s raising price to $93 next month… SUCKAHS!!! Boycott the Mint…Keep the V75’s up their bunghole……who cares anymore

stackin and packin

the V75s will fly out just as fast as the 2019sERP, they could charge 149 and it would still sell out in less than 20 mins

Chas. Barber

Not necessarily there were 30k ASErp, 75,ooo of these! And @ that price it is not the lowest mintage & the loss of players means the flippers may eat some, not sure. IMHO it would not sell out @ $149. 6x spot. Millions of proof ASEs around. Who really needs it, I don’t think there are 75k hard line ASE collectors left. People that need – NEED, JONES for EVERY friggin ASE I got so many of these I say buy if you want but make $ on it, a little but w/fees, comi$$ons & shipping you;ll need 125$ they… Read more »

Big T

But the gold eagle is only 1,945 – is it even worth trying? Wonder what the price will be, anyone?


Ebay have too many BAD buyers , whose try to get it FREE !!!!!! Beware these fox.


has anybody heard the 2020 uncirculated coin set will cost $25.25 with a limit of 213,000 product limit? and there WILL NOT be a free “W” mint nickel with this set.the only reason they sold so many of the 2019 was the nickel.are they smoking weed!


The 2020 United States Mint Uncirculated Coin Set is a great addition to any coin collection.
Note: Due to the effects of COVID-19 at our manufacturing facilities, this year’s set has a limited production quantity of 213,000. For the same reason, there will be no free premium nickel accompanying this set. Please be sure to order early, as supplies are limited – we have 137,000 fewer than last year.


the reason the mint sold so many more of the 2019 over the 2018 set was a “w”minted penny.being that as it may the interest will be alot less because of the missing free coin.without the “w” nickel in this set this set will be like a box of cracker jacks without the prize! the mint sold a huge amount because of the prize in the box.oh by the way the 2019 set without the “w”penny can be bought on ebay for about 12.00 bucks which leads me to believe the 2020 set aren’t worth $25.25 even with a lower… Read more »

Seth Riesling

Sherril –

That is comparing apples to oranges basically since the 2020 set will not have the free nickel coin. The 2019 set had a free cent coin & sold more because of that fact. You have to look back to 2018 for a comparison & without a free coin that set sold 257,536 sets at $21.95. So, 213,000 mintage for the new 2020 set is no big deal, especially since they raised the price of it to $25.25 for base metal coins. Buy an ounce of pure .999 fine silver for about the same price! Lol.

Happy collecting!




sam tweedy

I really wanted that free “Monkey” faced nickel!!!!!

Chas. Barber

Mint sets are mostly FACE value items when you sell 2012 ok, 1970 good, not many others open them spend them. Not sure if C19 may make 2020 better in the long run but I doubt there are 100,000 MINT SET “Collectors” why clad junk


seth reisling.we posted the same comment at almost the same time! lol!

Seth Riesling

I know. Lol. Your comment wasn’t up for some reason earlier when I posted my comment. Great minds think alike!



Still available. Hurry up before they are sold out.


The 2020S Eagle proof should sell pretty well as
The LE is 200,000 and the S Mark always sells for a
Premium. Always a beautiful coin and the last year
Of the reverse design will make this highly collectible
Down the road.


I hear you. I only order 1 now. Used to order more of these before the mint got greedy. They made excellent gifts for any occasion. Glad I bought my share back in the day. I have switched my gift giving to quality USA made knives and have had great responses. The mint has almost lost me as a customer. Well, in perspective to the past, they have.


Agreed on the price, $60-65 tops.
Overpriced. Only bought one also.


Make all the the JOKES! you want. I will be one of the first collectors out here getting my 2020-S 1oz American Silver Eagle and if you are a TRUE collector you will too.


Lifetime collector that is still in the game. I did order 1 that I had as a subscription. I would recommend others to get at least one.

Chas. Barber

Mint junkie since 1968, I bought none, they killed this sucker. Golden geese we collectors are……I have boxes & boxes of 100’s of ASE proof….the reverse is no big deal brah


Chas, I am almost there too. Can’t imagine them changing course. Congrats on all the years collecting.

Big T

well if you are looking to unload your 2019 S reverse proof I will gladly accept it. I really wanted one but not for $1000+.

Chas. Barber

I told many people about the 19 RP ASE- only 1 person won one, the guy on Maui!!! I had more gliches then before,,,,,,V75 willl sell out @ 8:59am….you kids will c!


I bought one. Im a true collector! At least while I can afford to be. I think some of these people would be better off penning the mint for job inquires or a Truth and Reconciliation commission.


These are selling out because everyone waiting for Nov.5th privy eagle! Site will crash get ready and good luck!!

sam tweedy

Buy this coin as many as you can, and forget about all the “old ladies” on here… LOL bickering about the “huge” price… LOL


I agree 100%


2020 s still unavailable, i wonder if any will be available for the limited edition silver proof set in december which is another 50,000 ?


You would think huh? what is so special about the limited set anymore…arent the rest all available in silver proof set?


The silver proof set doesn’t include the silver eagle. Only the limited one has it.


Available again.


Unavailable again.


I played it smart and subscribed to the coin before release….kinda figured it wouldn’t be available long.


Same here. Delivery is tomorrow, October 19.


I bought 3 via subscription. All arrived on Friday Oct 16th. All 3 look really great.


Good to hear. Keeping the one I have boxed. Gifting it.


U.S. Mint officials announced Oct. 14 that 169,564 of the Proof 2020-S American Eagles were sold at $73 each.


First-day sales Oct. 13 for the Proof 2020-S American Eagle silver dollar resulted in 84.8% of the maximum 200,000 coins available being recorded as sold.

Chas. Barber

Funny stuff, scams & shenenegans. The mint has reported they sold 217,000 of these, mintage limit = 200,00 say WHAT!? wtf is up @ the mint, no doubt a late run of 100k more will be made as the sales are too good. The mint has no honor & I don’t trust them like Trump saying he would pull out….

Rodney Moore

Exactly! If they keep on selling off surplus coins that were supposed to be melted – like the 2016 eagles, for instance – and striking a lot more than their set mintage limit then people will no longer trust them and the value and desirability will go down. It’s becoming obvious that the Mint has no honor and is not to be trusted. Their mintage figures are not reliable and their maximum mintage limits are just “tentative” limits it seems. I checked after you made this comment and it sure appears that they changed their advertised mintage limit. Well, they… Read more »


Where did you get the 217,000 from? I’m looking at US Mint Sales Report as of Oct 18, they sold 199,997 of these, which is 3 coins just below the max limit!

Uncle Sam's Nephew

There’s no honor among thieves, especially when it’s clear that the party’s over on Nov 3. Of course the posted mintage limits will be violated, especially when truth and transparency is optional.

Sad to say, collectors will remain and purchase directly from the mint even if they say they are no longer customers. Like the Grateful Dead sang, “I know you, rider, gonna miss me when I’m gone”. They won’t miss you, in fact, buyers won’t fade away at all. Maybe the next director will make the mint great again.


Opened back up for sale.


That didn’t last long. Probably tweeked the final numbers and could be sold out.

Last edited 1 year ago by Rooster

Sales open again.


lookig closly at the two i recived, it looks like the mint has some Quality issues in this run


That sux. Both?


Closed again.


Open for sale again.


Just like that it closed. At least everyone that wanted one had a chance to get one. End of an era.

Lee Erickson

Not so.They are selling the old and new design .you still have a chance.
To get them 2021.

https://www.coinworld.com/news/us-coins/mint-confirms-2021-american-eagle-coins-will-have-old-and-new-designsns next year 2021


Cool. Hope this includes the S mint.




I got a notice that it was open for sale at 9:07 am this morning 10/27. Went to the website and it was in “Remind Me” status. Thinking it was open for a brief time before the message came through. Probably still tweeking the numbers.

Seth Riesling

Rooster –

The Mint recently changed the mintage of this coin on its website! Before, it was listed as mintage limit: 200,000 and now is listed as Mintage Limit: None. They will also be putting 50,000 additional of this coin for its 2020-S Limited Edition Silver Proof Set per their product schedule info.
The U.S. Mint is not to be trusted in any way!



I didn’t catch this. Reminds me of bait and switch which of course is illegal but never enforced. The mint has done tactics like this before. I am not the loyal customer as in the past. Thanks Seth!


Bait and switch for sure. Wonder if anyone can start a class action against the greedy mint.