2020-W Uncirculated American Silver Eagle Release


Starting today, July 8, collectors have the opportunity to buy the United States Mint 2020-W Uncirculated American Silver Eagle as it launches at noon EDT for $54.

2020-W Uncirculated American Silver Eagle – obverse, presentation case and reverse
2020-W Uncirculated American Silver Eagle – obverse, presentation case and reverse

This numismatic version of the U.S. Mint’s extremely popular .999 fine, 1 ounce American Eagle silver bullion coin should see notable demand in its own right as tens of thousands are always purchased within the first few days of release. These uncirculated coins debuted in 2006, succeeding the bullion program by twenty years.

For reference, very early sales of several past issues reached: 82,784 (2019) 89,482 (2018); 111,224 (2017); 134,925 (2016); 127,872 (2015); 106,349 (2014); 104,570 (2013); and 123,801 (2012). The 2011-W Uncirculated Silver Eagle eclipsed those numbers at 184,967 in its first four days owing to pent-up demand following a two-year program hiatus.

Like all American Silver Eagles, the uncirculated coin offers "Walking Liberty" on the obverse (heads side) as originally designed by Adolph A. Weinman. This image of Liberty shown in full stride debuted on 1916-1947 half dollars and has been a favorite of collectors ever since. She is depicted wrapped in the American Flag with her right hand extended with branches of laurel and oak in her left. Inscriptions around the depiction read "LIBERTY," "2020," and "IN GOD WE TRUST."

Photo Obverse, 2019-W Uncirculated American Silver Eagle
A CoinNews photo of last year’s 2019-W Uncirculated American Silver Eagle (obverse side). The design is featured on all annual issues.

Silver Eagle reverses (tails side) contain a heraldic eagle with shield design. John Mercanti created this image that has appeared on issues since their inception. (In June, the U.S. Mint unveiled candidate designs to replace this image.)

Photo Reverse, 2019-W Uncirculated American Silver Eagle
A CoinNews photo of last year’s 2019-W Uncirculated American Silver Eagle (reverse side). The design is featured on all annual issues.

Reverse inscriptions read "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA," "E PLURIBUS UNUM" and "1 OZ. FINE SILVER — ONE DOLLAR." In addition, a ‘W’ mintmark also appears on the reverse denoting its production at the West Point Mint.

Specifications of Uncirculated American Silver Eagles

Denomination: $1
Finish: Uncirculated
Composition: 99.9% Silver
Weight: 1.000 troy oz.
(31.103 grams)
Diameter: 1.598 inches
(40.60 mm)
Edge: Reeded
Mint and Mint Mark: West Point – W


Released and Upcoming Numismatic 2020 Silver Eagles

American Silver Eagles are typically released annually in bullion, proof and uncirculated versions. The 2020-W Proof Silver Eagle launched Jan. 9.

The U.S. Mint will issue two more silver editions following this latest uncirculated coin, although their official release dates are not yet known. They include the 2020-S Proof American Silver Eagle from the San Francisco Mint and a special End of World War II 75th Anniversary 2020-W Proof American Silver Eagle from the West Point Mint. The latter coin will bear a symbolic V75 privy mark.


When released at noon, order 2020-W Uncirculated American Silver Eagles directly from the Mint’s online store, located here.

This coin has no mintage or order limits.

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No thank you – memory of last years EU Eagle debacle still too fresh in my mind.


They went on sale and as of 1:53 PM they are unavailable

sam tweedy

Here we go again!!! Mike Mezack will be hawking these again soon,will he have a “DEAL” for you!!!!

Kevin Carter

So it’s priced at $54.00 (when available) at $7.05 per coin over the 2019 eagle, also not currently available, but was priced at $46.95. Why, exactly is the 2020 coin priced so high? I enjoy looking at US Mint coins, but the premiums are usurious. That I’d have to pay nearly TRIPLE the spot price of silver to buy this coin is beyond my comprehension. And certainly it’s beyond my willingness.

Chas. Barber


That Guy

May be you shouldn’t be buying coins, if that is how you feel.
You should look into silver bars ( or any other investment grade metal to your liking). Easy Peasy, no more stressing over what then U.S. Mint does or why!

There is one more upside there for you… Yeah, and this one is a freebie…

You can still look at the coins. (Since you stated you enjoyed doing that).

Chas. Barber

Such a deal, do I get a feel around from the High Relief model if I buy it? The old ones are mostly spot value….buy the bullion 2 for the price of ONE


Wait till 2025 when the mint releases a recently found special “hoard” of these coins, lol.


This is silly, there isn’t even a mintage limit and they are unavailable already on first day. I know the pandemic thing is goin in but ….really??? unavailable?. Of course its way overpriced for what it is.

Adam L

I’m glad I left my subscription on it. I usually get 4 every year. Plus it looks like the final year of this design. But I also don’t like the higher price. Hopefully the mintage will be lower than most years.


Yeah it’s a nice coin but to me it’s just another AE coin, and just overpriced. No thank you.


This coin did not open up for public purchase at all. I kept checking starting at 10AM and frequently throughout the day and night. How many coins left the back door? Return the US Mint back to government control. Can’t trust the mobsters running it now.

Richard Margolis

My coin is being shipped. I used enrollment.


If this uncirculated coin is a joke wait til the ww2 silver eagle proof comes out with 75,000 mintage limit. I’ll get froze out of that just like last years silver enhanced proof,I’m a real sucker for the mints BS


According to their email, now available here for double the price from the US mint:

The Coin Vault <webmaster@thecoinvault.com> 
2020-W Burnished American Silver Eagles Are Here!


they are one of the major problems in the coin collecting hobby,along with HSN and any of the other coin televangelists!

Richard Margolis

How does the Coin Vault get the burnished ASE and deliver it to NGC on the date of release? Is the coin for sale at the mint?

Chris Sahar

Enrollment program offered by the US Mint allows this to happen as it is simply a way to pre-order. It is open individuals and commercial coin dealers as you probably know. As there is no household limit, I could enroll myself to get 30,000 of these coins if I wish. The US Mint has to put household limits on these. For individuals a lower limit and dealers allow a modestly higher one but neither group should be allowed more than 500 to order for the duration of sale. Then, on the secondary market individuals and commercial dealers can fight to… Read more »

Last edited 3 years ago by Chris Sahar
Richard Margolis

I understand how they(dealers) can order thousands of ASE, but how can they get the coins to NGC, PCGS on the day of issue. I thought that enrollment coins are mailed to the collector or dealer.


An older salesman on the coin vault used to claim they had a truck at the mint center to take their coins to a plane to Florida for NGC to get them on the FDOI. Would someone please tell why that FDOI on any label makes a difference? Do these folks realize how many graders would have to work in that building at NGC to grade millions of coins a year?



If these coins go on sale on the 9th and become unavailable on the 9th how can any of them NOT be FDOI? My wife asked that question. Ididnt have an answer. Does anybody?

Richard Margolis

It was the same with the 2019 reverse proof s mint of 30,000 coins. They sold out in 15 minutes. All of them should be FDOI

sam tweedy

Andy and Tyler camp outside the US MINT a week before its release grab the coins and rush then over to NGC ASAP!!!! Mike Mezack is there first rushing his coins over to ANACS so he has a “DEAL” for you!!!

Richard Margolis

Do they sell the coins at the mint? Ithought that they were all mailed out to the buyers


available on the coin vault for $149.98 FDI TRUMP LABEL.”going out to our valued collectors friends” don’t miss out on this great deal.pass on that.


First-day sales of the coin totaled 98,682.


that”s amazing!

Chas. Barber

Never EVER will be a “rare” item alot of buyers think they will be- watch the level of RETURN$ next week. FInal mintage prediction about 300k not rare @ ALL>>……..


Why all the negativity here? If you think you’re a fool to buy these coins there are plenty of other fools to sell them onto for a profit.

Ronald Sutliff

I’m searching for 2020w burnished silver eagle mint error.