Basketball Commemorative Coin Introductory Pricing Ends July 6 at 3:00 P.M. ET

2020-P Proof Basketball Hall of Fame Silver Dollars - Obverse and Reverse
A CoinNews photo showing the obverse (heads) and reverse (tails) sides of 2020-P Proof Basketball Hall of Fame Silver Dollars. Prices for all Basketball coins will increase July 6.

Introductory prices are ending mid-Monday, July 6, for the gold, silver and clad 2020 Basketball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coins.

Regular U.S. Mint pricing for the collector proof and uncirculated coins go into effect on the 6th after 3:00 p.m. ET. At that time, each coin’s price will increase by $5.

Released June 4, the collection of Basketball products during their third full week of sales increased a combined 3,057 coins, bringing their total through June 28 to 136,670 coins.

Here’s a table summarizing their current prices and latest sales:

  Prices Individual Sales Realized ($) Total Sold Mintage Limit % of Limit Sold
Proof $5 Gold Coin $656.75 6,679 $4,304,615.50 9,438 50,000 18.9%
Uncirculated $5 Gold Coin $646.75 2,759 $1,750,585.50
Proof Silver Dollar Coin $69.00 54,486 $3,759,534.00 71,405 400,000 17.9%
Uncirculated Silver Dollar Coin $64.00 16,919 $1,082,816.00
Proof Clad Half Dollar Coin $39.00 21,604 $842,556.00 55,827 750,000 7.4%
Uncirculated Clad Half Dollar Coin $37.00 11,318 $418,766.00
Kids Set* $45.00 22,905 $1,030,725.00
Combined Totals $13,189,598.00 136,670  


*The Kids Set price will not change. In addition, it has own product limit of 75,000 with 30.5% of those sold.

As directed by the commemoratives’ authorizing act, Public Law No: 115-343, the above coin prices include surcharges of $35 for each gold coin, $10 for each silver dollar, and $5 for each half-dollar. Provided the coins turn a profit, proceeds from these surcharges are to be paid to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, to fund an endowment that will enable increased operations and educational programming.

Visit the U.S. Mint’s commemorative page for more information or to place coin orders.

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looking at those sales figures i think they would do better if they dropped the prices instead of an increase,they might sell thirty percent by the end of the year.


I’m sure they will extend the sale period into next year because of Covid19 – or if they overminted them we will see a Bball Coin Hoard released in 3 or 4 years.
Personally, I’m done with commems and am ending my set with the 2019’s – I’m free at last, free at last!!!


i haven’t bought any thing from the mint in 2 years and don’t ever expect to after the mess last NOVEMBER.I think it’s kinda sad to see just what they’ll do next to kill the hobby.just when you think they can’t do anything worse they do!

Chas. Barber

As is the TREND I passed on these & have only bough one ITEM from the mint over the last 2 years, and returned every one for defects the NA Coin & Curency set last year what a joke. This is another bomb of an item, lousy repetitive design & overpriced as well. Unless gold hits $2,500 & Ag $75 you will never ever recover your money, if you like it buy it, the obverse is just so busy, couldnt they add a transexual player as well….


So SO overpriced.


$45 is pretty rich for a ‘kids set’. How many of these sets are really REALLY going to be given to actual kids?


The introductory price savings of $5 off the standard issue price did not compel me to purchase any coins from this product line. The web netting representation of a basketball net seems to obscure the portrait of the basketball players, as well as the words, “LIBERTY,” and “IN GOD WE TRUST.” This coin has a very poor obverse design, and represents of design by committee. The quality concerns that the U.S. Mint seems to have ignored in the past has compelled me to disregard any current product offerings that they have released thus far. Are you listening USMint??? Business 101;… Read more »

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