Intro Pricing on US Marshals Commemorative Coins Ends Mar 2


United States Mint introductory prices end in less than a week for U.S. Marshals Service 225th Anniversary Commemorative Coins.

A photo of the US Marshals Service Three-Coin Proof Set
A photo of the US Marshals Service Three-Coin Proof Set

Their introductory sales period closes on Mar. 2 at 3 p.m. EST, when regular pricing takes effect. At that time, buyers will have to pay $4 more for each clad half-dollar and $5 more for each silver and gold coin.

Demand for the collectibles has been strong. Another 14,483 sold during their third full week of availability with total sales reaching 210,127 coins for a revenue pool of more than $16 million.

As is typical, fewer coins move as the date from their release lengthens. Here’s a breakdown of weekly sales increases since the commemoratives launched on Jan. 29:

  • Jan 29 to Feb 1: Starting 4-day sales hit 131,659 coins;
  • Feb 2 to Feb 8: Sales increased 37,272 to 168,931 coins;
  • Feb 9 to Feb 15: Sales increased 26,716 to 195,644 coins; and
  • Feb 16 to Feb 22: Sales increased 14,483 to 210,127 coins.

U.S. Marshals coins in the collector proof finish are outselling the uncirculated ones by about three-to-one. Proofs always outperform uncirculated coins, but this ratio is higher than typical. It’s supported by the three-coin set which only includes proof coins. Less than 1,100 of those remain.

Photo of the US Marshals Service 225th Anniversary Three-Coin Proof Set
Here is another photo of the three-coin proof set that was taken from a different angle. Notice the reflective qualities of the proof coins’ mirror-like backgrounds

Here are the 25-day sales splits across all Marshals Service commemorative coins:

Introductory Prices Regular Prices Latest Weekly Gain Total Unit Sales Total Coin Sales Total Sold Maximum Authorized Remaining
Proof 50c Clad Half-Dollar $14.95 $18.95 2,437 41,602 55,504 77,399 750,000 672,601
Uncirculated 50c Clad Half-Dollar $13.95 $17.95 1,395 21,895 21,895
Proof Silver Dollar $46.95 $51.95 5,749 67,850 81,752 108,264 500,000 391,736
Uncirculated Silver Dollar $43.95 $48.95 1,911 26,512 26,512
Proof $5 Gold Coins $400.45 $405.45 454 5,493 19,395 24,464 100,000 75,536
Uncirculated $5 Gold Coins $395.45 $400.45 602 5,069 5,069
Three-Coin Proof Set $461.45 $466.45 645 13,902 N/A 13,902 15,000 1,098


Prices are static for the silver and clad commemoratives but they can change every Wednesday for the two gold coins and three-coin proof set. Current gold coin pricing is based on a weekly average of the London gold Fix that sits within $1,200.00 to $1,249.99 an ounce. Every $50 movement outside the range, up or down, will result in a $12.15 adjustment in the price of the gold products.

Pricing above include surcharge amounts of $35 for each gold coin, $10 for each silver dollar, and $5 for each half-dollar. By law, the first $5 million in surcharges will be paid to the U.S. Marshals Museum ( for the preservation, maintenance, and display of artifacts and documents.


Orders may be placed online from this U.S. Mint page, or by calling 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468). The Mint can sell this year’s commemoratives until the end of the year.

Most US Marshals Service Commemorative Coins are on "Back Order." The United States Mint still accepts orders but most are not in stock so buyers have to wait to get them in hand.

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