2015 American Liberty Gold Coin Sales End at 49,325


The United States Mint last Wednesday, March 3, pulled the online product page for the high-relief 2015-W $100 American Liberty Gold Coin, marking its sales end at a robust 49,325 coins.

2015-W $100 American Liberty High Relief Gold Coin in Hand
Obverses of the one-ounce, 2015-W $100 American Liberty High Relief Gold Coin feature Lady Liberty as designed by Justin Kunz and sculpted by Phebe Hemphill. The American eagle reverse was designed by Paul C. Balin and sculpted by Don Everhart.

Its sales really hadn’t changed much since January, and not at all through the last three reporting periods. In large part, that’s because most of them sold earlier. The Mint’s first-ever $100 gold piece raced on its July 30 start in spite of its $1,490 opening price. Collectors ordered an average of 9 coins per second in the first 10 minutes and sales by the fourth hour topped 35,000 coins.

From about that point, buying decelerated as the 24-karat gold coin became unavailable for several hours until its status changed to backorder. Still, the opening 4-day total reached nearly 42,000 coins, representing roughly 84% of the possible 50,000.

Ordering slackened further after the initial rush. Also, the coin’s availability continued to bob up and down. Sales hit 49,211 coins by the beginning of this year and then they pretty much crawled to their eventual resting place of 49,325.

Prospective buyers of the gold coin will now have to look to the secondary market. They’re currently selling for about $1,530 to $1,580 with graded 70s costing from around $1,800 to $2,000.

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Nice update, thanks
The Mint’s first-ever $100 gold piece…


There’s only ~ 55 of the HR Liberty’s on the bay, appears these ended up in some very strong hands which will bode well for the long-term. Would have preferred to have seen a Mintage of 35,000, though at least they didn’t languish like the Kennedy. Going forward in the world of Moderns, this coin is a “must-have” This offering could get real interesting with the release of the Liberty Silvers later this year.., even more so if the mint were to borrow one or both designs as an ASE design refresh. I would love to see the mint offer… Read more »

Joe C.

Hope someone didn’t get stuck with the hairlined coin that I returned. I didn’t re-order because I ended up not liking the Liberty rendition on the obverse.

Seth Riesling

Mike Unser – “Robust” sales is not the word to use for a new gold coin denomination of $100 that took 8 months to “sell out”! (many of the coins were returned by CoinNews readers & others due to numerous scratches & rim dings on this Unc. “Business Strike” coin.) In the end, 675 coins remained unsold. I lucked out & got one without major problems, but graded 69 & and I was one who liked the design since it was first revealed. Glad I got in on day one on this beauty though, especially with the increase in gold… Read more »


The Mint had a HH limit of 50 right from the starting gate and I mentioned around that time that it seemed to be planned as a quick sell out success (thus maybe enhancing its mystique and appeal) since the big buyers wouldn’t have to employ much of their friends and family ordering circle. But it still did not sell out, it has languished on the Mint’s website for months until it got removed. I did not buy the coin as I did not like the Liberty design nor did I like the way the Mint was yanking my chain,… Read more »

Seth Riesling

KC&SO – You asked the other day in a post about photos of the NPS 3-coin commemorative program photos & I answered your questions in that posting. Today, March 9, the U.S. Mint held a media day at the San Francisco Mint with first strike ceremony for the public to see the 2016-S NPS Proof clad half dollar. The Mint’s Chief of Staff was there from Washington D.C. & the SF Mint superintendent played second fiddle to her at the dog & pony show. I stated when I first saw the photos in December that I really like the design… Read more »


Per CCAC Agenda: “Review and discuss candidate designs for the 2017 American Liberty High Relief Gold Coin and Silver Medal;”

WHOAHH.., so the ’15 HR Liberty is part of a series now, Wow!


Thanks NumisDude, though sorry to hear on the 15th your buddy will likely get the nod as Director


So glad I never got sucked into this “2 year (U)HR) + silver medal starting in 2015 ” crap talk by the Mint …

Out of curiousity (only) if the Mint is putting a gold coin and silver medal offering in 2017, I wonder if the 2 silver HR medals will carry designs for 2015 and 2016, one each from the W and S mints …


I mean the 2 silver HR medals on the Mint’s current product schedule …

Seth Riesling

KC&SO – I heard the sad news from a friend (D.L.) at CoinWeek earlier about Jeppson. This is the first time the Senate has considered a confirmation of any Obama nominees since the last U.S. Mint Director Edmund C. Moy resigned in January 2011. At least Obama will get his current nominee for this important position in his last 10 months in office & I guess if he & the full Senate agree then I will be fair & give Jeppson a chance to prove his business experience & make positive changes at the Mint in the director’s chair. He… Read more »


@Seth Riesling I hope that there will be at least one numismatist in the Senate who has had current and frustrating first hand experience buying from the Mint and maybe also frequented coin blogs like this one. Jeppson has had some time to review the Mint operations and start to put his managerial stamp on it and what I’ve experienced is disheartening because it’s gotten worse and his approach to solving the shrinking collector base (faster ordering process, wow !!!) tells me he doesn’t understand collectors and might have been spoon fed that remedy … (sounds good on its own… Read more »


I am not interested in the 2015 HR Liberty gold and thought there was going to be another one in 2016 … apparently not as someone on another blog reminded me. I mixed that HR with the 2 year APE proof, which I am also not buying …
My bad here


With 70% of US households having less than $1000 in the bank Is anyone really surprised that high end coins with large mintages are not a sellout?

Seth Riesling

RonnieBGood – Good point & so true! We are involved in an elite hobby that few ever experience. Most of the approximately 1.5 million people on the Mint’s mailing list are not numismatists per se, as they only buy annual clad Proof sets & Mint sets for their children & grandkids & an occasional gift for a friend & they have done so for the past 50 years or so. Millennials don’t collect coins for the most part & when the older buyers die off the Mint is going to be in very bad shape. The Mint’s investment bullion version… Read more »


Really happy that I picked this one up. After the 2017 pics were released I may have to pass. Demand for the 2015 Liberty should go up.