Reverse Proofs for 2015 Coin & Chronicles Sets

Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Silver Medal
Here are two photos of a FDR Presidential silver medal (obverse and reverse), one of the collectibles in last year’s Franklin D. Roosevelt Coin and Chronicles Set. This year’s sets will have similar medals, plus special reverse proof dollars in their regular clad composition.

For the first time in its history, the United States Mint will issue reverse proof Presidential $1 Coins. The U.S. Mint made the announcement on Thursday in a memo to news editors that outlined the contents of the 2015 Coin and Chronicles Sets featuring Harry S. Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson.

Collectors have seen more reverse proofs in special collectible products recently, with the most recent use on one of the coins within the 2015 March of Dimes Silver Set (see photos of the set). Reverse proofs have frosty fields and raised mirror-like devices, which is opposite in appearance from traditional proofs.

Proof and reverse proof 2015 silver dime
Most recently, the Mint included a reverse proof coin in the 2015 March of Dimes Special Silver Set. This photo shows a regular proof (left) and a reverse proof (right).

Interestingly, products limits haven’t been amped up for this year’s sets. They’ve actually been lowered to 17,000, except for the JFK set which is capped at 25,000. Last year’s Franklin D. Roosevelt Coin and Chronicles Set is limited to 20,000.

Granted, FDR sets haven’t selling like hot-cakes with just 62% of them claimed so far. But the inclusion of reverse proof Presidential dollars is a significant game-changer to the product line. They will only be available in the sets, and that by itself will mark them as mintage lows in the Presidential $1 Coin series. Collectors will like how they look and love their scarcity. Throw in the affordable pricing of $57.95 per set and there could be a stampede come ordering time. There will be a 5-set household ordering limit to calm the waters somewhat.

Similar to past issues, the U.S. Mint also said that each set will include a one-ounce, 99.9% pure silver medal and a stamp that is specific to each president. The Philadelphia Mint is striking the silver medals and the reverse proof dollars, with only the latter bearing the ‘P’ mint mark.

Harry S. Truman Coin and Chronicles Sets will go on sale June 30, 2015. The others will be staggered throughout the year with on sale dates not yet announced.

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I wasn’t planning on getting this but this reverse proof makes a difference!!


I was going to get the JFK set only. But I will get them all to keep up on the reverse proofs.


But is the Mint going to issue more of the reverse proofs individually or in other sets? If so may not be such a bargain.


I hope the mint doesn’t burn out the reverse proof.


i would think this would make the FDR set unique…


Good point Dale!


This is just the government getting the citizen ready for reverse (negative) rates @ the banks

Mike Luksic

Any coin with Ike on it (Dwight T. Eisenhower) I want the finest copy of, to honor him as the greatest 5 stay General and US President there ever was. What new coin has him on it? I have the 2013-P proof commemorative silver dollar with generals Marshall and Eisenhower on it. Is there a 2015 coin with Ike on it?


The reverse proof presidential dollars from the Chronicles sets will become THE KEY to completing the presidential dollar series. Without these difficult-to-acquire coins the complete set has a glaring hole in it. The price potential on these items WILL EVENTUALLY settle in the $1,000 dollar per coin range for choice items.
Ignore this series at your ultimate expense. To top it off, they are Beautiful! I just hope the mint uses more than just a single, blob-like shiny finished product, and uses different techniques to highlight the coin’s delicate finer features. Like on the code talker coins.


I placed my order today at 12*00 today on the web site entered everything correctly for two sets placed order and now the US Mint says the order was never placed I am through with these clowns !

Vic Pers

I think the lowest mintage coin set to look forward, is the LBJ 2015 chronicle set with the LBJ reverse proof. There were only 25,000 minted and that is the final mintage and production of this particular set.
In fact, the mint will have a very low production of all silver coins for 2016, due to the low mining of silver; Something similar to what took place in 2009..