2015 Truman Coin and Chronicles Set Images


United States Mint images of the upcoming 2015 Truman Coin & Chronicles Set are now available. The set, one of four this year and priced at $57.95, should sell out at its 17,000 limit.

2015 Truman Coin and Chronicles Set
2015 Truman Coin & Chronicles Set — 1973 8c stamp, reverse proof $1, silver medal, informational booklet and packaging

Recent sets from 2013 and 2014 haven’t hit that mark with sales of 15,145 and 12,959, but there’s an important difference this year… 2015 sets have reverse proofs of the Presidential dollars instead of standard proofs, and the sets are the only way to get them.

This year’s Coin & Chronicles Sets celebrate Harry S. Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, and Lyndon B. Johnson. They will have a one-ounce, 99.9% pure silver medal and a stamp that is specific to each president. The Philadelphia Mint is striking the silver medals and the reverse proof dollars. Only the dollars will have the ‘P’ mint mark, however.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Silver Medal
Here are two photos of a FDR Presidential silver medal (obverse and reverse), one of the collectibles in last year’s Franklin D. Roosevelt Coin & Chronicles Set
2015 10c proof and reverse proof
Most recently, the Mint included a reverse proof coin in the 2015 March of Dimes Special Silver Set. This photo shows a regular proof (left) and a reverse proof (right).

The Truman Coin & Chronicles Set launches at noon ET on June 30. On-sale dates for the last three sets are yet to be announced. Kennedy’s set does have a higher limit of 25,000. The others match the Truman set maximum of 17,000.

Here are larger U.S. Mint images of the set’s 2015-P Reverse Proof Harry S. Truman Presidential $1 Coin and Harry S. Truman Presidential Silver Medal.

2015-P Reverse Proof Harry S. Truman Presidential $1 Coin
2015-P Reverse Proof Harry S. Truman Presidential $1 Coin
2015 Harry S. Truman Presidential Silver Medal
2015 Harry S. Truman Presidential Silver Medal. This is the silver version of the Truman medal from 1945.
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Christopher Williams

Mike, once again, thank you for another informative post.


Is there an household ordering limit, 1, 5, none?


So the US Mint’s new game plan is to throw in a reverse proof if sales are not up to par? This is a “Medal” not a coin. Plays like this will only reduce the collectability of the existing Reverse Proofs the Mint has produced. Soon they will be putting a “Reverse Proof” for each of the coins in the Annual Silver Proof Set (I just might purchase that) but ‘m skipping this Medal Set.

Joe R. Alvarado

With a mintage that low it will be very interesting to see the price of these Reverse Proof Presidential Dollars graded PCGS PF70. The March of Dimes Special Silver Set Reverse Proof Dimes are going for a very good, or bad depending if you are the seller or buyer, premium over the U.S. Mint price. Graded I did expect a higher price than other coins but the PCGS FIRST STRIKE Reverse Proof 70 really got me rethinking if I wanted that ONE REVERSE PROOF SILVER DIME! I did get my order in at the mint and is on “BACK ORDER”… Read more »


RBG – I understand where you’re coming from, and if the reverse proof $1 coins are only available in these presidential coin and chronicles sets they could easily become as popular as the spouse series. BUT, these are actual $1 coins in reverse proof as opposed to the unrealistic $10 1/2 oz gold spouse coins so I would think that for collectors of the $1 presidential coin series these would be a necessity for a complete set, regardless of how they’re sold originally. I would bet the coin shows will buy what they can to make a collectable series set… Read more »

Larry R

Curiousl, When grading the 2015 coin and chronicle set why does NGC’c web site require the OGP if the medal is graded?
I called them for clarification, but they said yes if the medal is graded they need the OGP.