The Historic Perth Mint Strikes a New Modern Corporate Identity


Perth Mint LogoToday, the historic Perth Mint reveals its new corporate identity to an international audience at the 2008 World Money Fair in Berlin, Germany.

Perth Mint Chief Executive Officer, Ed Harbuz said,

“revitalizing The Perth Mint brand was necessary to echo expanding global business activities and to provide flexibility to adapt to the increasingly varied media in which the Mint features.”


Since its foundation day on 20 June 1899, The Perth Mint’s corporate identity has evolved from being represented by the official seal of the Royal Mint, through various interpretations, to a symbolic logo depicting a rampant swan.


"Our new corporate identity is reflective of a modern organisation. It will serve us well into the 21st century, while maintaining strong links to our long and distinguished past," said Mr Harbuz.


Symbolic of Western Australia’s origins (formerly the Swan River Colony), the majestic swan has been transformed to create a stylised image. Simple and elegant in design, the proud bird’s broad sweeping wing gives a sense of movement and dynamism.

The colours of green and gold, albeit in more muted shades, also provide a link to The Perth Mint’s heritage, as they build upon and reinforce the brand assets of tradition, prestige and integrity.

The new corporate identity will be expressed on all Perth Mint products, communications, promotional materials and signage.

Known internationally as a supplier of value-added precious metal investor and collector coins and coin blanks, The Perth Mint also offers bullion buyers a unique precious metal depository. As one of Western Australia’s premier tourist destinations, the Mint hosts more than 100,000 visitors each year to its original site at 310 Hay Street, East Perth.


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Koichi Ito

The Perth Mint produces one the most fameous Gold Kangaroo Coins and also produces other silver, gold, and platinum coins. This mint is best well known for Gold Nugget Proof Coin minted on 1987 and 1988. It is also known for Silver Koobaburra and Platinum Koala.