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BEP Sets Release Day of $2 Cleveland Note for June 2,...

With the recently announced and already sold out $2 Dallas note, the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) has sent out availability notices of...

Coin Dealers Examining Gold From Sunken Steamship Off Louisiana Coast

A steamship that sank off the Louisiana coast during an 1846 storm has produced a trove of rare gold coins, including some produced...

ICTA Helps Thwart Proposal for CFTC Regulation of Coin Dealers

Last Minute Amendment Could Have Shut Down Precious Metals Coin Dealers ICTA recently helped defeat an 11th hour proposal that would have put precious metals...

Japan to Issue Hokkaido Commemorative Coin by G-8 Summit


Japan will issue a new colorized Hokkaido commemorative silver coin featuring Japanese red-crowned cranes, a symbol of Hokkaido, flying above Hokkaido's Lake Toya.

Japan Commemorative Hokkaido Coins

Japan's Finance Minister, Fukushiro Nukaga, made the announcement Tuesday in a press conference after a cabinet meeting. Mr. Nukaga said a 1,000-yen Hokkaido commemorative coin would be issued this July in time for the Group of Eight summit, which will be held in Hokkaido.

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National Stroke Association to Join U.S. Mint in Celebrating John Quincy...

The National Stroke Association has announced it will join the U.S. Mint in celebrating the launch of the new John Quincy Adams Presidential $1...

Collectors Universe Reports Third Quarter Financial Results

Collectors Universe, Inc. (Nasdaq: CLCT), recently announced their third fiscal quarter financial results for 2008. In year to date comparisons, their revenue totals increased...

Austrian Mint Nine-Sided Silver Coin Celebrates 100th Birthday of Herbert von...

The Austrian Mint celebrates the 100th anniversary of the birth of Herbert von Karajan, a 20th century musical giant, with a new nine-sided ...

Current and 2007 Costs to Mint Pennies and Nickels


Stack of U.S. coinsOne of the pleasant side affects of the Coin Modernization and Taxpayer Savings Act of 2008, which would change the metallic composition of pennies and nickels to steel, is the revelation of current and past costs in minting coins.

Figures of coin production expenses are interesting in themselves, but charting their trends is another reminder of the volatility of metals within coins, like that of copper, zinc and nickel.

The cost of minting each penny and nickel today are:

  • Penny at 1.26 cents
  • Nickel at 7.7 cents

As a side note, the U.S. Mint also provided recent costs to mint the dime, which is 4 cents, the quarter at 10 cents and $1 coins at 16 cents each.

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New Mexico First Day Coin Covers on Sale

The United States Mint 2008 New Mexico Official First Day Covers went on sale Thursday, May 8. The coin cover is 47th...

$2 Dallas Notes for Collectors on Sale at BEP

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) has announced that the new 2008 Dallas $2 Single Notes are available today, May...
Professional Numismatists Guild logo - 2024

PNG Embraces Incoming and Returning Members

The Professional Numismatists Guild (, a nonprofit organization composed of many of the marketplace's top rare coin and paper money dealers, has announced 14...