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2017 Stamp and Coin Cover Celebrates Trans-Australian RailwayA joint product from The Perth Mint and Australia Post includes special stamps and a unique coin that commemorate the centenary of the Trans-Australian Railway.

Opened on 22 October 1917, the railway linked the east and western coasts of Australia. The new product for collectors, called the Trans-Australian Railway 2017 Stamp and Coin Cover, includes two $1 stamps and an aluminum bronze $1 coin […]


Canadian 2017 $20 Coin Depicts Leaping Cougar in 3DThe Royal Canadian Mint released its 2017 $20 Three-Dimensional Leaping Cougar 1 oz. Silver Coin, the second issue in a 3D series that depicts wildlife in motion.

This collector coin is struck in an ounce of 99.99% fine silver and designed by Canadian artist Matt Bowen. Its reverse shows a colorful cougar (Puma concolor) in mid-leap […]


2017 Australian Collector Coins for JulyClassic themes dominate new collector coins released July 4 by The Perth Mint of Australia. Debuting strikes include koala gold coins and kangaroo silver coins along with wedge-tailed eagle and half sovereign issues.

They join a uniquely themed product highlighting the Diwali Festival and another depicting Slimer from the Ghostbusters™ entertainment franchise […]


Canada 1867-2017 Coin Features 3D-Like Map and Enameled '150'Canada’s 150th anniversary is memorized on a new special edition Royal Canadian Mint coin, the 2017 Our Home and Native Land Silver Dollar.

Struck in 99.99% pure silver and designed by Canadian artist Jamie Desrochers, this dual-dated proof coin features the Canadian flag and a 3D-like map of Canada that is superimposed with "150" in red enamel […]


Perth Mint Gold and Silver Bullion Sales Pick Up in May 2017Australian bullion sales in May ran the quickest in four months, according to the latest round of Perth Mint figures.

The Mint’s gold sales more than doubled those from April, when they logged their weakest monthly total in at least four years, and their silver sales advanced by more than 800,000 for only the second time this year […]


Two-Coin Silver Set Celebrates 30th Anniversary of LoonieThe Royal Canadian Mint is celebrating the Loonie’s 30th birthday with a two-coin silver proof set for collectors.

On June 30, 1987, Canadians were introduced to an 11-sided $1 dollar coin for circulation, which was quickly dubbed "the loonie" because of its reverse or tails side design […]


2017 Australian Koala Coin with Rooster Privy MarkThe Perth Mint of Australia announced June 1 the availability of a new 2017 Australian Koala 1oz Silver Bullion Coin which features a miniature rooster as a privy mark.

Only 25,000 will be sold, according to the Mint, matching the mintage of the similar Koala with a kangaroo privy mark coin that was released in April […]


2017 Australian Coins for JuneOn Tuesday, June 6, the Perth Mint of Australia launched its latest suite of collector products. Coins depicting koalas and kangaroos lead the line-up, including pieces in gold and silver as well as high relief.

Joining the staple subjects is a Norse Goddesses coin in antiqued finish. Also debuting is a Polar Babies release, two Stock Horse coins, and a Ghostbusters™ coin […]


Canadian 150th Anniversary Coins in CirculationFive coins uniquely designed to help commemorate the 150th anniversary of Canada are now in circulation, the Royal Canadian Mint announced this week.

On July 1, 1867, the colonies of Canada, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia joined to form the semi-autonomous federal Dominion of Canada, marking a major milestone that led to the country’s full independence […]


Canadian $20 Coin Marks 75th Anniversary of the Dieppe RaidThe Royal Canadian Mint introduced a $20 silver coin commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Dieppe Raid. The allied attach on the German-occupied port of Dieppe resulted in heavy losses, and was Canada’s first army combat mission of the Second World War.

In remembrance of this unforgettable chapter in Canadian military history, the Mint on Thursday presented a framed version of the coin to the Moncton Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion […]