2019 Pride of Two Nations Limited Edition Two-Coin Set Images and Price


Product information and images are now available for the joint United States Mint and Royal Canadian Mint collectible entitled Pride of Two Nations 2019 Limited Edition Two-Coin Set.

Coins and Case - Pride of Two Nations 2019 Limited Edition Two-Coin Set
Pride of Two Nations 2019 Limited Edition Two-Coin Set

Scheduled for a July 3 release and priced at $139.95, the set will include an enhanced reverse proof 2019-W American Silver Eagle and a modified proof 2019 Canadian Silver Maple Leaf.

"This beautifully rendered and unique special set is the first-ever joint coin set between the United States Mint and Royal Canadian Mint," the U.S. Mint describes. "It commemorates both nations with coins that capture their rich history, pride, and close relationship as neighbors and partners."

Each from U.S. Mint and RCM flagship product lines, the U.S. coin is struck in one troy ounce of .999 fine silver while the Canadian coin is minted in one troy ounce of .9999 pure silver.

2019-W Enhanced Reverse Proof American Silver Eagle and 2019 Modified Proof Canadian Silver Maple Leaf
Included within the limited edition set are a 2019-W Enhanced Reverse Proof American Silver Eagle and 2019 Modified Proof Canadian Silver Maple Leaf

Specifications for the pair of coins follow.

Specification for 2019 Pride of Two Nations Silver Coins

  American Silver Eagle Canadian Silver Maple Leaf
Face Value: $1 USD $5 CAD
Finish: Enhanced Reverse Proof Modified Proof
Composition: 99.9% Silver 99.99% Pure Silver
Weight: 1.000 troy oz. (31.103 grams) 1.000 troy oz. (31.39 grams
Diameter: 1.598 inches (40.60 mm) 38 mm
Edge: Reeded Serrated
Mint and Mint Mark: West Point – W Ottawa – N/A


Coins of the set come encapsulated, will ship within a blue leatherette presentation case, and will be accompanied by a bilingual certificate of authenticity in English and French.

Packaging - Pride of Two Nations 2019 Limited Edition Two-Coin Set
Product images for the Pride of Two Nations 2019 Limited Edition Two-Coin Set

No more than 110,000 sets will be sold and there will be an initial household order limit of 5 sets for the first 48 hours of sales.


Sales of the set will kick off July 3 at noon ET from the U.S. Mint’s online store located here.

This article was edited June 25 to include the set’s updated mintage and limted household ordering period.

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I think US buyers don’t care about the Maple but will buy these for Enhanced Rev. Proof silver eagle at 100,000 minted. And sell them for twice the money there worth. I’m waiting to see and buy the 2019 Gold liberty 24k coin coming in August.

Christopher Williams

I have to agree with Chris. I think the Enhanced Reverse Proof Silver Eagle will drive sales!!!


Has anyone heard about the Pride of two nations mintage raised to 200.000 sets?


I agree but for $140 – no thanks, eh


And to add on my comment how many silver eagles do we need in one year. Give it a rest. From W to S to enhanced oh and burnished. Do something new like the British royal mint.


$140.00 for $30.00 worth of silver , no thanks

Christopher Williams

You can bet that Mike “Sold Out, Limited Edition” Mezack will be hawking these like crazy!!!!


Guaranteed, he has a network of 5000 people to buy these for him because of the limits. Get ready for a bunch of anacs first day or issue and for sure he rolls these out on hsn for 495 for just the eagle. Surely mezack will lie about the mintage

Christopher Williams

Surely I agree, Jason.


I have actually reported him several times for lying about mintage numbers on hsn. When he was selling the SF reverse proof set he said on several occasions the mintage was 100k . His biggest scam is he will sell 40%Kennedys and represent them as 90%. He will say over and over that your basically paying spot price. Mike mezack gives coin dealers a bad reputation


I agree 100%. HSN all the charges on all their products and only takes advantage of a small number of old people that can’t get out. and as far as Michael the coin guy is a complete con artist and why isn’t the legal department of HSN which is so inept that they had been bought by QVC with sinful quality value and service with hsn’s Mike coin dealer does not provide. They say they do product testing and verification are all the items sold which is a lie he want sent me a set of 10 coins all graded… Read more »


Hi, thanks for helping me out in the past few people are the best I have a new problem that I need anyone’s help in answering. I have bought $400 sets 2019 pride of two Nations Royal Canadian mint PCGS graded pr70 coins and is it worth spending another $600 to get the same sets but signed by the mint director mercantile or whatever his name is. please let me know any information that could lead me to decide if it is worth an extra $600 for the man signature on the graded coin sets from the Royal Canadian mint… Read more »


PCGS is the most highly regarded coin grading company in the world and just being ridiculous with the cost of signature(s).


Dear Jason what would you say if I told you I bought a 2019 annex pride is two Nations coin set in the little box from HSN already and received it and the price was $599 + $14 shipping and handling and 8% New York tax. Do you think that because they were pr70 fdoi-also they said they were from the Royal Canadian mint limited to 10,000 in production. marked**deep cameo **that they are worth is such a high premium when you can buy them much cheaper elsewhere.$$$ PLEASE I NEED HELP***CAN anyone tell me if the ANACS GRADED ONE’S… Read more »


Timothy the Pride imof two nations did not include a lincoln cent so I am thinking you are talking about two different sets but to answer your question ANACs graded coins do not demand the premium that a NGC OR PCGS coin does. If your able to return the pride set to hsn I would and buy one from APMEX. The us mint set Is the exact same coins as the RCM set just different packaging. If your getting them graded than packaging wont even come into play. My advise would be start buying your coins from anyone reputable not… Read more »


Just what is “Enhanced” reverse proof??
Are we supposed to just buy the coins and figure it out for ourselves?
Maybe the RCM will hold the US mint’s hand and explain it on their website.

Joseph Capps

$140 USD ? Nah , I’ll just wait until the newness wears off and pick them up at a reasonable price .

Andrew Woody

Never will be cheaper. Check out the 2011 s burnished, 100k, for comparable value.


Don’t be sophormic, …check out the 2013 West Point set with 230k+ mintage.., good luck with that approach


“Rare, rare, rarest of the rare”

Chas Barber

Next up, a reverse unc. enhanced ASE paired with a MAGA Hat, or a “W” marked nickel…….. some kind of nonsense, the Mint rearranges deck chairs on its own Titanic, NEW designs please IF you want to $ell #s. Check out the dismal ‘burnished’ AGE sales… limited to 20k, there are not 20k burnished Eagle collectors –> on the Earth!

Chas Barber

000ps, 10,ooo still nowhere near THAT # buying @ the price the Mint demands


$140 for the set, Plus shipping, and then the cost of getting the coins graded. The Canadian $5 coin is pretty, but what do you think a graded coin will go for, is there a market for these?
It’s going to be difficult to make enough to justify the effort IMHO even though the US Mint keeps trying to manufacture “key dates” for the ASE series.


That’s a question that I also have. What will the graded PCGS PR70 go for?

Chas Barber

Buy the coin not the ‘holder’ in the long run only a spike in silver will allow any recovery of the $70 an oz. you’re paying for $15 silver……….


Deer Chase, I bought the 2019 pride is too Nations to coin sets from the mint with my household limit of 5, I wish I would have known that in 48 hours you could have bought an unlimited amount, as I wasted my money buying 10 sets of graded coins from different companies. However all of them all from the Royal Canadian mint limited edition of 10,000 marked pr70 by PCGS deepcameo first day of issue and I paid close to $500 to get them home. Will these coins ever realize a profit or like you say I am the… Read more »


The 2013 enhanced has sold from $75-$125, so unless you get it a 70 grade, only the Mint and the grading service will make any money. This set is way overpriced even by US Mint standards.


I have decided to cut down on what I collect but I haven’t yet decided how or where to cut down. I have been buying from the US Mint and then buy the PCGS 70 that others have had graded. I am now thinking of only buying the graded PCGS 70 coins but I’m not really sure. Does anyone have any idea what the PCGS PR70 Silver Eagle from this set will be going for? The 2011-P Reverse Proof Silver Eagle is close to the 100,000 mintage and in the issue of COIN WORLD is listed as $450 for the… Read more »


Canada is making the same set with a mintage of only 10,000 with serial numbers. Check The Coin Shoppe ,same price as U.S. set.

joe galbraith

I went to the Coin Shoppe could not find the set. Could you please tell me how and what category did you find it under. Thanks for your help !


It’s listed under new issues. Eddy

joe galbraith


Carl, Cincinnati area

This is item 174832 on Royal Canadian Mint website (www.mint.ca) and can be ordered now, 10,000 sets, 88% sold. Payment plan optional up to 4 payments.


Ive never quite understood how 1 ounce of silver in Canada on a coin is $5 and only $1 in US. Is it just because of the “legal tender” thing in US? Does that matter anymore? Since we never demonetize any legal tender in US i’m sure laws could be changed not that it matters, who in their right mind would actually spend an eagle for only $1let alone $5! I’m sure the price of silver will NEVER get back down to $5 an ounce if that’s what they are worried about. It’s bad enough the 5oz coins still say… Read more »


They are sold out now i tried 2:45 pm 15 minutes ago

Seth Riesling

The RCM’s set will have a serially numbered COA & was priced at $189.95 (CAD) for those of us lucky enough to get word the other day that there were an extra 10,000 sets available for sale by the RCM & some of its official distributors.



Dear Seth, on the COA where would the number be located as I receive some sets and I have not seen a number anywhere, please let me know so I can find it. God bless Tim


Why does the us mint claim the mintage limit and product limit are the same?


I hate Money – that why i spend it as fast as I get it –


Ok, with a low mintage, why are there at least three grading companies? How First Day Of Issue are there grades in 70? Any help would be appreciated! I just don’t understand why some collector (companies) are putting their own labels on them and selling FDOI for $500. Collecting doesn’t seem fun (or even collecting for that matter) with all hogwash going on as a sales technique for these companies to to make double, triple, or more! No wonder it isn’t fun anymore!


Will these 2019 pride sets pr70 ever go up from the $400.00 price now? Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Tim

Daryl E.

Currently, you can expect to pay about $260 dollars U.S.for the set in PF-70 grade.

Daryl E.

Of 24328 2019-W ER COINS submitted,PCGS rated 20,044 PF-70. Currently PCGS says they are worth $160 U.S.


Dear daryl, thank you for your reply. I have another question where did the black and red pride of two Nations VIP boxes come from, the ones that fit the two graded coins and have the American and Canadian flags on the cover? Were they ordered specially from NGC when the coins were graded? Or did you buy them directly from the Canadian government?Yours Truly Timothy