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Daily morning commentary on gold, silver, platinum and palladium, as well as their closing prices in New York and London are provided in the following bullion articles and precious metals reports.

It was another down day for precious metals on Thursday as gold dipped below $700 for the first time in three weeks. New York silver, gold and platinum futures fell 7.2 percent, 1.9 percent and 1.5 percent respectively. However, after hours electronic trading is looking to sport a decent rally. December crude-oil recovered a sizable […]


The United States Mint resumed sales of collector gold and platinum coins Thursday at 12:00 noon (ET). The Mint suspended the coins to readjust prices Wednesday. Nearly all American Buffalo gold and American Eagle gold and platinum collector coin prices were decreased, as expected, to better match recent price drops in precious metal prices. However, […]


The United States Mint on Wednesday suspended sales of nearly every gold and platinum collector coin it offers in order to readjust prices. The suspensions come on the heals of the Mint’s Monday announcements to offer a last chance sale for many coin products on Saturday and its elimination of 22 gold and platinum coins. […]


Gold Marks 2-Week Low

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Precious metals continued their declines on Wednesday as the U.S. dollar gained and crude-oil dropped by more than 5 percent — its lowest level since January 2007. New York silver, gold and platinum futures fell 3.3 percent, 2.0 percent and 0.2 percent respectively. December crude-oil faired worse than Tuesday, sinking $3.17, or 5.3 percent, to […]


Gold and other precious metals fell backwards on Tuesday as oil dipped below $60 a barrel. New York silver, gold and platinum futures fell 4.1 percent, 1.8 percent and 3.9 percent, respectively. December crude-oil sank $3.08, or 4.9 percent, to finally settle at $59.33 a barrel — its lowest level since March of 2007. The […]


2008 American Eagle and Buffalo Bullion CoinsThe collector’s eye is scanning for scarcer gold and platinum coins to purchase after the United States Mint’s announcement on Monday to slash future coins from its numismatic portfolio.

With 22 collector American Eagle and Buffalo gold and platinum coins to face elimination in 2009, opportunities have improved for several to rise in value based on that alone. And even more so for others after comparing their prices and sales figures.

But how did we get to this point? Also, what collector bullion coins are the best buy?

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Gold lost nearly one-third of its highest peak on Monday, but still gained more than $12 on the day. The announcement of China’s massive $586 billion stimulus package on Sunday helped spur precious metals investors forward. New York silver, gold and platinum futures gained 2.6 percent, 1.7 percent and 0.9 percent, respectively. December crude-oil surged […]


The United States Mint announced on Monday that it will discontinue more than 300 coin and medal products in 2009, to include several bullion coins, and it will conduct a "Last Chance Sale" to clear out out inventory in preparation for its move to a new fulfillment center.   "We are responding to the collector […]


Precious metals rose slightly for the week, but stocks turned lower. London silver, gold and platinum gained 0.8 percent, 0.2 percent, and 1.3 percent, respectively. The Dow declined 4.1 percent, following its 11.3 percent rally last week. The S&P lost 3.9 percent on the week, and the Nasdaq dropped 4.3 percent from last Friday’s close. […]


The U.S. dollar retreated against the backdrop of unexpectedly poorer unemployment numbers reported on Friday. After, New York gold and platinum futures climbed 0.3 percent and 1.6 percent, respectively. Silver fell 0.9 percent. Oil inched slightly higher following two previous day loses. December crude gained 27 cents, or 0.4 percent, to close to $61.04 a […]