Heritage’s Nov. 3-4 World Coins Auction Tops $3.93 Million, Sees More Than 2,100 Bidders


A Republic gold 100 Francs 1894-A MS64 Prooflike NGC and a João V gold 400 Reis 1730-R MS62 NGC each sold for $84,000 to lead Heritage’s World Coins Platinum Session and Signature® Auction to $3,903,124 November 3-4.

Republic gold 100 Francs 1894-A MS64 Prooflike NGC

The 100 Francs, from the KJR Collection, is from an original mintage of just 143 pieces, only five of which – including this example – have earned the Prooflike designation from the grading services.

"We knew this was a trophy-level coin that would draw major interest," says Cris Bierrenbach, Executive Vice President of International Numismatics at Heritage Auctions, "and the flurry of competitive bidding validated that belief. It is an exceptional coin that will immediately bolster its new collection."

Other highlights from the KJR Collection included a Republic gold 100 Francs 1894-A MS63 NGC, Paris mint, KM832, Fr-590, Gad-1137 that brought a winning bid of $50,400 and a Republic gold 100 Francs 1887-A MS63 PCGS, Paris mint, KM832, Gad-1137, F-552 that sold for $39,600.

The João V gold 400 Reis is a once-in-a-lifetime numismatic marvel, designated by NGC and PCGS as the highest-graded and only certified Mint State piece known. The type is so elusive that it has not been offered by Heritage Auctions since January of 2015, when it sold for over $14,100.

João V gold 400 Reis 1730-R MS62 NGC
João V gold 400 Reis 1730-R MS62 NGC

Among the top Peruvian lots in the auction was one of just eight examples of a Republic gold 100 Soles 1958 MS65 NGC, Lima mint, KM231, Fr-78. Mintage: 101 certified by NGC, which drew 19 bids before it sold for $63,000. The 1958 is a must-have prize for collectors, at least when compared to other dates that have more than 100 registered examples. This example, which comes from the VMF Collection, shares the top spot in the census. This date has been offered at Heritage just once in the last eight years.

Republic gold 100 Soles 1958 MS65 NGC
Republic gold 100 Soles 1958 MS65 NGC

An Anne gold Guinea 1714 MS65 NGC, KM534, S-3574, Farey-570 tripled its high pre-auction estimate when it closed at $60,000. This beauty from the Jessica & Amanda Collection is from the final year of Anne’s historic reign, from which examples in any Mint State preservation are as coveted as they are rare. This is the finest-graded example of the issue.

Anne gold Guinea 1714 MS65 NGC
Anne gold Guinea 1714 MS65 NGC

An incredibly rare Silver 2 Para of Moldavia & Wallachia, which is among the most difficult of Catherine II’s coinages to locate, with just seven auction appearances in the last couple of decades, almost doubled its high pre-auction estimate when it reached $55,200. This is one of just two certified examples. Only a handful of off-metal Patterns were made in silver, likely for souvenir or presentation purposes at Peter Gartenberg’s estate "mint" in Sadagura.

Moldavia & Wallachia. Catherine II silver Pattern 2 Para - 3 Kopecks 1773 UNC
Moldavia & Wallachia. Catherine II silver Pattern 2 Para – 3 Kopecks 1773 UNC

Another stellar Russian coin nearly doubled its high pre-auction estimate when a Nicholas I gold 5 Roubles 1827 CПБ-ПД AU58 NGC, St. Petersburg mint, KM-C174, Fr-154, Bit-2 (R3) ended at $38,400. Among the most elusive 5 Roubles from Nicholas I’s reign, this example carries the second-highest grade among just three examples ever submitted to either grading service.

Nicholas I gold 5 Roubles 1827 CПБ-ПД AU58 NGC
Nicholas I gold 5 Roubles 1827 CПБ-ПД AU58 NGC

Tops among the ancient coins in the auction was a Lydian Croesus (561-546 BC). AV stater (16mm, 8.07 gm). NGC Choice AU 5/5 – 5/5 that drew $32,400. In numismatic circles, Croesus is most famous for introducing the world’s first bimetallic standard, issuing coins of both gold and silver; coins previously were produced in electrum, a naturally occurring alloy of gold and silver.

LYDIAN KINGDOM. Croesus (561-546 BC). AV stater
LYDIAN KINGDOM. Croesus (561-546 BC). AV stater

Other top lots in the auction included, but were not limited to:

Complete results can be found at HA.com/3110.

About Heritage Auctions

Heritage Auctions is the largest fine art and collectibles auction house founded in the United States, and the world’s largest collectibles auctioneer. Heritage maintains offices in New York, Dallas, Beverly Hills, Chicago, Palm Beach, London, Paris, Geneva, Amsterdam, Brussels and Hong Kong.

Heritage also enjoys the highest Online traffic and dollar volume of any auction house on earth (source: SimilarWeb and Hiscox Report). The Internet’s most popular auction-house website, HA.com, has more than 1,750,000 registered bidder-members and searchable free archives of more than 6,000,000 past auction records with prices realized, descriptions and enlargeable photos. Reproduction rights routinely granted to media for photo credit.

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The first image shown: “ Republic gold 100 Francs 1894-A MS64 Prooflike NGC” immediately made me flash(image) immediately if our own country received inspiration from this design. Then is looked and saw the date, well after our coins beginnings. The fasces made me thing of our Mercury Dime. Then when I noticed the Rooster and France I made an association with France and skiing, of particular note Rossignol Skis. I was once asked if I knew what the Rooster represented or meant on the Rossignol skis. I was clueless and it did seem odd to be adorning the top of… Read more »

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America almost had a turkey over the eagle. Part of the all things not Europe. But eagle it is. Good thing too as it would make Thanksgiving awkward. Although turkey was probably the only food not served.


Rooster. Love chicken. Eagle it is. Turkey for thanksgiving. The Morgan and Peace reverse proof dollars are very nice. Happy Thanksgiving y’all.

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World War II veterans now offered free VA health care
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Greatest generation mentioned in the article, seems fitting since coin releasing soon. Read it and pass it along.

Dazed and Coinfused

Warren County veteran waits over 1,000 days with no answer from VA on appeal

I bet all those thank-you for your service makes up for it though. Don’t be surprised if he offs himself. Like many veterans, he’s already waited years longer to get what is owed and earned.

Sure, he’ll get the back pay, but not with interest. If he owed irs interest accrues immediately. Years of hardship, lots of missed financial opportunities, many late fees as banks and collectors don’t care gubmint didn’t pay you, or you are good for it.

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