2023 American Liberty Gold Coin and Silver Medal Images Unveiled


The United States Mint released images of their 2023 American Liberty Gold Coin and Silver Medal. The 1-ounce, .9999 fine gold coin and the 1-ounce, .999 fine silver medal are scheduled for release this "summer."

2023 American Liberty Gold Coin and Silver Medal - obverses and reverses
Images of the 2023 American Liberty Gold Coin and Silver Medal – obverses and reverses

Each is produced in a collectible finish of proof, which features mirror-like backgrounds and frosted foregrounds, with the gold coin struck at the West Point Mint and the silver medal struck at the Philadelphia Mint. The gold coin is also minted in high relief.

Both are part of the Mint’s program of American Liberty products. Coins and medals from the program are noted for their unique design where obverses (heads side) carry modern interpretations of Liberty and reverses (tails side) depict eagles.

Designs for the 2023 pairing were selected from among several dozen candidates.

Created by U.S. Mint Artistic Infusion Program Designer Elana Hagler and sculpted by U.S. Mint Chief Engraver Joseph Menna, the obverse design features a bristlecone pine, thought to be the oldest living organisms on Earth, living up to 5,000 years. Bristlecone pines grow in places where other plants cannot, and are often the species that is first to repopulate the land after cataclysmic changes such as a lava run or glacial runoff.

2023 American Liberty Gold Coin and Silver Medal - obverses
Images showing the obverses of the 2023 American Liberty Gold Coin and Silver Medal

The gold coin and silver medal share obverse inscriptions of LIBERTY and 2023. In additional but different inscriptions, the coin has IN GOD WE TRUST and a W mint mark while the medal has WE SHALL PERSEVERE and a P mint mark.

Created by U.S. Mint Artistic Infusion Program Designer John P. McGraw, reverses depict a young bald eagle standing on a rocky outcropping moments before it takes flight.

2023 American Liberty Gold Coin and Silver Medal - reverses
Images showing the reverses of the 2023 American Liberty Gold Coin and Silver Medal

Reverse inscriptions for the gold coin include UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, 1 OZ., .9999 FINE GOLD,  $100, and E PLURIBUS UNUM while those for the silver medal include UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

In another difference between the two, the gold coin has a reeded edge while the silver medal’s edge is flat.

2023 American Liberty Gold Coin and Silver Medal - edges
Images showing the edges of the 2023 American Liberty Gold Coin and Silver Medal

Pricing for the 2023-W American Liberty Gold Coin will be determined by market conditions and the Mint’s pricing matrix for precious metals products. The 2023-P American Liberty Gold Coin Silver Medal will be $82.

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East Coast Guru

I like the designs. No mention of mintages for each.

Chris Terp

Agree ECG, nice designs with these two.


12,500 as per 8/3/2023


The tree looks absolutely glorious.

Kaiser Wilhelm

I was just thinking the same thing. It’s hard to imagine a living organism that has existed since humankind established some of the first cities on earth. Simply awe-inspiring!

Dazed and Coinfused

I don’t know how long tardigrades live, but they live on the windshield of the space station. Also viruses that have been buried thousands of years by artic and arctic ice are coming back and moving around in the ice. And another fascinating event is locusts. Living dormant underground for 17 years, suddenly showing up, having a bug or gee, and then disappearing almost as quick. Metamorphic animals are the same way. Start ugly, change into creepy, then into a dust bunny, and finally pretty and can fly. Amazing is sharing 75% of DNA with dandelions. Also, seeing human embryos… Read more »

Kaiser Wilhelm

Each to his own, Dazed and Coinfused, no more and no less.

Kaiser Wilhelm

To further enhance the concept of personal choice, another option…

th (1).jpg
Dazed and Coinfused

Did an image search and read info. One said could be around as long as 9,000 years. They are not pretty or symmetric trees. By symmetrical I don’t mean mirror match, I mean more like balanced and even. These look like trees that should be on The Dark Crystal. What is their obsession with trees? Olive branch, oak, acorn. Twig and berries. The eagle I get. Usually it is in flight, but it is resting, like Buydem in his basement during the election, or several months hiding from press. It should be flying high like a Chinese weather balloon that… Read more »


These trees grow in basically barren soils where few other plants can survive. With few nutrients and water, it’s close to a miracle these trees can survive for thousands of years. When I gaze on an image of an ancient Bristlecone, I see the beauty of their tenacity and determination to survive. Just try to imagine what we would look like after a few thousand years..Lol.

Dazed and Coinfused

Probably look like most politicians. But all kidding aside, I saw it in rock areas and deserts and other locals and I appreciate the longevity. Even the redwoods of the northwest are impressive, buy obviously not awe inspiring as they get cut and burned down pretty regularly. People killing 2,000 year old trees just because they cut out a chunk of the trunk to make a table to sell on eBay. Koa wood in Hawaii is awesome. Also very expensive. Probably due to rarity. But I was asking why trees in general are so fancied by the mint as part… Read more »


the great seal of the US has the bald eagle (symbolizing the US, an animal not present in europe) clutching an olive branch (symbolizing peace) and some arrows (symbolizing ability to use force). the olive branch in the right claw which represents the ‘preferred’ stance of the US, but the arrows in the left claw basically are there in reserve if peace doesn’t work. it was originally meant as a message to europe (especially UK), basically it boils down to “leave us alone and we’ll be peaceful to you, mess with us you better watch out”. of course, that didn’t… Read more »

Dazed and Coinfused

Royal mint kicked off the mythic beast set. They might be cool. Thanks for the info. I knew the eagle was only American and olive for peace. Odd choice since Italy and Greece is known for olives. Not an American thing. The statue of liberty is a French gift. I recall several US shields in use. Arrows of the US seem a slap in the face to Indians as colonizers always had guns and cannon. I was just commenting that mint is using lot of trees lately. Maybe it’s to get more vegan collectors. Wonder when they’ll do a Japanese… Read more »

Dazed and Coinfused

I think they should team up with the insurance company and do a LIMU Emu coin.


What a nice choice, Pinus aristata, the Bristlecone Pine. I grew several cultivars of these when I lived in Pennsylvania. Obviously they were very slow growing and worked well in my dwarf conifer landscape.They are magnificent specimens after a couple thousand years of wear as depicted on the obverse of the coin.


Unique design. A winner here IMHO.


I like the design as well.

Seth Riesling

Kudos to the Mint on a nice design overall. But, this obverse design was done almost exactly as the 2013 Great Basin National Park, Nevada quarter dollar ATB coin. Deja Vu…


East Coast Guru

Good catch Seth. Very similar design. So much for artistic infusion into the mint products. Recycled ideas and images.

Dazed and Coinfused

Please don’t tell me the mint is going to be like movie studios and just remake classics or only superhero movies

Kaiser Wilhelm

“Superhero movie” is oxymoronic, as are these money-grubbing features. What they are really producing is “motion comics” and rather dreary ones at that.


Heaven forbid a device reappear on a coin more than once. Thank goodness we only got that one coin with an eagle on it.

East Coast Guru

True. But the eagle is a national symbol. Old trees not so much.


Maybe it should be. It’s strong, ancient, and deeply rooted.

Kaiser Wilhelm

I am happy to second that, Coinwatcher. Trees are my thing.

Dazed and Coinfused

Yup. Nothing like a good Ole hanging tree. They have deep roots usually. And they can trace it to the movie whoopee Goldberg and Oprah was in. I never seen. Maybe marvel or DC will make a sequel and roots; the voyage home. Nah, that sounds more like a Disney production. They could repurpose the ship from pirates of the caribbean unless Depp is using ot for another movie. But it’ll probably end up a 3 part Netflix original. Remember, everything is offensive now. Chris rock getting slammed for making $40 million to talk 30 seconds about the infamous slap.… Read more »


Dazed, your off -topic rantings are very helpful in terms of letting everyone know how seriously to take your comments.

I stand in awe of your ability to link a pine tree on a gold coin to the Oscars slap.

You are free to continue to dislike it and not buy it. More for the rest of us. God bless America.

Kaiser Wilhelm

I will neither forget nor ever forgive the Mint for putting an absolutely ludicrous so-called face value of all of 25 Cents on each one of those otherwise simply magnificent America The Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Coins. Incomprehensible idiocy at its finest!

Dazed and Coinfused

To each their own.lol get a 5 oz medal that has the intention similar to the Apollo coin and use it as an ashtray. Maybe they kept it so the old timers can see what the smaller quarter looks like. :). In better detail. I bet if ya triple the price mike will have one custom made in fiji, maybe even in reverse proof. And in a Shyamalan twist, present it in a bristlecone pine box instead of his usual red oak. Get the female coin engraver to wood burn his name on the box, have Banksy custom draw the… Read more »

Kaiser Wilhelm

Here I was sure I had that “To each their own” trademarked, copyrighted and handstamped, Dazed and Coinfused; leave it to you to find a fricking loophole.


Those are sharp as Hell looking. That weathered tree is excellent. Though that last year’s was well done ( which it was ). I feel that this is even better. Can’t wait until they come on sale this summer.

Kaiser Wilhelm

Agree completely. This depiction of a majestic age-old tree is a WINNER!

Dazed and Coinfused

They also recently discovered 42,000 year old viruses that have revived. It is weird how I mention it (and other things) and suddenly news feeds pop up. And strange that they show up a couple days later with a time stamp of 2 days ago or sooner. So info is recent. So maybe I am not as far fetched as we all thought. Perhaps I am the avatar and I can talk to the trees, sadly this tree does not speak to me. I appreciate it for what it is, but not my cup of tea.

James Bailey

That is beautiful

Kaiser Wilhelm

I concur.

Dazed and Coinfused

And I conquer. Yay

Kaiser Wilhelm

If I believed in reincarnation, I would suspect you to be the second El Cid.


I love two of them, It’s on on line sale?

Mike Petraitis

Can not wait untill they go on sale.