U.S. Mint to Offer Design Pairings of 2021 American Eagle Bullion Coins

Edges of Type 2, 2021 American Silver Eagle bullion coins
This CoinNews photo shows the edges of bullion Type 2 American Silver Eagles. The bullion coins are minted with investors in mind. In addition to an anti-counterfeit reeded edge variation, they feature a refreshed obverse (heads) and a completely redesigned reverse (tails).

The United States Mint announced that it will offer first and last production runs of 2021 American Eagle bullion coins — both in classic/original (Type 1) and new (Type 2) designs — to its network of Authorized Purchasers. APs consist of major coin and precious metals dealers, brokerage companies, and other participating financial intermediaries.

The Mint also said it will hold a public auction later in the year to sell what it has dubbed the "2021 American Eagles at Dusk and at Dawn 35th Anniversary four-coin sets of American Eagle bullion coins." The set will be limited to 500 and included pairings of Type 1 and Type 2 American Gold Eagles and American Silver Eagles.

A U.S. Mint statement about the offerings follows.

Mint to Release Limited Editions of New and Original Design American Eagle Bullion Coins to Authorized Purchasers

Marking the historic transition from the original American Eagle (AE) design to the release of enhanced redesigned AE silver and AE gold bullion coins, on August 9th the United States Mint will open sales of limited edition AE coins featuring a bullion finish to its network of authorized purchasers.

Specifically, the Mint will offer:

  • a limited issue of 200,000 of the last production run of the original 1986 design AE silver bullion coins,
  • a limited issue of 200,000 of the first production run of the enhanced redesigned 2021 AE silver bullion coins,
  • a limited issue of 15,000 of the last production run of the 1986 design AE gold one oz. bullion coins, and
  • a limited issue of 15,000 of the first production run of the enhanced redesigned 2021 AE Gold one oz. bullion coins.

These are bullion coins and, as such, will be sold through our network of Authorized Purchasers who resell the coins into the secondary market.

Information on the United States Mint’s bullion program, including a list of Authorized Purchasers, can be found at https://catalog.usmint.gov/coin-programs/bullion-authorized-purchasers.html?navid=inforsearch.

Later this year, in celebration of both the end of an era and the opening of a new chapter, the United States Mint is planning a public auction of very limited 2021 American Eagles at Dusk and at Dawn 35th Anniversary four-coin sets of AE bullion.

All of the bullion products reserved for the sets were personally struck by Mint Director David J. Ryder at the Mint’s West Point, NY production facility.

Each set will include certificates of authenticity bearing the Director’s original signature.

Five hundred of the new gold coins will be paired with 500 of those with the original gold design, and placed with 500 redesigned silver coins paired with 500 coins of the original silver design to form 500 extraordinarily unique four-coin sets.

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Mint to Release Limited Editions of New and Original Design American Eagle Bullion Coins to Authorized Purchasers

Sorry all you individual coin-collectors, but we felt that we need to confirm to you how unimportant you are, when compared to the Authorized Purchasers.”

-US Mint Director David J. Ryder

Kaiser Wilhelm

Mammoth, Let me see if I’ve got this straight now. The BOT Detector during the Mint’s latest sales disaster told us we aren’t human, and now the Mint itself is informing us that we aren’t authorized. I would say it’s been quite a week. By the way, it appears that one of the reasons that the Mint ran out of 2021-W Type 2 American Silver Eagles so very quickly on July 20, and likely quite a significant one at that, is the fact that until all Enrolments were closed some time prior to that Release Date Mint customers were allowed… Read more »


Who cares!

Kaiser Wilhelm


Excellent point, considering that Bullion strikes are meant to be an investment grade and as such are not of Numismatic quality.

Last edited 1 month ago by Kaiser Wilhelm

For someone that quit buying from the mint, you sure like to complain about something you do not like! Have a nice day now.

Kaiser Wilhelm


Your comment gave me a good chuckle. I had interpreted Chris’ comment to mean he didn’t care about this particular bullion product from the Mint while you apparently took it to mean he wasn’t interested in any announcements from the Mint in general. Of course now I’m wondering what exactly it was he really did mean but also realizing it doesn’t matter. And so it goes. πŸ™‚


so wait the mint has no problem finding silver planchets for these 400k bullion coins, but were having a hard time finding them for the morgan or peace dollars meaning lower quantities?


Different planchets based on silver content

Kaiser Wilhelm

d/b and c_q,

Actually, they are both 99.9 silver, but the bullion planchets are standard American Silver Eagle size at 1 ounce while the Morgan and Peace Dollars are slightly smaller at .858 troy ounce each and as such require a custom planchet.

Last edited 1 month ago by Kaiser Wilhelm
Sherril Matney

This sounds like a bunch of crap for the dealers to make thousands of dollars!!!!How will they decide who gets to bid on this world famous auction that Ryder made the coins for?How will we know when the auction for the rich bidders takes place?

Kaiser Wilhelm


I can’t answer your auction question, but I will say that all this brouhaha is much ado about nothing. Instead of just ending up with regular old Bullion at the standard mini-premium price, whoever buys any of this stuff will be paying a small fortune for regular old Bullion. What a racket.


That’s all it is they buy them then try to make 3 to 4 more than their worth,Gold is Gold and Silver Is Silver, It don’t change just because of the Design of a coin.


All they are doping…ooops doing are making the bullion coins sound a lot more collectible than they actually are.

Kaiser Wilhelm


Bingo, bullseye and amen. Good catch there!

sam tweedy

Scrap the type 2 but you can always display them with your “BAT” quarters…. Yeah!!!!

Kaiser Wilhelm


You’re not waiting with unbridled excitement for the coming of Type 3?

Kaiser Wilhelm

Or the 2031-L (Las Vegas) Types 15 thru 21 American Tungsten Vultures.

Last edited 1 month ago by Kaiser Wilhelm

When it comes to these items that have small mintages, has the US Mint put a limitation of just people in the United States or has all the billions of people all been able to order up the aβ€”? I been a collector since I was 7, from the 1943 steel cents to collecting American Eagles. I use to jump for joy with some of the Unique items the U.S. mint has come up with. Like the 10,000 sets of the 3 (1 oz. Gold) that had the first reverse proof gold. That’s been a while and still this US… Read more »

Kaiser Wilhelm

Kevin, “…the damn Checkout becomes a nightmare and a battle of Wits.” Your words, and as good a description of what it feels like to order from the U.S. Mint every single time that I’ve ever read here; you certainly captured the very spirit-defeating feeling I get whenever I try to put in an order for something that is the least bit special. Yes, it’s always easy to order the routine annual products, the ones that almost inevitably end up costing less on the secondary market than we pay for them at the Mint. But that’s not what’s involved here;… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by Kaiser Wilhelm

Indeed Sir Kaiser, indeed… What you say is so true. And we won’t give up trying because once in awhile we may just get lucky and score one of those impossible to get, very low mintage, highly desired, instant modern day rarities manufactured my the Mint and fought for online at the very second they go on sale on release day. Every now and then, even a blind squirrel finds a nut.

Kaiser Wilhelm


I love that…”Every now and then, even a blind squirrel finds a nut.” I had never heard that before and I’m certainly going to make that part of my repertoire; it’s wonderful!

And by the way, while I constantly complain about the U.S. Mint because I find it’s behavior to be so consistently aggravating, its performance so unswervingly disappointing and its attitude so unvaryingly insulting and demeaning, I still insist on never giving up when it comes to trying to score the “big one” from our Notorious National Numismatic Nemesis.

Seth Riesling

“I got a rock…” – Charlie Brown, Halloween.

I must be part squirrel, because I can go through a pound of pistachios nuts like in a week! And don’t even get me started on seeds…Pepitas, shelled.

New coin collecting theme: Squirrels on coins.


Kaiser Wilhelm


Yes, most definitely squirrels. Also insanely cute baby chipmunks, watchful wild turkey mothers leading their little ones, lightning quick iridescent hummingbirds and a simply adorable little rabbit. These are just some of the delightfully entertaining creatures my wife and I had the good fortune of observing in our back yard today. Nature on display.

Last edited 1 month ago by Kaiser Wilhelm

”Every now and then, even a blind squirrel finds a nut.”
.– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -.
I remember hearing that line from a guy who lived in Cosby, Tennessee decades ago!

Kaiser Wilhelm


I really like coming upon quaint American sayings such as that, ones that I’ve never had the occasion to encounter before. They are both fun in and of themselves and are also rather interesting for the somewhat unusual context they provide.

Apropos of nothing, but referring to quaint, there is an old Austrian parlor game I remember from my childhood that goes something like this (in a very rough translation, of course):
“Serious is serious,
Keep a straight face,
Whoever laughs first,
Gets their face slapped.”
Now do you see what the Germanic mentality results in?

Last edited 1 month ago by Kaiser Wilhelm
Seth Riesling

Kaiser –

Das ist sehr lustig!
Here in the Southern USA (Texas where I live, included), we have a saying when trying to be polite in an awkward area of discussion about others we may not care much about – “Well, Bless Her/His Heart!” will get you out of any such situations quickly. Lol.

Kaiser Wilhelm

Seth, Oh, you liked the “poker face game”, auf Deutsch version. Happily we played it with our maternal grandfather aka Opa who was the most gentle person on earth. A “slap” from him was a soft stroke of the cheek. We siblings were much tougher on each other; when it came to payoffs it was much more of an ouch! That’s a good one, and the more comprehensive “Bless ‘Em All”, I suppose, might well cover all the bases. My own favorite for ages in that regard has been what Thumper’s mother told him, “If you can’t say anything nice,… Read more »


β€œIf you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” .– — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — –. Yes Kaiser, it just goes to show: All that you really need to know in life – you are taught in childhood tales & stuff like the line Thumper’s mother quoted. Also, think Aesop’s Fables. The line ‘A penny saved, is a penny earned’ is also worthy advice, so I will pass on this Thursday’s release of the gold 4-coin mint set that… Read more »

Kaiser Wilhelm

Mammoth, You are right, in that I learned so very much about how to treat other people from my very dear grandfather; he taught me all about kindness, tolerance and generosity in a way that no one else was nearly as capable of demonstrating to me. I can’t even imagine paying $5,000 for a coin set; that, sir, is way out of my league. In my mind that sort of elite discretionary expense is for people who never have any difficulty paying all of their fixed and regular expenses and then always still have lots of money left to burn.… Read more »

Christopher Williams

I actually have a mini-sanctuary in our yard where we have healthy population of blue jays, cardinals, cat birds, black caps, house wrens, carolina wrens, finches, woodpeckers, squirrels and chipmunks. Some of the chipmunks will take the nuts from my hand. To observe them is so calming.

Kaiser Wilhelm


You are indeed fortunate to have such a marvelous, well-populated animal refuge. Of those little creatures you mentioned our own backyard sports the blue jays, cardinals, woodpeckers, squirrels and chipmunks. Additionally we also get to enjoy watching wild turkeys, rabbits, weasels, blackbirds, ravens, sparrows, hummingbirds, butterflies, chickadees, and one magnificent solitary hawk whom I once saw make a swooshing dive at a chipmunk on our patio and miss; the little fellow was too quick into his burrow! I think it’s amazing the chipmunks will eat from your hand; ours are far too “antsy” for that.

Last edited 1 month ago by Kaiser Wilhelm

Stay away from people who treat you like an option, not a priority
.- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -.
Kaiser, I would like to do that, but because I am a working stiff I have to deal with Management.

And as long as the Mint continues to issue irresistible shiny objects, many of us are drawn like a moth to a flame, even though the Mint continually burns us.

Kaiser Wilhelm

mammoth, I get you, brother; the decades I reported to self-important petty tyrants are long behind me, but they still haunt me in my dreams. I’m sorry to hear you are still caught up in that. In this particular case I was primarily referring to the Mint itself and our having to deal with our own little Mussolinis there who in this case clearly aren’t having nearly as much luck “getting the trains to run on time”. However, as you so correctly pointed out, since we can’t seem to do without the bright and shiny things they produce we remain… Read more »


Kaiser, nice reference to The Wizard of Oz!
Remember – the Smartest Person in the room happens to be the one without a brain.

Kaiser Wilhelm

Mammoth, You caught that; great! When I was quite young I read all of the Wizard of Oz books, as they were my favorites once I had outgrown the Freddy the Pig series. From Oz I transitioned to Baker Street and all the Sherlock Holmes adventures, then to Asimov and his Foundation sci-fi novels and I was off to the stars and beyond. I believe that even more than films the novels we read do a lot to inform the way we look at the world, and each of the preceding has left its own unique mark on me. And… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by Kaiser Wilhelm