NGC and National Law Enforcement Memorial and Museum Partner on 2021 Coins


Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) has announced an exclusive partnership with the National Law Enforcement Memorial and Museum to offer collectors a special certification label for the US Mint’s 2021 National Law Enforcement Memorial and Museum Commemorative Coins.

Illustrations NGC Labels National Law Enforcement Memorial and Museum Commemorative Coins
Illustrations of special NGC labels for 2021 National Law Enforcement Memorial and Museum Commemorative Coins

The coins, which are available for preorder now from the US Mint, are expected to start shipping in May. Surcharges from each coin sold by the US Mint will benefit the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund overseen by the National Law Enforcement Memorial and Museum.

Dedicated in 1991, the National Law Enforcement Memorial honors federal, state and local law enforcement who have sacrificed their lives in the line of duty. The museum, opened in 2018, organizes exhibits and educational programs to strengthen the relationship between law enforcement and the public.

The exclusive NGC certification label will feature the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund logo. For every coin encapsulated with the special label, NGC will pay a royalty to the organization to support its initiatives and programs.

"Working with NGC to offer collectors this special label has been a wonderful experience," says Marcia Ferranto, CEO of the National Law Enforcement Memorial and Museum. "It perfectly complements the coins and underscores our mission to tell the story of American law enforcement."

"NGC is honored that the National Law Enforcement Memorial and Museum chose to work with us to create this special label for collectors," says Mark Salzberg, NGC Chairman and Grading Finalizer. "These coins will be very meaningful to many people, and we are proud to support and further this important organization’s initiatives."

The National Law Enforcement Memorial and Museum Commemorative Coins include an Uncirculated Clad Half Dollar struck in Denver, a Proof Clad Half Dollar struck in San Francisco, an Uncirculated Silver Dollar and a Proof Silver Dollar, both struck in Philadelphia, and an Uncirculated Gold $5 and a Proof Gold $5, both struck at the West Point Mint. All of the coins are being sold individually, and the Proof coins are also being offered as a three-coin set. Coins from the Proof Set are eligible for a special set designation: Law Enforcement Proof Set.

The clad half dollars show a sheriff’s star on the obverse, a symbol synonymous with many law enforcement jobs. The reverse depicts an eye looking at a fingerprint through a magnifying glass, paying tribute to those who work behind the scenes.

The silver dollars depict an officer kneeling next to a boy who is sitting on a basketball and reading a book. The inscription SERVE & PROTECT highlights the officer’s calm and assuring presence. The reverse displays a police officer shaking hands with a civilian. The images represent police officers’ commitment to supporting and keeping safe the communities that they serve.

A male and female police officer, proudly saluting, are featured on the obverse of the gold $5 coins. In remembrance of officers who have lost their lives, the reverse shows a tri-folded flag with three roses.

In addition to the exclusive NGC National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund Label, the popular NGC Early Releases and First Releases designations and labels are available for the coins if they are received by NGC within the first 30 days of release.

For instructions to submit the 2021 National Law Enforcement Coins for NGC certification, visit

About Numismatic Guaranty Corporation® (NGC®)

NGC is the world’s largest and most trusted third-party grading service for coins, tokens and medals, with more than 49 million collectibles certified. Founded in 1987, NGC provides an accurate, consistent and impartial assessment of authenticity and grade. Every coin that NGC certifies is backed by the comprehensive NGC Guarantee of authenticity and grade, which gives buyers greater confidence. This results in higher prices realized and greater liquidity for NGC-certified coins. To learn more, visit

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Kaiser Wilhelm

In regard to the latest story concerning the above series of coins, that twenty-six years on the job Training Officer in Minnesota who by some as yet completely inexplicable and unexplained error was unable to differentiate between her much heavier right-side-holstered service weapon and her correspondingly far lighter left-side-holstered stun gun and as a result killed the subject of a traffic stop certainly hasn’t done the police community at large, the Law Enforcement Museum or for that matter even the Mint any favors. Compared to what happened to the deceased driver this is of course the smallest of potatoes, but… Read more »

Last edited 3 months ago by Kaiser Wilhelm
Big T

It is unfortunate, but I also think the risk is on you if you choose not to comply with a police demand. Once police lose the authority to gain compliance we will all suffer the consequences as a society. The sad part is that in nearly all cases, compliance would have prevented the death. To respectfully comply with officer demand should not be politicized and is a critical component of civilized society.
And yes, I proudly purchased the coin.

Seth Riesling

But I also think if you ask an officer why you are being attested, they should have to answer. That would help de-escalate many situations.
Unfortunately, this 3-coin commemorative coin program has the lowest sales I have ever seen so far & will probably not make a profit & the Mint will not have to pay out the surcharges to the non-profit organization as is the law on these commemorative coin programs.


Kaiser Wilhelm

You’re right, Seth; with sales this sparse no proceeds will accrue to the designated recipient. Not that this sort of thing hasn’t happened more than a few times before, but it appears this series may very likely hit a record low.

Jim Longacre

They probably know that and that is why they are trying to make money on the side with these special slab labels.

Kaiser Wilhelm

I agree completely in that regard, Jim. I also know that where the real money is made is in the resale market of the far more in demand non-commemorative coins that certain Mint-authorized buyers are able to scoop up by the truckload and to do several days before those same exceedingly desirable items are released to the general public.

Kaiser Wilhelm

I feel I might not have been clear enough in my comment about that particular traffic stop. I agree with you entirely, Big T; the best option in a situation like that is simply to co-operate. In that regard, if you’ve ever had occasion to watch one of those sovereign citizen “I’m not driving, I’m traveling” videos in which those ignorant scofflaw morons take being argumentative and annoying to a whole new level when pulled over by the police, you’ll have been witness to lots of police officers going out of their way to de-escalate those always very trying situations.… Read more »

Jim Longacre

I believe Congress made an unfortunate choice of subject, and it is reflected in the sales.

Kaiser Wilhelm

It is said that from the first day a Congressman or Senator takes their seat at the Capitol the number one thing on their mind is their subsequent re-election. To follow that to a tendency for them to do anything to cater to real or imagined constituencies doesn’t require a huge leap of the imagination. Much to the Mint’s dismay, in this case those self-serving instincts failed the law- and coin-makers both, and now here they are with a poorly thought out lemon on their hands.

Last edited 3 months ago by Kaiser Wilhelm
Big T

On to better news – the new Morgan and Peace commemorative dollars are now listed on the mint website (can’t believe nothing yet on here). They will have 5 Morgans and 1 Peace with 175K mintage (Peace is 200K) and household limit of 25 coins! Good luck getting one of these!

Big T

2 Morgans (CC and O ‘privy’) on 5/25, 2 more on 6/1 (S and D) and on June 7 the P Morgan and P Peace dollar for a total of 6 coins.

Kaiser Wilhelm

Sounds like a major cause for celebration for Mike “Sold Out Limited Edition” Mezack and his assorted ilk and a Happy Too Bad For You Day for the rest of us.

sam tweedy

Mike Mezack still the “KING” of Bull Crap!!! Rick Tomaska “Mr ebay” is running a close 2nd!!!!

Kaiser Wilhelm

Adding insult to injury, while we are pulling our hair out at the usual unfairness of it all, these two flim flam men and various others of their ilk are in all likelihood laughing all the way to the bank. And so it goes.

Last edited 2 months ago by Kaiser Wilhelm
Kaiser Wilhelm

It appears that in the wee little short-sighted, lazy and miserly (what passes for) brains of the powers that be at the Mint they just cannot seem to let go of the absolutely infuriating practice of finding one way or another – and more often than not several methods at once – of thoroughly screwing over the average collector. 25 COIN HOUSEHOLD LIMIT? Are they in fact sadists in (not very good) disguise who want to make each and every (of what should be a) memorable release a completely unnecessary source of incredible frustration, boiling anger and seething resentment for… Read more »

Last edited 3 months ago by Kaiser Wilhelm
Mark D.

I think I may sit these out. Even though the Peace dollar is one of my favorites, I’m so irritated by the USM I shall not abide it any longer. Don’t much waking before noon so, bonus. I’ll just put the $85 toward a 1921 Peace MS63 or, perhaps a sharp 1925 for contrast to my 1926 MS65 “God” coin. Now I need to go out and shout at those kids on my damn lawn, damn it.

Kaiser Wilhelm

I’m with you on this one, Mark. I’m just not sure how many more times I can deal with the Mint driving me to distraction with its mucking up things so badly that I and my fellow collectors end up not getting even one single coin.