National Law Enforcement Museum Commemorative Coins Proposed


Coin-Legislation-Capital-Building.jpgLegislation introduced in the House calls for 2021-dated coins to celebrate the National Law Enforcement Museum in the District of Columbia.

Honoring the extraordinary service and sacrifice of America’s law enforcement officers, the museum will formally open in September this year.

Introduced Dec. 21 by Congressman Dave Reichert (R-WA), the bill, numbered H.R. 4732 and titled the National Law Enforcement Museum Commemorative Coin Act, seeks up to 50,000 $5 gold coins, no more than 400,000 silver dollars, and a maximum of 750,000 half-dollars. They would be produced by the United States Mint in collector qualities of proof and uncirculated with designs emblematic of the museum and the service and sacrifice of law enforcement officers throughout the history of the United States.

These designs would be reviewed by the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee and selected by the Secretary of the Treasury after consulting with the Commission of Fine Arts and the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund.

Sales of the coins would include surcharges directed to the nonprofit Memorial Fund for educational and outreach programs and exhibits.

H.R. 4732 has one cosponsor and currently resides in the House Committee on Financial Service. To become law, it must pass in the House and Senate and get signed by the President.

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a Bob

I would buy into this program. Although, these three coin programs are pinching my wallet.


It amazes me how Congress has the time to propose commem coin topics…again, with all due respect to all those in this field (living and passed), I can’t t see these coins having broad enough appeal to warrant their production.


I respect & support our Law Enforcement officers. They definitely deserve to be honored. With that being said we already have a commemorative coin for them. 1997 National Law Enforcement Memorial Coin. Do we need another one so soon? Let’s get more creative and come up with something more artistic & spectacular. But again this is Congress we’re talking about 🙁


I still think the people who propose these bills should be responsible for reviewing and approving the designs used for commemorative coins and take ownership of the coin(s) rather than just signing their name to the bill and forgetting about it afterwards.

Joe Brown

Stop voting for boob,s and selfish knuckle heads. While their at it build a museum for all the victims who suffer’ed and died from *National Law Enforcement corruption in some inner city someplace in our *USA, or they could add a room to the *NLE museum. I* mean no disrespect to our country*s law enforcement, there,s the *+* good the bad & ugly.

Chas Barber

There are so many viable subjects. This would be another seller @ low levels, the ’97 coins are nice. Just not sure this would help them sell commems, 100th MOrgan Anniversary…..Tea Pot Dome…. Mrs Wilson runs the show, Silent Cal Speaks, Hoovervilles! Roaring 20’s….All subject for 2020’s commems from the mint