2020-W American Eagle Coins Carry ‘V75’ Privy Mark for End of WWII [Updated]


Today, Nov. 5, the United States Mint will begin selling 2020-W Proof American Eagle Gold and Silver Coins celebrating the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II. Available at noon EST, both are issued in very limited mintages and both feature a symbolic "V75" privy mark.

End of World War II 75th Anniversary American Eagle Gold Proof Coin - reverse and obverse
U.S. Mint images of a proof American Eagle gold coin with a “V75” privy mark

The proof American Gold Eagle is restricted to just 1,945 units. The corresponding proof American Silver Eagle, meanwhile, is capped at a mintage of 75,000.

End of World War II 75th Anniversary American Eagle Silver Proof Coin - reverse and obverse
U.S. Mint images of a proof American Eagle silver coin with a “V75” privy mark

The coins carry the same obverse (heads side) and reverse (tails side) designs as their traditional counterparts. For the Gold Eagle, this includes Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ full-length figure of Liberty on the obverse and Miley Busiek’s depiction of a family of eagles on the reverse. On the Silver Eagle, we find Adolph A. Weinman’s "Walking Liberty" on the obverse and John Mercanti’s heraldic eagle with shield design on the reverse.

The V75 privy mark appears on coin obverses.

"The design outline of the privy mark represents the aerial view shape of the Rainbow Pool located at West Potomac Park in Washington, D.C., which is now an integral part of the World War II Memorial," the U.S. Mint describes.

Both coins were struck at the U.S. Mint’s facility in West Point.

Ordering and Prices

Upon their release, the 2020-W End of World War II 75th Anniversary American Eagle Coins may be ordered directly from the Mint’s online catalog for American Eagle products.

The proof Gold Eagle is $2,600 and the proof Silver Eagle is $83.00. In addition to their mintage limits, each has a household order limit of one coin.

The two coins launch a few days before another couple of related U.S. Mint products — a 2020 End of World War II 75th Anniversary 24-Karat Gold Coin and an associated 2020 End of World War II 75th Anniversary Silver Medal. These two products are scheduled to debut Nov. 9 and will feature nearly identical imagery.

Update (Nov. 5 at 12:30 pm EST): The U.S. Mint sent numismatic news editors the following message about ordering: "The United States Mint is aware of website issues impacting customers’ ability to purchase Mint products. We are working to correct the problem. Thank you for your patience."

Update 2 (Nov. 5 at 3:10 pm EST): The U.S. Mint sent numismatic news editors the following statement about sales of coins:

Statement Regarding Sales of End of World War II 75th Anniversary American Eagle Gold Proof Coin (20XE) & End of World War II 75th Anniversary American Eagle Silver Proof Coin (20XF).

"The 2020 End of WWII 75th Anniversary American Eagle One Ounce Gold Proof Coin and the End of World War II 75th Anniversary American Eagle Silver Proof Coin were released for sale at noon ET on November 5. Release of these coins resulted in the highest website traffic we have ever experienced, which greatly exceeded our expected capacity.  This high volume caused website instability, and customers encountered error messages and in some cases were unable to purchase their desired product.  Due to extremely high demand, the American Eagle Gold Proof Coin became unavailable by 12:07 p.m.  We are pleased with the initial demand, but are also in the process of evaluating the various customer concerns and system constraints and/or failures we experienced.  

We want to assure you that the United States Mint remains committed to providing the highest possible level of customer service, and regret any inconvenience or frustration this buying experience caused."

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Barry Witherspoon

Absolutely terrible service. All the mint spokesperson could say was please excuse our incompetence.

Rita S Hindman

I asked my US Senators to fire US Mint director David J Ryder as he is either incompetent or complicit in this debacle. either way he should go


Here here… I second this motion. Effective immediately.


This time went a little faster then the 2019-S enhanced proof. I had all the issues everyone had, the captcha was giving me a hard time. Was in my cart in 12:06 but took 7 min of refreshing and being denied access. Had to sign back in to get back to my cart.

Edward Ermey

The U.S.Mint had ample time to correct last years problem, yet they did absolutely nothing to fix the problem. The fact is that profiteers using scripts and macros prevented legitimate collectors from purchasing these coins, and the mint allowed this to happen. The fact that the mint is producing (fabricated raritys), that are virtually unobtainable to the general public, shows the MINT can care less about the general public collectors. Has anyone noticed that there was absolutely ZERO customer service? No phones, no emails responded to, and the survey pop-up disappeared. The mint does not care about feedback or the… Read more »


I am a collector who was lucky to get a coin, I missed out 2019 S in September.I do agree the mint has done nothing except to add that captcha. They should only allow 1 sign in per account and address. Or people who do enrollment for that type of coins gets 1st choice of a limited coin.

Edward Ermey

You where indeed very lucky!
As soon as I hit ad to basket, I get booted off and blocked for well over an hour.
Well the Mint is releasing 1 million Silver Eagles from San Francisco. You would think they could produce an extra 150,000 of each of the End of WWII Silver and Gold Eagles just to make things right for the public.
But I know that will happen when hell freezes over and pig’s fly.


F*** them after trying in 2019 for the enhanced reverse proof in buying thousands upon thousands of dollars off their website to waste 2 hours of my life today as a collector not a flipper I had the silver eagle in my cart eight times all the way to check out just to have an error code pop up and never getting a confirmation even had messages sent from the mint saying that I was temporarily banned from trying to purchase would reset the page and try again and then you would get the an error occurred refresh refresh refresh.… Read more »


You are 100 percent correct on the coins and the healthcare!

Gary Sudol

The mint is a disaster. Why don’t they have someone there that would be smart enough to say the following: First preference for these LE coins will go to mint customers that spend a certain amount of money during the year-$300,$400, $500, whatever the amount they want to set. What would be wrong with that?


I totally agree.

Edward Ermey

I second that.
And absolutely no Dealers.


I had the same experience, and was surprised later in the day to find an order confirmation email. It was totally hit or miss, which is why the persistence pays off.


Medicare is an incredibly well run Healthcare for seniors and disabled (myself included). It is very affordable. Almost unbelievably reasonable.

sam tweedy

DREAM ON!!!!!!!


Congrats to all that were able to secure an order, I tried for over an hour I even walked to the corner coffee shop and tried to rejoin via my tablet and never got to point of ever putting one in my cart. But oddly enough I did get a message that my Tall Grass subscription order was being fulfilled. So I tend to believe that the dealers got some kind of special access. I trust nothing the fed gov does anymore! Such a shame, you wait 35 years collecting in a series and you screwed in the last year.… Read more »

Terrence Walsh

This was a shame, it didn’t put you in a que and didn’t say it was busy, it stated that you were temporary BAN form the web site. This obviously did not occur to the dealers flipping them on Ebay. My answer is i would not now buy that coin at bullion price, i hope they choke on them and all subscriptions with mint cancelled.

Rita S Hindman

I also cancelled my account and will ask my congressman to fire Director David J Ryder. .They won’t do it but at least it will be something. If 50 years from now coins go he way of stamps this is why.


Same goes for me!

B Vernon

I agree ….. Locked out and pissed! I was on at 11:50 and bounced at 12:01. I am done with the mint. I cancelled my subscriptions and am finished after 50 years. Everything is to make money …… not for the joy of collecting. I hope they all choke on this as well!

Robert G Gambill

Yeah , congrats to alllllll the dealers who were just lucky enough to get them . Funny how they end up in their hands every single time .

mike oxlong

if anyone hear was having a hard time getting through you have to remember that there are people with bots and they can buy hundreds or even thousands or coins at a time! So usmint tried to make it hard to bypass the website to checkout to regular people like you and me can have an actual chance at securing one

AJ Delaney

There was just a lot of people going for it. I’m sure no one is dumb enough to bot a us government site


Using a bot isn’t illegal and easy to set up. Even the terms of use on the site doesn’t mention anything against it. So I guarantee people used bots just fyi.



Rita S Hindman

Please don’t make me laugh the mint did not try to let regular people buy. They were and are complicit in letting the big companies flip the coins for huge profits. Survey how many regular people got a coin and get back to me


This is the third time purchasing a very limited edition coin from the mint to have it in my cart and loose the coin while in the final payment step. I had to keep refreshing after getting the oops message until it final came back to tell me the coin was no longer available. Just how was it not available when I had it in my cart the second it went on sale??? What a waste of time. I wanted the coins for my collection but it seems plenty of flippers got coins because the are all over eBay!!

Kirk R Lapham

Just a regular collector. Signed in at 11:59 and while the system was slow, had the silver V75 in my cart, paid and acknowledged by 12:20. Same thing happened last year with the 2019-S enhanced reverse proof. Must be great luck. Go figure.


2020 “Privy” Silver eagle: Once again incredibly disappointed with the US Mint. I remain, as has happened before, perplexed how coin dealers get large quantities of limited production coins and can pre-sale them slabbed in NGC/PCGS or other third grading party slabs? Once again, couldn’t even get through on the web site to even come close to ordering a coin. I have been a loyal customer of the Mint but no longer. After the 2019 S silver eagle enhanced reverse proof fiasco, and now this, I can no longer trust the Mint to do what’s right by it’s customers. There… Read more »


how can they ‘guarantee’ customers can purchase the coin when it is limited edition?

Robert G Gambill

It’s actually very easy , they could do a public raffle where your name is legitimately in the hat , and you actually have a chance to get one . If I had confidence that every coin ended up in the hands of a collector .. there would be no anger .. the anger comes from the fact that the u.s mint KNOWS these coins end up in dealers hands to profit from them .. and they do not care ! Imagine if other things were rigged like this .. like our election ! Oh wait .. yeah , that… Read more »


Well said Robert…a lottery or raffle is a great idea!


you just create ebay listings on the assumption that you will get a coin. If you don’t get one- you buy one for triple retail very shortly after they sell out and you deliver that as if you were lucky enough to get from the start. There are more ebay transactions for coins then there are actual coins changing hands. the same coin might be the root behind several transactions, so long as the price goes up each day for a few days/weeks – the cycle continues with all the participants skimming a few % off the top. Check the… Read more »


this is how…it happens all over just like this


Exactly! Got an email from an eBay seller (Pinehurst Coins) offering a $400 bounty on the silver and $6000 for the gold. Offer expired at 4pm. Keeping the one V75 ASE I got after 70 minutes of banging away. Pinehurst can either do their own work or pay me $1000 cash, their choice.


I had the 2019 Enhanced coin in my cart the second it went on sale the lost the coin during the Final Payment Process just to go through the same thing with the WWII Privy Gold & Silver coins. I can’t understand how I can have this coins in my cart, get to the payment information in and the get to the confirm payment to get a message telling me the coins are no longer available. Complete bullshit from the US Mint!!


How many on here were able to get a gold coin???I tried but by the time the site came up finally at 12:07 they were all gone.My husband was gonna finally let me invest in a gold coin and then I couldn’t get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!Really bummed…………..


I was able to add both coins to my bag.. but as I went to pay, the gold WW2 was “no longer available”. What complete bull crap.

I was able to get the silver dollar… by some miracle.


The same thing happened to me also. I was on the site at noon, had my payment method loaded and selected both coins in my cart, then the disaster occurred. Got to the confirm order/payment and then kept getting to oops an error occurred until I got a message the coin was not available to remove it from my bag after 20 mints of retrying to pay. Then I couldn’t remove it so I could at least get the silver eagle. Customer Service won’t do jack shit for you either!


D. W. , 11/05/2020 10:00 P.M. I use to be a big buyer of silver eagle coin’s for years, until the US Mint came out with the reverse proof coin and new prices beyond my reach, I started to back off, so now we have this low mintage introduced to the family of collectors, what’s next? In closing I was unable to get through with my ordering process for just the military silver eagle coin, I just visited the Arlington Military Grave Site on 10/28/2020 and now really disappointed about not being able to purchase the military silver eagle coin.… Read more »


i am a regular person , never bought a coin from the us mint , but was lucky to get the gold eagle coin. it’s just the luck of a million ppl pressing “add to cart” and “place order” – not a scam.

Terrence Walsh

Don’t believe that for a second

Rita S Hindman

As my mother used to say when she didn’t want to swear BULL BALONEY! We know the difference between high traffic and being locked out of a site. Your name coin flip is interesting regular person


Yep this was also my first time buying from the mint and I got it. You guys are just too slow with coptchas and checking out lmao.

Christian Westberry

I had difficulty keeping the web site going, had to keep refreshing it. I was finally able to get the gold coin and checked out. I tried then to buy the silver and was blocked by the mint because they said I had already bought my limit, which was not true because you could buy one of each. My wife then got on and after a difficult time was able to purchase the silver one and checked out as a guest. I’m just glad I was able to get both. I feel bad that many collectors were not able to… Read more »


Anyone here know what this coin is worth now? And will it continue to go up in value short-term?

Terrence Walsh

Speaking as a collector, i would never purchase this coin even at bullion prices, so there’s your resale.

Melissa W.

With such a low mintage, this was one gold coin that I see as raising in value for decades.. It’s a really nice coin with such a low mintage and so few people have it that want it for their collection. I dislike how the flippers buy them just to overcharge and rip collectors off. I understand it’s a business, but the flippers are over pricing them way too high. That;s just greed. Some on ebay are asking for $15,000 for the gold, ungraded! That’s the price of a car! Good for them, but bad for us collectors.


Watch the 14D, S VDB etc plummet in value, along with a lot of other old US coins. Today’s money is pouring into these scam DCAM 70 modern hoaxes, and when the bubble bursts, coin collecting will be dead.

Dirk G

What are the thoughts about next weeks gold WWII coin release with 7500 mintage?

Terrence Walsh

Will not even try, will not collect anything new from mint.


The gold medal to be released on nov 9th is 7,500

Edward Ermey

Not even interested, in this fabricated rarity, that will go 99% to dealers. The mint does not care about normal coin collectors any longer..

Rita S Hindman

Amen to that!

Zack Noffke

I got the silver coin in my cart 4 seconds into the opening and then fought the refresh website for an hour and a half. I did not get one at this point I feel like f the mint I am finished with this shit.


Definite issues with the site..no surprise…i had to be persistent in refreshing etc. I did discover that if i just entered a new credit card it seemed to skip a refresh screen trying to pull the info in. i was surprised that when it crashed…i reentered the main screen and it brought me back to my cart. With the 2019 reverse proof i just lost whatever i had. Was ECSTATIC when i got the confirmation screen for this silver eagle.


Is high demand predicted for the $25 gold half ounce coin going on sale Monday? 7,500 mintage

Melissa W.

I’m getting one, only because of the ow mintage, though the site will probably keep crashing again than too.. Didn’t get the gold one this time, which I didn’t have high hopes for because of the 1945 mintage limit. It was just too low. Congrats to those who managed to get one! I did manage to grab a silver one though, so I’m happy with that.


Tried for an hour, had the silver in the cart but could never get the checkout done with the crashes and captcha.


I finally got one. Here’s the thing. If it were not for being able to switch from Microsoft edge to my old internet browser I would have not been able to secure one. Edge kept asking for verification errors. As soon as I switched to the old browser it stopped asking to verify and went through right away. The new system doesn’t like the Microsoft Edge I guess?? Just my opinion. The old browser wasn’t asking for any verification’s or giving any errors. Glad I figured that out. Sorry to everyone that didn’t. It sucks! I wasn’t able to get… Read more »


That was just coincidence. I bounced between chrome, edge, firefox and the old explorer and had similar results with all three. I’m an IT guy career wise and can usually spot a browser issue pretty quick. This was not browser related but software and hardware with the mint. I did eventually get a silver after an hour of this crap. Very sorry others were not as lucky. I too missed out on the reverse last year.


Well, I used an old version of Opera on my Android tablet and had the same experience as Brandini. I got my silver eagle after a few tries.

spencer smith

Interesting how AGAIN the dealers have plenty to sell i guess the mint does NOT ban them like they do the average collector.

Burke Engelhardt

So annoyed with the mint. Trying to get a collection going and this happens… They should cancel all orders and start again. How can that many coins get sold to 1 per household? I call BS!

Rita S Hindman

Yes and I will NOT buy from them

Edward Ermey

I saw sellers on ebay that had sold more than 1 or 2. the term Last one is a give away and the percentage sold is also a clue.

Christopher Williams

I submitted a “Reminder” in case more became available. I was at my PC when that “Reminder” arrived via email and clicked on it immediately. Guess what? “Not Available.”

Burke Engelhardt

Same with me, the second I got it, it wasn’t available… Who is running the US Mint logistics? Nevada board of elections?


Me too! Such a shit show and frankly I emailed the us mint customer service and said I’m not buying another damn thing from you and shove it up your ass!


Unfortunately, they really could care less!

Edward Ermey

A waste of time, they won’t read it or respond. They have ZERO customer service. I will wait till the survey pop up appears again and troll the hell out of them.

Edward Ermey

Same happened to me..
So why are they notifying us for unavailable coins???

Edward Ermey

I guess to rub salt into the wounds…

Jose Ramos

mint is selling us short. I got banned, only wanted one freakin coin. site would not let me in. but at 1;30 pm. I was all good to go. coin was already sold out. another mint scam. big boys got em to sell at high prices. this aint the first time it has happened to me. canceling all my subscriptions. and buying elsewhere, screw the mint !!

Rita S Hindman

I agree but I am not buying elsewhere. If I don’t have a real shot at buying the good stuff, I will not be a good little robot and buy their crap

Gerald Haefling

Reminds me of the pre-covid days of trying to get hot tickets on Ticketmaster, refresh, refresh, pick seats, damn, refresh……

Burke Engelhardt

What happened to the good old days when we stood in line for days just to see The Who???


Much like the election, the spoils of victory go to those who can manipulate the system to affect their outcome. These coins wouldn’t be worth so much if they were that easy to get so I don’t understand the complaining. I too experienced the same horrible website. I had multiple attempts at purchasing the silver, but got multiple errors and never saw a confirmation screen. I gave up, but was surprised later in the day when I saw in my email and order confirmation. I expect this happened to some others too. Check your email if you made attempts to… Read more »


I guess I got very, very lucky! I totally forgot about this coin going on sale at noon on Nov.5. It wasn’t until 1:30 p.m. that I remembered the coin sale, and my first thought was – Oh ****, I forgot to order! So I said to myself, why bother trying now? I thought it must be all sold out by 1:30 p.m. Anyway, I figured I might as well give it a try. So I logged on. I had problems with the log on, but after about 5 minutes of trying to log onto the mint site I finally… Read more »

Seth Riesling

The silver coin was offered again this morning Friday, Nov. 6th at about 8:04am Central Time. I got a “Remind Me” notification by text from the Mint and also got a notice by e-mail from the Mint also.
A fun game, right!!??



Yeah I got the same text message at the same time. I got excited about it since I got screwed the day before. I checked it for a few hours and it never became available.

Yesterday I actually got the coin into my bag, made it to check out the checkout page which wouldn’t completely load so I could never check out. Then I get a message an hour and a half later telling me they’re not taking orders over the phone.

What a joke I can buy any other product on my phone.

Last edited 2 years ago by Jamie

I got another text message @ 9:03am today stating…

“US Mint Alert: End of WWII 75th Anniversary Coins. On Sale at 12pm ET. (bit.ly link) Order online only. Phone orders not accepted. ReplyHELP for help. Reply STOP to cancel”

Needles to say the mint jerked me around again with another false alert. Surprised…? No, not really.


It is all a SCAM to make it appear to be an honest offering. Within 5 minutes of being sold out, you could buy CERTIFIED on EBAY for $800+. Very very few of these were ever available to the public. I mean SERIOUSLY, how can a coin be CERTIFIED and slabbed if it has not already been received? And how could you receive a coin that wasn’t “released” for sale?? Mint has no intention of giving the average customer THIS type of opportunity.


I don’t believe they actually have the coin yet. Another comment explained how this all works. Once the original buyer secured the coin they sell it to the seller who is actually listing the coin. The original buyer gets say 300 for the coin and the lister get 600 or 800 hundred or whatever they can get. The pictures they list as slabbed are easily photoshopped. And from what I read most coins will get a grade of 69


no all the ebay listings are not certified BUT CONFIRMED orders. they dont have it in hand. once they receive it they ship it out- if their order falls through they refund the buyer. same with sneaker releases like yeezys and air jordans – ppl sell em when they get an order confirmation

Edward Ermey

The U.S.Mint had ample time to correct last years problem, yet they did absolutely nothing to fix the problem. The fact is that profiteers using scripts and macros prevented legitimate collectors from purchasing these coins, and the mint allowed this to happen. The fact that the mint is producing (fabricated raritys), that are virtually unobtainable to the general public, shows the MINT can care less about the general public collectors. Has anyone noticed that there was absolutely ZERO customer service? No phones, no emails responded to, and the survey pop-up disappeared. The mint does not care about feedback or the… Read more »

Paul G

I was able to get a silver coin yesterday, but just got an email from the mint that my order has been cancelled! Has anyone experienced this?!


Not yet but I was afraid this might happen. I won’t rest easy until I actually get it my hands!

Paul G

Is there a history of this?

To be clear, I did nothing to cancel the order. I’ve tried calling the customer service number, but as you might guess, it’s busy.

It’s very frustrating to get an order number, confirmation email, and my card charged only for them to turn around and say that my order has been cancelled.


Did you get an email that your order was received followed by an email that your order was confirmed?

Paul G

Yes. I received two emails yesterday. The first was that my order was received, the second was the order was confirmed. Today, I got an email that said my order was cancelled.


Odd that happened as it appears they may have popped it for sale this morning. Got a message that they were available and clicked the link and it was remind me. Some get cancelled due to CC issues. Either way it sux. They could call you and let you know what the issue is before cancelling.


Looks like the prices for the completed listings on ebay range from $400 to $550 for a raw coin in OGP. Additionally, prices seem to be on a downward propensity. Wait a week or so and you could see prices down around $200-$250. With Covid and unemployment on the rise, Christmas around the corner, and this crazy election – the hysteria will soon fade. The Coin Vault will probably be selling them for $199 in OGP by Thanksgiving.

Billy J Oliver

Didn’t even attempt get get coin. US Mint caters to the dealers not the collectors. Just boycott the dealers that is the only action available to collectors!

Robert G Gambill

This is their same excuse every single time ! The fact of the matter is … they cater to dealers .. how else can they explain .. most of these coins end up in dealers hands .. not collectors . How do I know this ? Because a dealer would never ever pay the outrageous prices they try to charge collectors for a coin that was just released . I mean , a 2600 dollar coin , quickly climbs to 10 thousand and the average collector gets left out . Because the mint acts like everyone has a fair shot… Read more »


The US mint is like a politician the only people they care about is there friends


Make America Great—stop buying from these low life liars.

Gary Sudol

Yesterdays attempt to get the Eagle dollar was the same as last years LE Eagle dollar-a joke! I have not purchased anything this year from the mint due to last years disgrace. I bought close to two thousand dollars of product from the mint combined in 2018 and 2019. I will never spend another penny at the mint due to their very poor customer service. They do not deserve my business.I sent them an email and told them at the end of the letter the following:good riddance!


Anyone with a US Mint account should get an email for first crack at these coins, after all were the ones that support the mint i missed the 2019 reverse proof & this one too it ain’t right .


The pathetic message the U.S. Mint sent to the numismatic news editors is in my opinion, just another way of saying… “We really don’t care about the average coin collector”.

Disappointing to say the least.

Seth Riesling

Jamie –

So very true!

The Mint’s public statement says basically that they did not expect such a major response to the gold coin being the lowest mintage coin offered since the Mint started its website in the mid-1990s. It’s an absurd, asinine & out of touch attitude from Mint management or lack thereof by the inept U.S. Mint Director David J. Ryder!



I see a lot of whining and crying here. Stop supporting the mint and buying their products, be it directly from the mint or dealers. They will get the memo fast and so will the dealers who deal with them when there is no end demand. I put my foot down with US Mint: when they sent me defective palladium eagle, after returning it, Mint didn’t issue refund for months, I contacted my bank, went after them, forced the refund and said I won’t deal with them again. Sure enough they blocked my account and I couldn’t be any happier.… Read more »


Why 1945 gold coins? Why not 19450 coins, this would probably easily cover all those who wanted the gold.


Nice – I got my V75 Silver


In God We Trust —-

Paul G

wow – was this today? Did you get a text from the mint?


That about 45 mins after the sale began – It must of been my American Express platinum card “ I never leave home with it “


Without it !


Wow, Ive been reading about everyone’s troubles getting on the website and purchasing the coin. I’m a 1st time customer, not a dealer, and was lucky enough to purchase a silver coin. I did get booted a few times but kept refreshing the website and eventually was able to get through.I received a confirmation email at 4:36 PM that my order had been confirmed. I had no idea it was an issue purchasing coins like this.

Fled ny 2 de

Mint should take orders for 24 hrs then select winners at random.

Richard R. Rohde

I have been a US Mint customer for about 10 years. I am very upset as I had the gold End of War 75th Anniversary coin in my shopping basket and then was booted off the site!! Then when I tried to get back in I got an error message “TEMPORARILY BANNED FROM SITE” then that CAPTCHA and by the time I was allowed back in the gold coin had been take out of my basket!! Such BS!


I just tried to get on the US mint web site got there I tried to go to my account and they got me locked out .

Richard Margolis

Can anyone tell me how to get a coin to the grading services on the day of issue. Do the buyers have a special way to pick up the coins from the mint directly and airexpress directly to the graders on the same day or is there a back door to the mint for certain people

sam tweedy

Back door for the 12 “SPECIAL” Dealers to screw us “REAL” collectors!!!! Sucks!!

Stephen S

This is a flagrant abuse of power. Mint officials need to go to prison over this! This was a INSIDE JOB! Why would you allow a handful of people (mostly for profit dealers) the opportunity to flip this coin for a 8-12k profit when THAT profit should go to the taxpayers who pay all the bills? Why would you increase the price from $60 to $100 on a proof set but allow a handful the opportunity to make thousands on a single gold coin? Very shady business here. Why would the mint not submit these themselves to PCGS or NGC… Read more »


I purposely didn’t even bother with this one. The ‘privy’ mark is interesting but to me is not worth the $60 premium over silver spot, nor the time and aggravation spent on trying to buy it on the mint’s web site.

The mint really needs to rethink how these limited issues get doled out. Maybe they should sell them via dutch auction, maybe they can randomly distribute among those who post a deposit, or perhaps those with a longer/larger history of mint purchases get first dibs.

Tony's silver dollar,

We do this all the time, to define insanity is to do the same thing over and over again waiting for a different outcome, the mint gets paid from big money just like the rest of the government, even once in a while they give WTP a bone,how many times will we let it happen, don’t bye nothing off the big coin dealers that have 50 100. Or more if we don’t pay for them maybe they will learn, don’t bite the hand that feeds you, I’m finished with the coin dealers not the mom and pop, you all know… Read more »


I did mange to get a silver coin from the mint but I had to keep refreshing between 3 different browsers until it finally went thru. I didn’t check the time but I’d guess it took me 25 minutes.

Was just looking on eBay, this guy has 38 slabbed coins for pre-sale. What a scam.


Last edited 2 years ago by Armored2020
paul reed

It is 11/9 and got i’m rate limited when i went to the mint site at 10a:30 am. So they have not fixed anything.

Douglas Antonucci

I got lucky. I got 1 silver eagle after trying for 55 min. I was blocked, got the ops try again, and the account entered doesn’t exist. 5 min after getting my coin they sold out.