NGC Announces V-Day Labels for End of WWII 75th Anniversary American Eagle Coins


Get ready for two exciting US Mint Releases on November 5: a 2020-W Proof Gold Eagle and a 2020-W Proof Silver Eagle, both with a V75 privy mark commemorating the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II.

NGC V-Day Special Labels for 2020-W V75 Proof Gold Eagle and V75 Proof Silver Eagle
Illustrations of NGC V-Day Special Labels for 2020-W V75 Proof American Gold Eagle and V75 Proof American Silver Eagle

The privy mark — unusual for US coins — and an extremely low mintage of only 1,945 for the Gold Eagle and 75,000 for the Silver Eagle, combined with the current clamor for precious metals, dramatically enhance the appeal of these coins.

To celebrate the 2020-W V75 Gold and Silver Eagles, Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) is providing its bold V-Day Special Label for no additional fee by default for all submissions. The NGC Early Releases and First Releases designations and labels are also available.

The mintage of only 1,945 coins for the 2020-W V75 Gold Eagle is significant not only because the number honors the year that World War II ended — a pivotal date in American history — but also because it is the lowest mintage ever established for a numismatic release. To recognize this astonishingly low mintage, NGC will further distinguish the 2020-W V75 Gold Eagles with "One of 1945 Struck" on the label.

At 75,000, the mintage limit for the 2020-W V75 Silver Eagle is also enticingly low. In recent years, Silver Eagles with similarly limited mintages have proven especially desirable to collectors.

The shape of the V75 privy mark mirrors the aerial view of the Rainbow Pool, which is part of the National World War II Memorial in Washington, DC. Between the Rainbow Pool and the Freedom Wall to its west lies the message "Here we mark the price of freedom." The meaningful V75 on these coins does the same.

For submission instructions, click here.

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Why both at the same time? who’s idea was that?


Limited but pricey? 91.67% Gold, 3% Silver, Balance Copper 1.0909 troy oz. Mintage Limit: 1945
$2,600.00? It probably will sell out with only 1,945 coins.
Interest out there????

paul chiu

get ready to click real fast! Likely sellout in 10 minutes for the gold. Of course, site may crash like it did a year ago when the reverse silver went on sale.


try 30 seconds


The US Mint really jack this one up! I was logged on at 1130, ensured everything was working, then about 1152 the site started having problems. It kicked me out, blocked me from getting in, limited access… horrible. At 1212 I got in deep enough to see that they were all gone, and people were posting them on eBay for $10k. I finally got a silver V75 at 1327 after tons of kick outs.


I wasn’t as lucky to even get a silver coin and I was on the site before 1200

jamie sturm

I got mine silver literally took from 12 to 142 pm before I could finally complete my order and not get a error or limited missed the gold because I could not access the page but I’m happy

Bob Drost

I was blocked for 15-25 minutes with server error. Kept trying and at 1:30 after several errors actually was able to purchase the silver coin. The Mint needs a better program to distribute these that doesn’t favor bots/dealers. Maybe a lottery?


YES!!! SIGNED SEALED and delivery V75 American Silver Eagle
always use American Express PLT credit card !