U.S. Mint Releases Free “Map Mania” Game For Kids

Screen grab of U.S. Mint's Kids Site
Screenshot of U.S. Mint’s Kids Site

The United States Mint this week launched a new game dubbed Map Mania. Designed to teach U.S. geography, Map Mania is one of 12 free online educational games found on the Mint’s Kids Site, which was recently named a finalist for the Best Public Education Website in the International Association of Currency Affairs (IACA) Excellence in Currency 2019 Coin Awards.

The latest game was created to help students learn the 50 states, state capitals, and state trivia based on the Mint’s America the Beautiful Quarters® and 50 State Quarters Programs.

Other games on the Mint’s Kids Site include:

  • Gold Rush: Pan for gold while learning historical facts about the Gold Rush in San Francisco.

  • Plinky’s Presidential Challenge: Learn the order of the U.S. presidents.

  • Textile Tales: Explore the textile industry during the Industrial Revolution.

  • Hoop and Darts: Throw darts at a hoop in this traditional Native American game.

  • Peter the Eagle’s Coin Drop: Deliver liberty loans by flying a WWI-era plane.

  • Coin Memory Match: Match the designs of quarters featuring U.S. national parks.

  • Making Change: Design your own coin while learning about the parts of a coin.

  • Word Quest: Search for coin-related terms in eight different online word puzzles.

  • Space Supply: Deliver critical supplies to space colonies across the solar system.

  • Coin Flip: Unlock new and classic coins while learning about probability and percentages.

  • Counting with Coins: Identify coins and solve basic math problems in a grocery store setting.

The site also offers a digital library of U.S. coins and coin programs, educational videos, 100+ free printable coin coloring pages, and hundreds of free online K-12 lesson plans. To request free educational resources, email education.outreach@usmint.treas.gov.

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