Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set Mania


US Mint Lincoln Coin and ChroniclesThursday was a day of excitement, anger and despair for many coin collectors who attempted to place an order early for the new US Mint Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set.

Whether an order was placed by phone or straight from the Mint’s Web site, the more likely outcome for most collectors was inaction and irritation. Visitors to the site were greeted with a "Service Unavailable" or simply a generic "The connection was reset" message. The site was down more than up. Those calling on the phone were met with a repeated automated message "We are unable to answer your call at this time. Please try again later."

The sets were released at noon ET. By accounts, the Mint appeared to be the busiest they have ever been this year. An easing seemed to occur after the first hour went by. After many, many repeated attempts, phone orders went through more readily. The web appeared to be a bigger problem. The Mint site returned to a more normal and consistent behavior by 3:30 pm ET. By evening, it was as smooth as ever.

Of course many collectors were more than frustrated. The Mint did have more staff on hand, but it comes to a point that there is only so much they can do when there appears to be tens of thousands of collectors who come knocking on the door nearly at once.

Unfortunately for our readers, interest in the Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set also brought down for a few short moments. We apologize for that. More than nine thousand collectors passed through CoinNews this afternoon. While we see that in a long day, we have not in one short afternoon. At one point, within the space of 20 minutes more than one thousand readers clicked on the link we provided to the US Mint Web order page.

As of this writing, the set is still available from the Mint for $55.95, although shipping is scheduled at four to six weeks out according to Mint phone reps. There is no telling how much longer they will remain on sale. It is only speculation at this point, but tens of thousands must be sold by now. We will report on that as soon as possible. Only 50,000 are authorized.

Activity on the secondary market has already picked up. In the past few days there were generally less than a half a dozen pre-sale sets available on eBay and premiums were at least $150-$200. As of this writing, there are already 78 auction listings with beginning prices much more reasonable. (See Lincoln Coin & Chronicles Sets on eBay.)

The set may be ordered from the United States Mint Web site at, or directly here.

Orders may also be placed at the toll-free number 1-800- USA-MINT (872-6468). Hearing and speech-impaired customers may order by calling 1-888-321-MINT (6468).

We would also like to remind readers of our dedicated Web site for the set, which provides much more information. It is located at Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set. Our original announcement of the set may also be worth the read.

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Rick Hansen RPh

The Lincoln Coin & Chronicle Set was an exciting day for coin collectors. The fact that processing was slow was to be expected.
Those collectors fortunate to purchase the set will find that their tolerance and persistance during this special event was well worth the effort. The set will remain an important part of their collection.


I have just rec’d my set and it is fantastic in it’s design and history!I had ordered it last week on phone and had no problems and very courteous help.


To Garry and other LUCKY people…. You are one of the LUCKY ones to get your set. I ordered my set on 10.20.09 also a week before as you, Garry. I also ordered two other items with this order. There was NO mention of ‘back-order’ or ‘out of stock’ when I ordered. When checking on my status it stated delivery date be 10.30.09. I never received anything from the Mint on this order….The entire order was CANCELLED with NO notification from the mint!….neither by phone NOR email. I am in good standing with the mint and there was plenty of… Read more »


That sounds strange, Michael.
Maybe the fact that you had multiple items on the order got things confused. For a while, the Mint’s ordering system allowed buyers to enter a quantity larger than one in the order box, for the Lincoln Chronicles set. They then had to cancel the orders of those who tried to order more than one set of those coins.

Eric Erlendson

How come Lincoln Coins Today are Higher then other Coins