Video Shows Kids How US Coins Are Made

US Mint Educational web page
The U.S. Mint’s website offers areas for kids and educators

The United States Mint on Tuesday released a youth-based video entitled "How Coins Are Made… For Kids."

This educational video offers a quickwalk through that describes how coins are authorized, designed, produced, and distributed.

"The video features a mix of animations and live action footage and makes learning the basics of U.S. circulating coin production fun and engaging," the U.S. Mint describes in a news release.

In addition to videos, the U.S. Mint offers educational lessons on coins from the Lincoln cent to its series of America the Beautiful Quarters and Presidential dollars. Free, available to educators, and targeted for grades K-12, the lessons cover a range of subjects to include social studies, language arts, science, technology, math and visual art.

"How Coins are Made… For Kids" will be promoted during National Coin Week from April 17 to 23. The video is embedded directly below.


The U.S. Mint’s educational lesson plans may be downloaded at The agency’s online area for children is located at

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Seth Riesling

The U.S. Mint should stop using the term “penny” in some of its literature & on packaging like on the annual Proof sets. They should simply state that the U.S. Mint has never struck a single penny.