US-Canada Pride of Two Nations Coin Set Launch


Unique finishes, a historic collaboration and key date coins are among reasons many collectors will rush today, July 3, to buy the limited-edition 2019 Pride of Two Nations Two-Coin Set from the United States Mint.

Packaging - Pride of Two Nations 2019 Limited Edition Two-Coin Set
U.S. Mint product images for the US-Canada 2019 Pride of Two Nations Limited Edition Two-Coin Set™

This set marks the first U.S. Mint and Royal Canadian Mint joint numismatic product. It contains an American Silver Eagle in enhanced reverse proof and a Canadian Silver Maple Leaf in modified proof. Amping up their appeal, these finishes are firsts for both coins.

The enhanced reverse proof Silver Eagle showcases a frosted background with selectively frosted and polished artwork to highlight various design elements. The modified proof Silver Maple Leaf features a frosted image against a brilliant background with inscriptions that have the natural shine of silver as the other design elements instead of a traditional frosted appearance.

Adding to the excitement, mintage for the set is very limited. The U.S. Mint has just 100,000 sets with those going on sale today at noon ET. The Royal Canadian Mint has another 10,000 sets with those already claimed as they went on sale last week.

Coin Designs and Specifications

With the Silver Maple Leaf’s obverse, we find the Susanna Blunt effigy of Queen Elizabeth II. Surrounding the portrait are radial lines encircled by a pattern of stars and maple leaves at the perimeter.

2019 Modified Proof Canadian Silver Maple Leaf
RCM photos of a 2019 Modified Proof Canadian Silver Maple Leaf

The reverse features Walter Ott’s classic sugar maple design first offered in 1979. It showcases the same background of radial lines encircled by a pattern of stars and maple leaves at the perimeter.

Coin designs on the American Silver Eagle are unchanged from other issues in the series which dates back to 1986. This includes an obverse (heads side) showing Adolph A. Weinman’s full-length figure of Liberty in full stride enveloped in folds of the American Flag. Liberty’s right hand is extended and branches of laurel and oak are in her left.

2019-W Enhanced Reverse Proof American Silver Eagle
RCM photos of a 2019-W Enhanced Reverse Proof American Silver Eagle

The Silver Eagle’s reverse (tails) features John Mercanti’s heraldic eagle with shield design. The eagle is seen holding an olive branch in its right talon and arrows in the left.

Specifications for the pair of coins follow.

2019 Silver Maple Leaf
Modified Proof Coin

2019 American Eagle Silver Enhanced Reverse Proof Coin

Denomination: $5 CAD

Denomination: $1 USD

Finish: Modified Proof

Finish: Enhanced Reverse Proof

Composition: 99.99% Pure Silver

Composition: 99.9% Fine Silver

Weight: 1 Troy oz. (31.39 g)

Weight: 1 Troy oz. (31.103 grams)

Diameter: 38 mm

Diameter: 1.598 inches (40.60 mm)

Edge: Serrated

Edge: Reeded

Country of Issue: Canada

Country of Issue: United States

Mint: Ottawa

Mint: West Point

Mint Mark: N/A

Mint Mark: W

Obverse Designer : Susanna Blunt

Obverse Designer : Adolph A. Weinman

Reverse Designer : Walter Ott

Sculptor-Engraver: John Mercanti


As shown, the American Silver Eagle is produced at the U.S. Mint’s facility in West Point and bears the appropriate "W" mintmark. The Silver Maple Leaf comes from the Ottawa Mint and has no mintmark.

American Eagle Key Date Information

With a maximum of 110,000 enhanced reverse proof Silver Eagles possibly available, this coin is destined to become a key issue for the series.

It will likely only fall behind the 1995-W Proof with its mintage of 30,125; the 2008-W Burnished with Reverse of 2007 with its mintage of approximately 47,000; and the 2011-P Reverse Proof and 2011-S burnished uncirculated Eagles issued in the 25th anniversary American Silver Eagle set with their mintages of 99,882 coins.

Special Signing Opportunities

Unique signing opportunities are also available with this joint release.

After the set goes on sale at noon, visitors to Philadelphia Mint can attend a meet and greet event where they can have Mint products or the set’s bilingual Certificates of Authenticity (COA) signed by U.S. Mint Director Ryder and Royal Canadian Mint Chief Executive Marie Leman. They will be available for the signings from 12:15 to 1:30 p.m.

Later this summer, both Mint leaders will be on hand to sign the COA for the set during the American Numismatic Association’s August 2019 World’s Fair of Money. A limited number of sets will also be made available for the show.

Price and Ordering

The limited-edition 2019 Pride of Two Nations Two-Coin Set is priced at $139.95 USD.

Orders are accepted by visiting the U.S. Mint’s website page for the Two Nations Set or by calling 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

For the first 48 hours, the U.S. Mint will have a household order limit of five. Some believe the set could sell out before the limit is lifted.

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mint website kicked me out on first attempt but got thru the second time


SAME HERE! I think we gave it a quick crash! Got my order in, typed in payment then “oops” something went wrong message. signed out signed in and order was still in basket. Got mine in.

Rich D

Got a five pack of these..Got on second attempt

Richard Margolis

Got mine on first attempt, 12.50 pm


Got my 5 sets first two tries did not go through third time was the charm! All the best!


Wonder how long it will take to sell out. Can’t believe already on eBay sets going for 495 graded. Only silver coins people!

Andrew Woody

I’m thinking they’ll likely have same value as the 2011 S Burnished Silver Eagle. It sells for about $350 in NGC MS70 and had a mintage of just under 100k.


but these are 110K total, and the market is weaker today than it was then, so probably less.

Andrew Woody

The 2011 S still sells for $350, I sold one last month. Coins on back order, they likely sold out last night.

Andrew Woody

Whoops, not sold out yet 🙂 They just sold out what they had minted. I might get some more when limit comes off. If there are going to be any variations I think it is likely to happen when they gear up the machines to run more. Even if there aren’t any variations I think there is potential to make a decent profit here.

Christopher Williams

I just got home from work (03:34PM EST) and they are still available.

Christopher Williams

I picked up one.

Christopher Williams

Okay, I picked up another one.

Chas Barber

Coin set? I thought Alex Trebek is the pride……
Anyway, plenty of these to go around, limits will be lifted tomoorw… 5 are easy peasy & no hassel, no wait…. No profit either on this set UNLE$$ Ag hits $50…….2 coins are $140 with silver @ $15, only a little less than the USM sold them when Ag was $33!!! Finish my arse…..ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz


I think the 5 per household goes on for 48 hours then a free for all.


Over the past 5.5 hours.., there’s been approximately 38,500 orders placed.., From a few years of experience at this (& some great mentorship from some old timers) – Here’s sales at the 5:30 EST or 2:30 PST time – 1.5 sets per order total average – 57,750 1.75 sets per order total average – 67,375 2.0 sets per order total average – 77,000 2.25 sets per order total average – 86,625 From past experience, given current collecting sentiment, average set concludes at 2.25 (very optimistic), HHL comes off at noon, Friday, 05 July. GLTA! Collect for the Beauty of It,… Read more »


They seem to be on back order until 8/6

Christopher Williams

i just noticed that, Steve.

Bruce Smith

I snuck in via phone 15 min before sales began. “Checking” on an order placed last night, right. Chatted with lady until order time. Picked up 3.

Carl, Cincinnati area

Ordered 1 set at 12:15, received an email that the Canadian set ordered last week has been shipped.


funny how the canadian coin has higher face value than the US one (even after FX applied)


As long as the face value is below spot price of silver content it is irrevalent

Peter Gordon

My shipped this afternoon. On backorder now on the web site


I got 1 late yesterday but back ordered till 8/6. Again, coin collecting losing steam so I don’t hope that modern us coins (along with Canadian) will have any substantial gain in my lifetime.


I agree Vadim – it is either time to start selling or to put what I have away for the youngsters (as if they even care about them). I think this is the last AE for me. I have one of each of the types of finishes the Mint has offered – I don’t think there are any left unless they go the route of Canada and other countries with colorized, odd shapes, etc.


S & P mint marks could sell future issues LOL

Seth Riesling

The Mint needs to do a first & put a “D” Mint mark on a SAE $1 coin from the Denver Mint.



all due respect Seth they can’t even fill 100,000 order on the first day now its on back order


Oh Contraire…, I don’t understand the mentality that if something doesn’t Sell Out in the first it’s a failure. Frankly, the mint does not label an item Sold Out on the first day, or for that matter, for weeks…, it takes weeks for the orders, cancellations, returns, and redirects to shake out.., it’s simple good business to leave something in Back Order status. Does anyone out here truly understands how the USM employs Back Order status? – NO Does anyone know how many have been sold to-date? – NO Does the USM gift shops have or had them available? –… Read more »


16 Aug ANA World Fair of Money in Chicago is the show – will be interesting to see if the USM follows through and if so, how many set are made available.

Not unreasonable to think this thing maybe already over subscribed, or close to it.., we’ll find out if the USM releases sales #’s today to Mike….

sam tweedy

Mike Mezack the “KING” of coin collecting will be selling these very soon,bought 20,000 sets to send to NGC and PCGS. Can’t wait to see that price!!! Just Understand!!!

Christopher Williams

I’m sure they’ll be in the $500.00 to $700.00 vicinity.


Hey I was just wondering, since I am very fresh in the coin community, can anyone tell me the difference between the US release and the Canadian release, as the different in the price and demand is quite huge. I thank yall!


I ordered 2 from Canada which has already shipped. From what I understand is it’s just different packaging and come with numbered certificates. I bought 3 yesterday from the USmint in the first 5 min or so. I was told 10,000 will be released by Canada and 90,000 from USmint. However Govmint told me Canada was 10,000 and USmint was 100,000 for a total of 110,000. When I receive my Canadian sets I will let you know for sure.

Andrew Woody

I ordered well before site said anything about backorder. Just found out today they cancelled my order because they took to many orders. Very poor customer service. The lady on the “chat” told me the order was cancelled due to billing address issue. I then called the phone number after I noticed the email saying it was because they ran out to see what actually happened. I’m glad I called first because there isn’t anything wrong with billing address and that would have been a fun phone call. Going back and forth with PayPal about billing address that is working… Read more »

Andrew Woody

How hard could it be to have a system that refuses to sell quantities the Mint does not have rather than a system that takes all orders and then cancels them? I’m just glad I paid with credit and not a check. I’d be pissed even more if I had to wait the 3-4 weeks the e-mails states for cancelled orders paid for by check.

Ken T

They are still on back order status with no household limit.


Once again its kinda an apples an oranges thing. Those who collect coins just for the hobby and fun of of it and those who collect to make money on it. Yes i was one of those who was at my PC refreshing screen at 9am so i could order my 1 set. I’m a hobbyist , have been for 43 years. Then there’s the others who have multiple addresses they can mail to, order maximum and then when limit is lifted go gangbusters hoping to get higher grades, and then return lower ones or sell so not to be… Read more »


we are at 2,700 sets left at 12:26 PT. if you want some, you better buy now


just got notification from mint my order shipped, also just saw email pinehurst coins are already selling these sets from pcgs & ngc for $349 & $299 depending on which label the coins come in. old mikey will be selling them tonight for at least $699


I was at the unveiling ceremony at the philadelpia mint with both the canadian and usa mint heads.
I purchased four sets signed by both and signed as the first four purchased by canadians.
It was a hoot!!


It is interesting that the Canadian coin does not have the small maple leaf security feature which I thought has been standard for the last few years. Isn’t that where the Bullion DNA is encoded? I wonder if it has the milk spot treatment as well?

Seth Riesling

These sets are selling for as low as $179.99 for the USM set & $229.99 for the RCM set (the only difference is the packaging) at Apmex right now.


Rich D

Got my 5 pac today , nice sets I’m only keeping 3 sets. I’m returning 2 sets back to the mint . If anyone wants to purchase these two sets let me know. I’m not looking to make $ . Same price as mint charged. I have 7 days to return …

Carl, Cincinnati area

Rich D,
How do I contact you?

Carl, Cincinnati area

I will purchase 1.
Please let me know.

Rich D

Carl. A buddy of mine is going to buy the 2 sets at mint cost. I’m sorry When I purchased the sets I hit the wrong amount to purchase and was scared to cancel order , thinking they would sell out Sorry again man


Would love to know how some folks get their coins so quick. I ordered mine at 9AM PST on release date…my delivery date is set for by end of day 7/16.


Ordered mine 5:30 AM on the 4th delivery date is same. If they just sent them USPS instead of Fed X then regular mail we would get them sooner. I tracked the Apollo 11 coin IT SAT for 2 days at a Fed X hub


I think that some say they have the coins and NEVER could deliver. How can good old Mike the coin guy have sets that were not sold in mass numbers for first 48 hours have them graded and on his show?
I have seen him “pre-sale” My question still is if I ordered within first 24 hours of release and STILL not have my coins HOW DOES HE REALLY HAVE HIS if he had to wait the 48 hrs something stinks


Just got 5 in the mail. Only ordered because of amex buy back program. Could these be worth $20 more then USM cost that amex is buying them for? How would a complete novice find out?

Jerry Shearman

I have to say that the U.S. Mint has hit a “HOME RUN” with their recent issue of the Pride of Two Nations double coin set this month . For sure the reverse proof silver eagle coins issued in the past few years are un doubt ably very attractive coins , but this enhanced reverse proof in the Pride of Two Nations double coin set is by far the most beautiful American Silver Eagle I have ever lay’ed my eyes on . Great job West Point Mint !