Pride of Two Nations Coin Set Sales Reach 74,054 in First Day

Coins and Case - Pride of Two Nations 2019 Limited Edition Two-Coin Set
U.S. Mint product image for the Pride of Two Nations Two-Coin Set

Orders of the first joint numismatic product from the United States and Canada are flowing quickly. Sales of the limited-edition 2019 Pride of Two Nations Two-Coin Set opened last week in Canada and on Wednesday, July 3, in the United States.

About 76.4% of the maximum 110,000 sets had been claimed by July 4. The U.S. Mint sold 74,054 in the first day of sales, representing 74% of their allotted 100,000 sets. The Royal Canadian Mint has already declared a sell out for their 10,000 sets.

The two-coin set contains an enhanced reverse proof 2019-W American Silver Eagle and a modified proof 2019 Canadian Silver Maple Leaf. Both finishes were created specifically for coins of the set.

2019-W Enhanced Reverse Proof American Silver Eagle
RCM photo of a 2019-W Enhanced Reverse Proof American Silver Eagle
2019 Modified Proof Canadian Silver Maple Leaf
RCM photo of a 2019 Modified Proof Canadian Silver Maple Leaf

The U.S. Mint had a 5-coin household order limit in place for the first 48 hours of sales. That limited was lifted today at noon ET. The set has been on back order status since its release night. Those placing orders will notice an expected in-stock date of early August.

Priced at $139.95, order sets directly from the U.S. Mint’s online store, located here.

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Thanks for the updated numbers Mike…


we are at 2,700 sets left at 12:26 PT. if you want some, you better buy now


thanks for the update Jon…


your welcome

Springer Pup

Jon, what’s the source of the 2,700 sets left information? Thanks! UK


would rather not say, comes from a very reliable source though. just wanted to give everyone a heads up before they sell out, which will happen very soon

Springer Pup

Thanks Jon!


Springer pup.., I grew up with a couple of Springer’s, now have a 84 lbs Golden trying to pretend to be a lap dog, talk about high maintenance – both are the Best! JMTC FWIW – we small fish know when an offering gets below 99 online inventory, right? Well, those dealers with bulk purchase access have greater visibility into online inventory, and rightfully so – therefore that’s most likely where the number is being derived. We should ALL BE APPRECIATIVE of Jon offering the input, as good info is not readily shared anymore.., So thanks Jon! I’m just a… Read more »

Springer Pup

Springer’s, wonderful loving family dogs.



In 2013 we saw the first Enhanced Uncirculated ASE –

Now, 6 years later, we’re seeing the first RP Enhanced ASE –

From a speculative perspective, we’re more likely to see an ASE design change than another Enhanced ASE (1986 design) IMHO, over the next 6 years…,

Not pumping this set, I’m OGP All the Way..,, and have bought my sets, just a Public Service Annoucement thought to contemplate.., from a true collector.

Labels.., tricks are for kids!

Christopher Williams

“This Product Is Currently Unavailable.”

Sold out?


only temporarily so, it is back to back-order right now, with an expected shipping date of aug 6.

Seth Riesling

This set is on “currently unavailable” status now!
My sets shipped today (order placed 5 minutes after Noon).


A&L Futures

Like many here, I appreciate Jon’s willingness to share his earlier knowledge of this sets looming unavailability.

Ken T

The mint did it perfectly—having a household limit of 5 for 48 hours and no limit for 10 hours.


The Canadian mint had 10,000 sets for sale. Similar packaging but reversed the coins and flags. Almost had a set but too late. That would be the set to have. Ordered 1 US set.

Ronald F Ford

That’s the very first set I bought, they made theirs available a few days earlier than the US did. I have got two sets of each, one set of each has been graded by NGC MS70 ENHACED REV PROOF. The other proofs are in the original packaging, and I’m not going to open it. Don’t know if that means anything or not, but I’m a new collector, didn’t get really into it until I retired, oh I’ve always saved silver coins and wheat Penny’s and Barr dollars, but that’s it. I’m having the time of my life learning about coin… Read more »


On backorder again. Looks like the Mint’s algorithms need some tweaking.


@ MJS: Expect to see this set, ping pong, back and forth between Unavailable and Back Order until at least the end of August! All of the orders placed on back order status will continue to be canceled and re-ordered by other collectors. Some people/dealers ordered, knowing full well, they now have a couple of weeks at least to play the speculation game, on the Mints dollar. Wait and see, as availability may even go into September!

Christopher Williams

Informative post, CaliSkier. Thank you.


@CS- Perhaps and to a certain degree, but I read on other forums that some people are placing backorders and getting them processed right away. So those who make backorders with the intention of playing the speculation game will in at least some cases be in for a surprise. Keep in mind few have seen the actual coins. Look at the photos of the actual sets in a couple eBay listings and you will see the coins and finish look amazing. This will likely spur a full sell out soon as word spreads.

Christopher Williams

Louis, two of my four have shipped and I’m looking forward to looking at the coins in person.

Christopher Williams

Two of the four sets I ordered have been shipped.


What would the set be worth on resale? Approximately.

Christopher Williams

My third set has shipped.

They also show as “Currently Unavailable” again.

I guess the “ping-pong game” has begun.

steve rockey

The set won’t be available to be shipped until the first week in August.


$499.95 for the 70 set on HSN


With the red oak presentation case of course


$599.95 for the RCM version

Christopher Williams

Oh yes. Gotta have the Red Oak presentation box!!!

Chas Barber

They can a$k any price they want, long term too many exist for a big upswing, you PAID $70 for 1z AG…..@ $15 spot……. I have no need

steve rockey

Not a savvy investor are ya Barber? 100 k mintage is very low & this set immediately will be in high demand

Chas Barber

Sorry Charlie but the price will almost never = a big enough PROFIT on the aftermarket for me to bite. I’ve played THIS game for decades man…..110k is not rare & even for an ASE the aftermarket is hurting for the pricey stuff, short of the 1995. The big boys already dropped a ’70’ set from $500 to $325….Time will tell but as to savy, in practice how much $ you think will be made on this set already priced @ 5x spot.? IF silver pops you may get the $ back, but if you buy yhr bullion ASE @… Read more »


I bought this set because I liked it…it is beautiful…period !!!

steve rockey

LOL It’s supply & demand .This set there is much more demand than supply .Sit on the sidelines and blather about

Chas Barber

Well, maybe we’ll see. All of the prior ASE “special finishes” have tumbled after a hot start. EXCEPT for the 1995 most have a value +/- around the issue prices. Theses sets are for sale @ about $170. Sales @ $169, 170 TODAY on ebay….. The 2011 5 coin set is down from $700 or so to the $450 range….and dropping, I got 5 sets & a PD Proof last year, .. so I can blather with the best of them GOOD LUCK, I am bullish on coins just not the market!

Seth Riesling

Kate –

These sets are selling for as low as $179.99 for the USM set & $229.99 for the RCM set (the only difference is the packaging) at Apmex now.

Good Luck.



Has anyone had any orders placed as a BACK ORDER had their order shipped yet? Or show processing?

If so, please share the date and time of the order. Thx,

My two orders from Saturday morning, ~7:45 am still show “Back Order” status


5:32 am on the 4th Back Order Processed yesterday Just started to ship way slow in shipping just wish they would go USPS

Keep Calm & Stack On

Set was available for a brief period this morning, unlike yesterday, and then went back to Currently Unavailable (CU)

The slow dance to Sell Out (SO) is progressing..,

Christopher Williams

Check out the below link to HSN on YouTube and Mike “Sold Out, Limited Edition” Mezack telling a blatant lie.

He says “The Mint Set is Sold Out” at the 45 Minute and 20 second mark.

Christopher Williams

I just wanted to clarify that the item Mike “Sold Out, Limited Edition” Mezack claimed is “Sold Out” in the video is the “2019 Uncirculated Coin Set” which is still available at the US Mint for $21.95.

Richard Margolis

If the ANACS coin is only$349, why not send it to PCGS and have it graded at MS70 for a $1600 profit. Perhaps the ANACS grade with not meet the PCGS grading for MS70


ANACS for sure does not meet the standards of PCGS!


hes quite….full of it


He is a shyster for sure. How about how he said that the Canadian POTN issued sets cost him 40 percent more than the US issued sets? They were $143 USD on the RCM web site. I would love to see HSN open the phone lines for callers during his live shows….

Christopher Williams

That would fun, MJS. Imagine Mike “Sold Out, Limited Edition” Mezack being called out on the air. HSN would never allow that, but it would be fun.

Keep Calm & Stack On

2019 Pride of Two Nations SALES through SUNDAY evening – 95,308

Keep Calm & Stack On

If you missed out, I wouldn’t hestitate should the set come back.., it may make an appearance at the Chicago ANA show.., it may not.., though it’s well over 97%+ gone by now (Wednesday)


I ordered two sets and when I opened the box there was only one set. Called the mint and was told to file certificate of non receipt. Which they told me it may take 4 to 6 weeks. This is the first time it ever happened to me and I’ve ordered from the mint lots of times

Christopher Williams

That happened to me one time, Gary, and the Mint took care of it. But that is also why I only order one at a time.


Had to do non-receipt claim a while back due to tracking showing ‘pending’ for a couple weeks. I think the 4 to 6 week part is just them hoping it gets found somehow, I don’t think they actually do anything during that time. Once the time is up then they issue a replacement. I’m sure they have insurance to cover these occasional sorts of things.

Christopher Williams

These were on Back Order for about ten minutes this morning (07/11/19).

Keep Calm & Stack On

Thanks Christopher, good to know. I cancelled a couple of BO sets that I ordered on Saturday so perhaps they were made available.

Really want the RP PD so need to start building a reserve for it now, with it going from Fall ‘19 to TDB and PD now breaching $1,6000/oz, I question whether we’ll see the offering this year, it would be highly suspect to think that the mint would offer 15,000, or even 10,000 of $2,000 coin, though in the event that they do, it’ll be nice to see.., just some random thoughts….

Chas Barber

A box of 5 Two Nations was auctioned Today on EbAY –> 16 Bids, Final hammer @$735.00



Received my set in the mail yesterday. The ASE, especially the reverse, is quite impressive -the Maple Leaf not so much.


Just cancelled a bunch of orders, likely to see some availability.


8/1/19 sets still on sale. disheartening

James Penne

I noticed the “Pride of Two Nations” was listed as limited on August 26, 2019, I placed an order on line and got it. Supposed to arrive day after Labor Day.

I believe it was last year the Mint had several thousand coin sets available at the ANA for sale, and they didn’t sell them all, I believe it happened again this year too.