US Mint Prices Increase for Major 2018 Coins and Sets

Photo of 2017 Silver Proof Set - Lenses of Coins and Packaging Box
CoinNews photo of last year’s Silver Proof Set. This year’s set will cost $2 more.

Collectors will have to pay a bit more in 2018 to buy popular United States Mint products.

Late last week in a notice published on the Federal Register — the official source of notices by government agencies and a daily journal of their proceedings, the U.S. Mint announced new pricing for its core annual sets, American Silver Eagles, and America the Beautiful Quarters® and 5-ounce silver coins.

Overall, prices climbed from $1 to $5 for 13 product types. The following table lists the products and shows how much they have increased from a year earlier.

Numismatic Product 2017 Prices 2018 Prices Change
Proof Set $26.95 $27.95 +$1
Silver Proof Set $47.95 $49.95 +$2
Mint Set $20.95 $21.95 +$1
America the Beautiful Quarters Proof Set $14.95 $15.95 +$1
America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof Set $31.95 $33.95 +$2
Limited Edition Silver Proof Set $139.95 $144.95 +$5
America the Beautiful Quarters Uncirculated Set $12.95 $13.95 +$1
America the Beautiful Quarters Circulating Set $5.95 $8.95 +$3
America the Beautiful 5 oz Silver Uncirculated Coin $149.95 $154.95 +$5
Proof American Silver Eagle $53.95 $55.95 +$2
Uncirculated American Silver Eagle $44.95 $46.95 +$2
Proof American Silver Eagle Bulk Pack $11,329.50 $11,749.50 +2$ (per coin)
Congratulations Set $54.95 $56.95 +$2


Enrollment Saves on Shipping

On the flip side, there’s a way for collectors to save some money this year.

Many of the above products are available by subscription from the U.S. Mint’s Enrollment Program. This year the program has an added incentive of including free budget shipping, which amounts to a savings of $4.95 per order. Read more about the program in this CoinNews article.

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Save some money? Buy one ATB 5 oz for $5.00 more but save $4.95 on shipping. Of course, buy two for $10 more but save $4.95 on shipping. No wonder that we do not know how to save. Inflation back?


They have to make up for the free shipping somehow. If you run the numbers, they should be WAY ahead.


Maybe spend less money producing Birthday, Congratulations, Birth Sets, & all these other unnecessary products. Funnel the savings on those into actually reducing costs on the major sellers!!!

Lee Brewer

I wondered why the good act by the mint of offering free shipping to subscriptions was all about.

I admit from my dealings with them in the past I am now wondering if its not a trick marketing ploy to get new people seeing the price hikes to subscribe, and then next year they will start charging shipping subscribers.

I wish we could go back to the days when we did not have to be suspicious about the mint and other places where the government has is tendrils.


I can’t believe it! I am retired and have been collecting for many years. The US Mint is a government agency. We as tax payers, may not pay all of the Mints expenses, but I’m sure we cover a lot of them. For example buildings, equipment, maintenance, personnel, security and a lot more. What happened to the time when the Mint sold coins with a modest profit? I understand the the variable pricing of precious metal coins as a commodity, but these price increases are not about that. Maybe the mint should follow Walmart’s example with price rollbacks not increases.… Read more »


Got a email from the Mint about the WWI coin .. went to their website, it’s priced at $51.95 for proof and $48.95 (both introductory) then it rises to $56.95 and $53.95 respectively.
dunno if this had been posted before ..but here it is …

I ordered the Mark Twain $1 in both proof and unc during the discound period in 2016 and I paid $45.95 for the proof and $44.95 for the unc ..

Joe Brown

is there a cost of living increase going up in our paycheck, after all it’s our *U.S. Mint that’s raising their price, maybe our *U.S. gov* can throw a few more $$$ in our check with out getting less back in our tax’es ”bs”.


And I’d guess some more discounts will apply from the “list” price for authorized and bulk purchasers (wonder who they are ?? right) …. to products like the ATB 5oz, the proof sets, unc set, both proof and unc collector version of the ASE, AGE and proof Buffalo gold coins …


Is everything a scam!?