2017 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set Unavailable


The U.S. Mint’s 2017 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set is no longer available. Limited to 50,000 and priced at $139.95, the set of eight silver coins went on sale Thursday at noon and by Friday evening — roughly 32 hours later — it was unavailable.

Photo of 2017 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set
A CoinNews photo of coins within a 2017 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set. They include a 1-ounce .999 fine proof American Eagle and .900 fine silver versions of the Kennedy half-dollar, Roosevelt dime, and five quarters (designs depicting Effigy Mounds National Monument in Iowa; Frederick Douglass National Historic Site in the D.C.; Ozark National Scenic Riverways in Missouri; Ellis Island in New Jersey; and George Rogers Clark National Historical Park in Indiana). All the coins are produced at the U.S. Mint facility in San Francisco and carry a ‘S’ mint mark.

They have not officially sold out. The set’s product page has a "Remind Me" option to sign up for an email should more become available. And in fact, there were at least two instances early Saturday when their sales briefly resumed.

Many believed the set would sell out quickly because it offered a last chance to get a low-mintage 2017-S Proof American Silver Eagle. It was frankly a surprise to see them available past the first day.

Their sales were boosted Friday at noon when the U.S. Mint lifted its limit of two sets per household.

Other coins of the set include 90% silver versions of the half-dollar, five quarters, and dime.

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With spot silver at around $16.90 at release, and the grading companies making all sorts of financial demands to obtain a graded coin, It will take a very long time to recover your “investment” in this set. Very hard to justify spending $145 with the Mint plus the grading company fees and shipping costs. Much smarter to just go on eBay and get an already graded 2107-S proof, and get the silver quarter proof set for $32.


I like US MINT new strategy for selling limited quality coins! Set up 24-36 hours for limited 2 per household. This way real collectors will able to buy it . You do the right job



Sets are still available for purchase as of today 5:45 EST.


I stand corrected. I was looking at the 2016 set. The 2017 is in fact, no longer available.

Joe Brown

yeah i ended up paying $109 for a NGC first release ungraded, seeing i did not come close when the congratulation 2017 s ASE came out. Could have for the same price get a 69 PCGS first stike, or a NGC 69 early release for $119 from MCM, all my eagles are NGC needed this one to stay current, except for the 1995 w proof & i don’t sea that happening i was out to lunch that day. I did not want to pay for a 70 which i would love to have so i got out as cheap as… Read more »

sam tweedy

They should have kept the two coin limit for at least 48hrs that way more REAL collectors would have a chance to have a nice family heirloom!!! ???

Chas Barber

For THAT price Mint shoulld add a silver 1c & nickle …….no too good an idea…and what about .999 fine I thought Congre$$ authorized such….


I just received my limited edition set 17s and all the coins are stunning i’m very happy with them . I also have the 13 & 14 sets but those sets aren’t as clean as this one .


Been holding the sealed box with the thought of sending them for grading. Not sure if the added cost is worth it. If I pass them on at some point, would they appreciate them more or less? I am leaning towards just keeping them how they came from the mint.