2017 American Liberty Silver Medal Set Price is $199.95

American Liberty Four Silver Medal Set - Packaging, Medals and Booklet
U.S. Mint image of its 225th Anniversary 2017 American Liberty Four Silver Medal Set

United States Mint pricing has been announced for the upcoming 2017 American Liberty Silver Medal Set. The set of four 1-ounce .999 fine silver medals will be $199.95, according to a U.S. Mint memo published today on the Federal Register, the official source of notices by government agencies and a daily journal of their proceedings.

The memo is dated Thursday, Sept. 7, when LBMA silver was $17.79 an ounce, which indicates the Mint at that time was comfortable with a premium over spot of $32.20 per medal.

Look for the medal set on Oct. 19 at noon ET. There is no word yet as to whether it will be produced to demand or have a mintage limit.

Issued as a part of the U.S. Mint’s yearlong 225th anniversary celebration, the set includes a medal from all four U.S. Mint production facilities with each bearing a different finish. There is a reverse proof from the Philadelphia Mint, a standard proof from the San Francisco Mint, an uncirculated from the Denver Mint and an enhanced uncirculated from the West Point Mint.

All the medals share common designs. Obverses (heads side) depict Liberty rendered as an African-American woman wearing a crown of five-pointed stars. Reverses feature an eagle in flight.

These same design elements also appear on the earlier issued 2017-W American Liberty High Relief Gold Coin and the 2017-P Proof American Liberty Silver Medal. Both pieces are available at catalog.usmint.gov. The Philadelphia Mint-struck proof medal is $59.95, minted to demand, and has last reported sales of 43,947 pieces. The 1-ounce .9999 fine gold coin from the West Point Mint is now $1,740 with 24,448 of the allotted 100,000 sold.

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Would have to be limited to 100,000 or less for me to consider. To much money for a silver medal. Had this set been about the American Indian it would of done better. This is one set that will not sell out quickly. I would say mintage of 250,000 will be offered and many set will have issues with finish and no sell out.

Chas Barber

There will be no limits for this @ this price the mint makes alot of profit regardless of the ‘finish” good luck with it to all….as for me…PA$$…..who is going to buy them for more money? Maybe when silver hits $50 they’ll recapture the price, but your paying $50 an Oz as it is!!!!! A shame 225th Anniversary & no classic reissue, how many silver center cents or FLowing hAir Dollars or say mint gems, a $4 Stella, a $3 gold coin, etc….. would have sold…alot

Seth Riesling

High price for sure, & none of these medals are high relief.
The Mint is trying to shove its 225th anniversary down our throats!



the box is beautiful—-but not worth $100. the silver medal set should have been about $125. it is a bad investment unless you just love the medals.


This post is unrelated to the 2017 Liberty Silver Medal Set. HSN is selling a 2016-W Silver Eagle from the “Congratulations” set graded PR70 DCAM by ANACS for $1999.95. They claim that the full production for this special congratulations set silver eagle is only 5966. I recognize that HSN is typically over priced, however, can anyone tell me how much this 2016 W Mint Congratulations set coin is really worth in today’s collector market?

Seth Riesling

Robert –

I answered your question on the original post you made under the other article here on this coin blog website. It is fairly long. Hope it helps you.
To make a long story short, the coin you are talking about is not rare & has a mintage of over 500,000 coins across the two options offered & is still available in a box with COA from the Mint (the “set” was just the same coin in a cardboard Congratulations folder). It is worth about $100 in Proof-70 grade.

Happy collecting!



No secondary market is a problem . This metal set way overpriced. If US MINT make it legal tender at $50 , then it will be different stories. Why not make $50 legal tender silver coin? ASE need to change face value to $10. $1 is outdated .

Joe Brown

To bad $50 each & if you want the complete package another $60 for the P* proof medal, it would have been nice being a first P*proof & reverse, S* proof. D* unc, W* enhanced medal package. Maybe some people are getting a wage increase, if that,s the case, blue caller US Mint employ’es first.


I think the Mint is under the impression that this set will sell out in an hour like other “must have” coins have done.This is far from a must have, it is a medal and not very popular at that. Add to the fact that is is $200.00 will only add to another fiasco for the mint.


50,000 sets only. 2 per household order. Yup the Mint just showed why people will want them and why people will scream when they don’t get them. Flippers will be all over this set now! Good luck to all. I guess I am back in on this set or should I say two sets if possible. Good luck to all !!!


I had no interest in this set as I feel I already overpaid with the first 2017 silver medal but the information Mike posted may have sparked it a little.


@Seth Riesling
“.. (the “set” was just the same coin in a cardboard Congratulations folder) ..”

Seems like … the HSN guy is trying the TPG label/holder trick on the cheap … using the Mint’s OGP label/holder ….. no need to submit, no fees …

Seth Riesling

Tinto –

Mike Mezack sure is a “creative” ripoff artist on the HSN coin collector shows unfortunately. Sad!



I wanted to get these this year along with the first medal sold but it is just too high. Nice medals but bad pricing! Seth: I’ve been out of touch for a little bit because of health problems and I guess I missed more than I thought. You can always count on “EXCLUSIVE, SOLD OUT, LIMITED EDITION, Mezack” to get the “WHAT THE …” going. Keeps me on my toes for sure. What is the “original post” with your long answer? I would like to read the long version of it. Especially coming from you. Or kind of what heading… Read more »

Seth Riesling

joera –

Welcome back! Hope you are doing better helthwise. A scientific research study I heard about says that people with a serious hobby live longer by about 8 years than those without any hobby, so keep up your collecting!
My post on the topic you are looking for was on September 11 at 6:08pm under my name on Darrin Lee Unser’s article dated September 7 titled “2017 Ellis Island 5 Ounce Coin Released”. It isn’t really that long, but I don’t know how to cut & paste things on this website.
Take care joera.

Happy collecting!



Ouch! I will pass on this for sure. May consider later on the secondary market. Sorry US Mint but you are slowly losing me as a customer.

Robert Thomas

They’ve got to be kidding! There is no way I would pay that much money.
I think last year’s medals had a mintage of 25,000. This is unreasonable.