2017-P Proof American Liberty Silver Medal Price is $59.95

2017-P Proof American Liberty Silver Medals, Case and Booklet
The 2017-P Proof 225th Anniversary American Liberty Silver Medal ship encapsulated and packaged in a custom-designed, black-matte presentation case that includes an informational booklet

The United States Mint is shocking collectors with the price for its upcoming 2017-P Proof American Liberty Silver Medal, asking more for it than its flagship proof American Eagle silver coin.

The 1-ounce, .999 fine silver medal is one of five expected from the U.S. Mint in celebration of its 225th anniversary this year, and a counterpart to the $100 American Liberty Gold Coin released in April.

In a news release published Wednesday, the U.S. Mint announced it would charge $59.95 for the Liberty medal. That’s $6 higher than its 2017-W Proof American Silver Eagle. It’s also a whopping $25 more than each of last year’s 2016 American Liberty Silver Medals. Those launched on Aug. 23, 2016 when LBMA silver was $18.98 an ounce, as compared to its fixing this Wednesday at $17.60 an ounce.

Despite cheaper silver, this year’s medal was expected to cost more than last year’s because of its premium packaging. Similar to the $100 Liberty gold coin, the medal is hand packaged in a black matte finish presentation case and is accompanied by an informational booklet. Charging more for a silver medal than a world-renowned proof American Silver Eagle, however, is a surprise.

The 2017-P Proof American Liberty Silver Medal launches on June 14 at noon ET without mintage, product or household order limits.

This article was edited to correct the medal’s release date to June 14 from July 14.

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Seth Riesling

Mike Unser –

Thanks for reading my earlier post here. U.S. Mint officials have truly lost their minds! LOL


Seth Riesling

These are NOT high relief medals, so don’t be fooled. They are low relief Proofs.
1-ounce .9993 fine silver. The box is not wooden, but polymer. Beautiful, but way over priced!



Yeah, too bad these folks “running” the Mint are getting paid no matter how much they screw up ….


Not even legal tender AND UGLY!
In my opinion, they can keep ALL versions of this ATROCIOUS offering!
Dear President Trump,
Clean house in the US Mint!

Joe #2

$29.95 for a metal is crazy. $60 ? Are they insane?

Gary Lomax

Disgusting portrayal of Lady Liberty. I wouldn’t buy it for spot.


I think this medal launches on 6/14 not 7/14.


Beautiful portrayal of Lady Liberty. Yes, $6 more than an Eagle, but box/presentation is better.


I told myself I would buy this if it was under $50. But, that doesn’t look like it will be the case. With an unlimited mintage, I’ll wait for the price to go down and get one in the secondary market. There SHOULD be a premium on these for the packaging. But, $60 is just too much.

Seth Riesling

SalivateMetal –

You have a good plan for sure. $59.95 plus $4.95 S&H adds up to a hefty $64.90 for a Proof low relief silver round. Ouch!



I really thought this would be in $40 range. I bought last years medals which were very limited and priced considerably less than $60 for this years medal. With that being said, I would not pay $40 on the secondary market. If I find one out there on the secondary market, it would have to be under $30 for me to even consider. Disappointed to say the least.


It’s a shame that the Mint is taking advantage of collectors like this. With all we due to support them the price should be no higher than the ASE Proof!!


Who needs fancy packaging. We are collecting coins not cardboard packaging.
Mint cut cost on packaging.


Since January 1, 2017, I have not bought a single item from the United States Mint which is extraordinary for me because I’m tired of being taken advantage of by them. Usually by this time of year, I would have made a few purchases. And, 2017 so far has been extraordinary in a bad way for the USA to say nothing of the overall climate world wide. But, there will be a total eclipse of the sun here in the USA from the Pacific to the Atlantic on August 17th. That should take our minds off the United States Mint… Read more »


The Mint probably used the same box as the gold one… so there should have been some savings in keeping the basic specs … the dimensions and materials with changes in the outside packaging and other areas like the booklet (will it be the same inside?) to indicate that this is for a silver medal …

Chas Barber

WTF….$60 for this fuguly item….PA$$


Going back to my suggestion from long ago – offer coins with minimal packaging at a discounted price and full price for full service (i.e. expanded packaging).


I enjoy many of the articles from CoinNews, however the tone of this articles seems to be negative with regards to the price of the 225th Anniversary Silver coin for $59.95. As stated in the article it will be priced $6 more then the standard American Eagle Silver proof coin, but unlike the standard 2017 American Eagle Silver proof coin the 225th Silver proof comes with a presentation case and information booklet. These additional features could easily cost $10-$15 but the US Mint is providing it for only 6 additional dollars. If the goal of the article is more of… Read more »


TMoney you just couldn’t help going political could you? In reference to melting pot that no longer applies its now a salad bowl each item unwilling to become part of the whole


TMoney you call it “critcizim”…I call it opinion..In my eyes this is an overpriced ugly coin..In my opinion


Flippers have no room for profit on this unlimited low demand coin. This must of cost a pretty dollar to design and produce.


JohnK, all US Mint proof coins are over priced, not just the 225th anniversary coin. It was just odd to me that this criticism about price was being brought up now with this coin. The most bazaar point of the article was the over price amount was $6 from the standard silver proof coin. That fact alone makes me believe the criticism has nothing to do with price but is about who’s on the coin.

Chas Barber

TMoney, it is not an appealing design to collectors as a representation of a 225th anniversary coin. The price is pure ripoff territory –> it may be a proof, but just the use of an ASE blank. The mint has made itself a target of rightous complaints from its recent inability to issue an item w/success. Indeed who or what is on a coin effects a purchaser, I have no interest in the $5 Boys town w/a priest on it….and although it may set a BU au commen record, the legs on low issue modern au commems appears to be… Read more »


you can purchase 3 mint strike american silver eagles for the price of just one of these at any coin show. this medal is way over priced and ugly. it is a bad investment on any level.

Seth Riesling

This is not a coin as many have called it here – it is a medal/medallion/silver round only.
The marketplace for medals is totally different than that of the USA legal tender coin marketplace for sure. Medals are still the orphans of numismatics.



Where will they be minted & will they have a mint mark ?
I’m referring to the 2017 proof American Liberty Silver Medal .
With all the strange things going on. I just thought I’d ask.
You never know these days.

HB Guy

Money – 1. This is not a coin – it’s a medal. 2. The price is insane: whether a medal or a coin, one can buy 3 oz of Ag (ASEs or otherwise) for the price of one ASL medal. 3. The design is hideous, and lacks any justification for the steep price. 4. The rendition of Lady Liberty on an ASE is worth paying for; this fugly, fugly design is not. Let the Mint place the ASLs in a melting pot expunge them from our view. 5. The Mint’s attempt at political correctness has been given a much needed… Read more »


That packaging takes up a ton of room for storage anyway.
U.S. Mint???? It’s a MEDAL NOT a rare coin. Drop the price by $30 and you’re stll paying to much. Another PASS 4 me.


Joe#2. That is exactly what I am thinking. Especially on the secondary markets, it would need to be $25 for me to pull the trigger. This should have been no more than $40 from the US Mint.


I agree Rooster… Don’t know what the Mint is thinking.

NW Robert

I don’t understand the comments that this coin is ugly. I bought the gold version… awesome. Have you viewed Mike Unger’s video of the coin? http://www.coinnews.net/2017/05/03/2017-100-american-liberty-gold-coin-video/
Beautiful. The price for the silver medal is a valid argument. But as far as the look of the coin. It’s striking. I’ll try and purchase the medal. Like this website! Pale boy from the Great Northwest!! 🙂

NW Robert

Just thinking of an ugly coin… Susan B. Anthony? oh my! I always think of Sadie Hawkins from Lil Abner’s cartoons. Butt ugly.


A lot of people wining and crying over this,asking “mr.Trump” to fix things up.. puff he isnt going to listen to y’all nor fix anything. If u like it buy it if not don’t and stfu.


I’d call it a great design, if only the lady wasn’t wearing her kids cut-out stars from Kindergarten on her head. I wish they had scaled them down in size a little. I find them a little distracting. Sure, it’s over-priced. If you don’t like it, don’t buy one. The ‘justification’ that this is the 225th anniversary medal is amusing to me. I’m not sure where 225 years of anything has been something to get very excited about. Might as well call it the 15 squared edition. I’ll be a little more excited If I’m still round for the 250th… Read more »


This puppy will be an easy find around $27 to $29, at some point in 2018.

What’s funny is this, of all the 225th Liberty offerings, the gold Liberty at $1,690, is likely to offer the best value of them all.

This P Silver medal release reaks of desperation by mint leadership, desperation for revenue. $59.95 – Unbelievable.


From a graphic designer’s point of view. This is very much resembles the profile of our ex “dear” leader, the mint already offers Obama medals. Additionally, as was mentioned above, the stars on her head are to big. Maybe placing the model a bit further away, maybe in full figure, and holding a torch, or a wreath, or an eagle could have been more appealing. More importantly, the motive of this year’s Liberty does not match the political atmosphere and the times. I think 3-4 years from now the design can be more popular.

NW Robert

You have to wonder what some of the folks posting here will say about the future versions of Lady Liberty. The Asian version, the Latino version, and the Native American versions planned for the next several years. I hope the coins come out as well as the Afro-American version this year.
Anybody have a guess on what the American Liberty 4 medal set is going to cost later this year? $60.00 X 4 = $240.00? I bet higher. 🙁


$189 to $225.., when it comes to the U.S Mint, best just to throw a dart as to what they’ll do

NW Robert

I have a non metal subject ? I’m not sure where on this website to ask this: I’ve been out of coin collecting for over 30 years. So I’m trying to learn all I can. I bought a proof coin the very first day it was offered from the mint so I’m thinking this is a top notch coin! Then I discover grading services out there that raise or lower the value of a coin. Is that for both uncirculated and proof coins? Do you recommend engaging one of these grading services? Things have changed! Again, my apologies for the… Read more »


I guess everyone who hates the 225th Black Lady Liberty coin will really lose their minds when later this year the US Mint will release the 4 Silver set that will show different color representations of the coin. It seems that one of the representation will show the skin tone of the Lady Liberty being black. Here is what is expected the 4 coin set is suppose to look like. http://expo.whitman.com/news/new-2017-american-liberty-silver-medals-unveiled-at-the-whitman-baltimore-expo/

NW Robert

I think the two artists did a fantastic job with the design of this coin. Justin Kunz https://www.usmint.gov/learn/artists/aip-justin-kunz and Phebe Hemphil https://www.usmint.gov/learn/artists/sculptors-phebe-hemphill

Seth Riesling

NW Robert –

You sure are right about that! Justin Kunz also designed the obverse of the first American Liberty high relief $100 gold coin in 2015 with a Caucasian Lady Liberty that started this biennial gold coin series. He is an instructor of Art at Brigham Young University in Salt Lake City, Utah. Such talent!



There is an easy solution: 1. Coin/Medal with nice “presentation” case, priced accordingly, $59.95 2. Coin/Medal without “presentation” case/minimalist packing, priced accordingly, $44.95 (or whatever) Personally, on most mint issues, I receive them and quickly PCGS them. Now, these nice, wood “Presentation” boxes and OGP are in plastic bags in the garage and I have no frickin’ idea where to “store” them – my wife says “donate” them – ugh IMO, I don’t even know anyone that uses the presentation boxes for their intended purpose — as a decoration/conversation piece — I don’t even want ANYONE to know what I… Read more »

michael angiolillo

My Liberty Medals from last year have so many milk spots, they are probably worth spot silver now. Buying modern silvern at a premium to spot is a waste of money.