2017 American Liberty Silver Medal Set Gets Oct. 19 Release Date


The United States Mint recently published images and a release date for its 2017 American Liberty Silver Medal Set. Those attending the ANA’s World’s Fair of Money in Denver Aug. 1 to 5 had the opportunity to see the set up close.

American Liberty Four Silver Medal Set - Packaging, Medals and Booklet
U.S. Mint image of its 225th Anniversary 2017 American Liberty Four Silver Medal Set. The collectible includes four medals from four different minting facilities — each medal bearing a different finish, a tri-fold holder to display the medals, and an informational booklet detailing the evolution of Lady Liberty.

Everyone else will have to wait a few months with its release scheduled for Oct. 19 at noon ET.

Issued as a part of the U.S. Mint’s yearlong 225th anniversary celebration, the four-medal set includes:

  • one silver medal from the Philadelphia Mint in a reverse proof,
  • one silver medal from the San Francisco Mint in standard proof,
  • one silver medal from the Denver Mint in uncirculated, and
  • one silver medal from the West Point Mint in enhanced uncirculated.

All four medals share the same designs. Obverses depict Liberty rendered as an African-American woman wearing a crown of five-pointed stars. Reverses feature an eagle in flight.

American Liberty Four Silver Medal Set - Medal Obversers
U.S. Mint image of the medal obverses
American Liberty Four Silver Medal Set - Medal Reverses
U.S. Mint image of the medal reverses

These same designs are also as showcased on the earlier released 2017-W $100 American Liberty High Relief Gold Coin and the 2017-P Proof American Liberty Silver Medal.

Photos 2017 American Liberty 225th Anniversary High Relief Gold Coin
CoinNews photos of a 2017 American Liberty 225th Anniversary Gold Coin. The silver medals feature the same designs, although not in high relief. The gold coin was released on April 6.

Photos 2017-P Proof American Liberty Silver Medal
CoinNews photos of a 2017-P Proof American Liberty Silver Medal. This standalone medal launched on June 14.

Both of these are available at catalog.usmint.gov with the 1-ounce gold coin listed for $1,690 with sales of 24,031 and the 1-ounce silver medal priced at $59.95 with sales of 41,304 (sales totals for the pair are as of Aug. 6).

Pricing of the medal set remains unknown as of this writing. More images of it are available on the set’s product page right here.

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Warning: this set is not coins , didn’t have numismatic value. If you like it ,buy it. But don’t be flippers , you will guarantee lose money

Chas Barber

I wonder if the 2017 HR Medal[s] will be offered in 2020 in a set with the JFK 100th Birthday $1……..mintage # foretells a sellout in 2022


I hope the Mint has a household limit on these. Don’t blow it like they did with the Enhanced Uncirculated set that came out at the beginning of the month!!


I will not buy it , this is same as silver round , it mean the price up and down is depend on silver market .why did we have to pay 300% of premium for this silver round ?

Seth Riesling

Let’s take a poll:

Are you planning on buying a set of these medals? (I am.)

What do you think the Mint’s issue price will be on this silver 4-medal set with booklet & COA with 4 different Mint marks & finishes? (I think they should be able to offer it at about $180).

Thanks everyone!


Christopher Williams


I plan on purchasing at least two sets.

Charlie 1952

I believe this to be a very good series of medals and I would rather pay for the silver as apposed to the series of bronze medal that is very expensive to keep up with now that the mint is making so many every year. I was buying the bronze medal series but I cstopped after the huge price increase. I will try to purchase at least one set. I am kind of expecting to pay about 225.

Chas Barber

Ernesto, no worries, this is a MEDAL set & the legs for medals is weak @ best. Unlimited mintage as well….so order up Sailor! I’d say to Seth I see the sets @ $195 each. A $5 discount for 4 items….2ndary I say $225. NO plan to buy these for ME. I have not bought the medals for the past 2 years. I prefer real money….they look real purdy but in 5 -10 years I see them @ spotish



Not going to buy these medals. The ones I have from the Mint are the 911 (W and P) and the 4 National Wildlife Refuge System Centennial silver medals ..


Besides, I can’t stand the sight of the eagle flying with clipped tail feathers. I might have had a different reaction it it had been shown perched on a tree branch ….

Joe Brown

i,m in, Seth, i’m looking forward to this set from our 4 *us mints, my* thinking* is 1$100 for 3 silver *eagle set in 2006, & the 2011 5 silver coin set was $299, i* know it’s a 999.3 silver medal not a coin. my guess* $175.95, but the 1 medal alone is $60. if our *us*mint is going to 4×60=us* they* can keep it. clip wing & all. way to much for carboard & little paper book & wood if they* us it. I love our new *liberty* a first, there a day late abuck shot, but it’s done,… Read more »


I purchased the 1oz gold HR Liberty.., as well as the 1oz P Silver Liberty medal, To spend $180 (as Seth believes) or $225 (as Charlie believes) for 4 ounces of silver.., 4 ounces of silver in medal form.., and 4 ounces of silver of the same design.., at north of $180.., is just a hard pill to swallow. Personally, I believe the price point for the 4 medals and newly designed packaging will be $199.95 to $214.95.., again, for 4 ounces of silver. I’m on the fence.., one only has to look back to the September 11th medal and… Read more »


Tinto – ditto, agreed!

Seth Riesling

Thanks for your comments on my “poll” everyone! I have been a medallic art enthusiast for years. It is true that most modern medals, especially from the U.S. Mint, have very little value above issue price (& most are below issue price). A few do, including the Bicentennial of the Mint “Philadelphia Set” from 1993 that included a special Proof silver medal with ‘P” Mint mark with 3 Proof gold American Eagles in the 3 smaller sizes. It was not sold separately, except as a cheap bronze version without Mint mark. It carries a nice premium now. Also, some modern… Read more »


I would at least keep the poll going until 18 October..,

It would be good to hear what other ‘collectors’ think..,

Joe Brown

if any 1 , wants a i’dear for all kinds of medals from A to U, Country’s, & what type of metal content, & the $,price of these 2017 silver metals or the *us*mint bronze metal of early years, & so on. check out, NorthEastCoin.com, he sell’s as low as he can. just to get an i’dear. if you want. he had me* & he new it, i new it. last time we met. not my best poker face, & bad time to sell. it’s a time to buy. o’, your not going to get price for the 2017 medals… Read more »

Robert F Hall

$225 sounds right, out of my reach!

Robert F Hall

Maybe I can get one if $ 129.00


It all depends on the mintage, be it coin or medal. A US mint silver medal is hardly a silver round. There is a market for these medals. The 2017 P with unlimited mintage will hardly hold value like the 2016 counterpart with low mintage. But we do. It yet know the mintage of the other medals in the set. Assuming they will have the same mintage as the 2017 P is folly and could cause one to lose out on a great opportunity. Low sales of an unlimited mintage can result in a rare coin/medal.


For all you Nostradami, please let me know the next winning Powerball numbers.


$199.95 it is..,

Stevo – you’re dreaming, about these medals future values and you winning powerball!

Christopher Williams

Looks like the mintage is 50,000 with a Household Limit of Two (2).

Scott Steffek

I don’t normally buy medals. So I’m asking for your opinions on the Liberty set. It says they’re only producing 50,000 sets. Do you think these will go up in value, because of the low mintage? $200 is a lot of money for 4 of these!

Christopher Williams

I purchased my two with relative ease just now.