2017-P Proof American Liberty Silver Medal Sales at 33,075


First-day sales of the dual-dated 1792-2017-P Proof American Liberty Silver Medal reached 24,233 pieces. Buyers claimed another 8,842 up to and through the weekend, bringing the medal’s total to 33,075 sold.

Photo 2017-P Proof American Liberty Silver Medal - Obverse and Reverse, Encapsulated
CoinNews photos of a 2017-P Proof American Liberty Silver Medal (obverse and reverse)

The collectible launched on Wednesday, June 14, for $59.95. Struck in an ounce of 99.9% pure silver to a proof finish at the U.S. Mint facility in Philadelphia, the medal is a companion piece to the high-relief 2017 American Liberty gold coin. It has no mintage or household order limits.

Both the silver medal and gold coin are minted as a part of the U.S. Mint’s celebration of its 225th anniversary. The gold coin scored first-day sales of 14,285, debuting on April 6 for $1,640.00. Its price and sales have since climbed to $1,690.00 and 22,879 pieces.

Photo 2017-P Proof American Liberty Silver Medal - Obverse, Encapsulated
A larger view of the medal’s obverse
Photo 2017-P Proof American Liberty Silver Medal - Reverse, Encapsulated
A larger view of the medal’s reverse

Last year, the U.S. Mint released a pair of 2016 American Liberty Silver Medals. Each was $34.95 and limited to 12,500. Their cheaper price and low mintages helped in spurring quick sellouts, which happened within 10 minutes of their Aug. 23 launch.

Order the newest silver medal online, right here, or call 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

The U.S. Mint will also release a 2017 American Liberty Silver Four-Medal Set. The set will include another medal from the Philadelphia Mint but in reverse proof, a regular proof medal from the San Francisco Mint, an uncirculated medal from the Denver Mint, and a special enhanced uncirculated medal from the West Point Mint.

CoinNews will publish more 2017 American Liberty Silver Medal photos on Friday.

This article was updated to correct first-day sales to 24,233.

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It didn’t do so bad after all like some people thought it would. I mean it’s not a “total flop” but I don’t think it’s going to sale out either.


It produces another billion coin.

Chas Barber

With the movement in silver the mint has announced the price is changing top $68.95 on July 1st……

Seth Riesling

joera –

As you requested, I posted in the comments section about the Mint’s dealer discount program & the at least 14 products they get a bulk discount on. It is posted here on the June 14 article about the new silver medal.

Happy collecting!



Seth –
Thank you. I did catch it on the date you posted it. I had no idea! Thanks again!