American Liberty 225th Anniversary Gold Coin Release


The United States Mint is marking 225 years since its establishment. As part of a year-long celebration, today the government agency releases its 2017-W $100 American Liberty High Relief Gold Coin.

2017-W $100 American Liberty 225th Anniversary Gold Coin, Obverse, Edge and Obverse
Obverse, edge and reverse images of the dual-dated 1792-2017 American Liberty 225th Anniversary Gold Coin™ from the U.S. Mint

The 1-ounce, .9999 fine 24-karat gold coin is available for $1,640.00 beginning at noon Eastern Time. Struck in collector proof quality at the West Point Mint, its mintage is limited to 100,000 pieces.

Coin Designs & Specifications

The coin’s obverse or heads side depicts Liberty as an African-American woman, facing left, wearing a crown of stars in homage to the bronze Statue of Freedom topping the dome of the U.S. Capitol.

American Liberty 225th Anniversary Gold Coin, Crown of Stars
The coin’s crown of stars pays homage to the Statue of Freedom
Crown of Stars of Statue of Freedom
The crown of stars on the Statue of Freedom atop the U.S. Capitol dome

U.S. Mint Artistic Infusion Program (AIP) Designer Justin Kunz created the design and it was sculpted by U.S. Mint Sculptor-Engraver Phebe Hemphill. Their initials, JK and PH, also appear on the obverse along with inscriptions of "LIBERTY," "1792," "2017," and "IN GOD WE TRUST."

2017-W $100 American Liberty 225th Anniversary Gold Coin, Obverse
A closer look at the coin’s obverse or heads side

Edges of the high-relief gold coin show raised lettering of 225TH ANNIVERSARY in three places with a five-point star before and after each instance.

2017-W $100 American Liberty 225th Anniversary Gold Coin, Edge
The gold coin’s edge has raised lettering and 5-point stars

Reverses (tails side) depict an eagle in flight. Inscribed around the eagle are "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA," "E PLURIBUS UNUM," "1OZ .9999 FINE GOLD," "100 DOLLARS," and a "W" mintmark for the U.S. Mint facility in West Point.

2017-W $100 American Liberty 225th Anniversary Gold Coin, Reverse
A look at the coin’s reverse

U.S. Mint AIP Designer Chris Costello created the artwork and U.S. Mint Sculptor-Engraver Michael Gaudioso executed its use for coins. Their initials, CTC and MG, also appear on the reverse.

225th Anniversary Gold Coin Specifications

Denomination US $100
Finish Proof
Composition 99.99% Gold
Diameter 1.205 inches (30.61 mm)
Weight 1.0000 troy oz. (31.108 grams
Edge Lettered
Mint U.S. Mint facility at West Point
Mintmark W


Ordering and Variable Pricing

To order, visit the U.S. Mint’s website page for the collectible which is located here. It may also be purchased by calling 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468). There is no household order limit.

2017 American Liberty 225th Anniversary Gold Coin, Case and Booklet
U.S. Mint images of the 2017-W $100 American Liberty 225th Anniversary Gold Coin, its presentation case and its booklet

Pricing of the coin may be adjusted weekly depending on market conditions. Its current price is based on LBMA gold that is within $1,250.00 and $1,299.99 an ounce. (See the coin’s pricing schedule.)

A custom designed, black wood presentation case houses the encapsulated coin. A special 225th anniversary booklet which contains the Certificate of Authenticity also ships with the package.

Biennial 24-karat Gold Coin Series

This gold piece extends the Mint’s high-relief $100 issues, with the first release in 2015 capturing sales of more than 49,000. Two companion silver medals followed in 2016 and quickly sold out.

Photos of 2015 $100 American Liberty High Relief Gold Coin
Here are several CoinNews photos of the 2015 $100 American Liberty High Relief Gold Coin. Its sales reached 73.3% of maximum within the first day.

Photos of 2016 American Liberty Silver Medals
CoinNews photos of the companion 2016 American Liberty Silver Medals

It is actually the first release in a new design series that, according to the Mint, will feature "allegorical Liberty in a variety of contemporary forms-including designs representing Asian-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, and Indian-Americans among others-to reflect the cultural and ethnic diversity of the United States." Coins of the program are scheduled to be issued every two years.

In addition, medals struck in .999 silver with the same designs as the gold coins will also be available.

This article was edited to accurately reflect the number of stars around the coin’s edge.

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I will be shocked if this gold liberty coin even sells out. The cost of gold, the design, limited collectors for these high cost coins and past sales of the half dollar or quarter all lean toward this being a big flop by the mint. Don’t get me wrong if this was struck in silver I might buy but gold coins are over rated.

Danny Morano

$1,640.00 No Way, Not Me.


The $400 premium over spot is really bloated….why, just because the Mint can do it?


The mint could do as they please, including ripping people off, even if nobody likes it. No surprise cause the mint is a business and that’s how its always going to be.

michael angiolillo

The news of this coin was spread through the non-coin press. There seemed to be positive comments, depending on the news source. It will be interesting to see how this coin does based on that supposed interest.

HB Guy

$1640 for Michelle Obama? She belongs on a Food Stamp coupon, not a gold coin.


HB guy, no need for awful and disgusting racial comments. This is not a “white supremacy” blog.. Its a nice coin but price is too high.


i saw someone already post on Ebay presale . Let see how fast for this gold coin vanish from US Mint vault. Remember it is no household limit, so someone can order 25000 pieces like 2017 Congratulations set .


this coin scores 10 out of 10 on the ugly scale. $400 over spot and 100,000 product limit. it is a bad investment!


I don’t see any meat left on the bone for flippers or the gougers from the big coin companies and it is priced way too high for the average Joe. I don’t see the mint selling very many of these, and those who do purchase them for resale may be holding them for a very long time. Just my opinion, and I have been wrong many times before.


ONLY buy this coin if you’re in love with it. If the mintage was 25k tops, And smaller packaging box, I may have purchased one. If you’re looking to make $200 – $300 dollar profit on it, I don’t see it. The ebay fees destroy you alone. Good luck, Will be interesting. Maybe the “coin guy” on HSN, Who we all know will pick up at least 75,000 of them… lol

Danny Morano

Don’t forget The Coin Vault who mark way up and offer split pay, Gov Mint, MCM who also do, APMEX, Golden Eagle Coins, Maybe PandaAmerica, and anybody else looking to make a buck.
There will be a Silver Medal. I’ll buy just one.

Seth Riesling

Darrin Lee Unser & Mike Unser –

You have a glaring error in this article (in two places) – this gold coin does not have 13 stars around the edge. It has 6 stars, as the raised inscription is repeated three times around the edge with a star at the beginning & end of each inscription imparted by a 3-part segmented collar used during the striking process.



Hewhodontknow: Good response. It’s disheartening – no, disgusting – that these trolls feel emboldened to spread their slime. Let’s get back to discussing coins, coins, and just coins.


Correct Danny.I as well will buy the silver one.


On line ready to buy but the more I think about, I will pass. Probably will regret a couple years out as the series advances. My budget is nudging me to the Buffalo if I am buying gold.


IMO, The buffalo best coin Mint has ever made.


HB Guy… try to be a nice guy… is that to much to ask? This is about coins.

Seth Riesling

Darrin Lee Unser & Mike Unser –

Thank you for correcting your errors in the original version of this article & using the information I provided you with, having seen the coin in person on its official unveiling day.
You are welcome!



RIP Don Rickles. He was the best. …


For me it will be wait and see!! # of sales the first week & where the price of gold go,s.

michael angiolillo

What is the over/under for sales in first week?

Chas Barber

I will wait mayb gold goes down….maybe not, this is not a coin I “need” to have have in any sense- with the marked up price & 100,000…really they can’t sell 75k of the classics …I really “needed” the AU Walker, still do, the price is a tad gauging & still on sale…they may be a bullion item in the end, as this may be, what kind of legs, it’s not a St. high relief, it’s a modern rendition that co$ts a lot of $$$$. After the “S” ASE bs I hope this bombs! Not as to coin or design… Read more »

Scott the Robot

History may prove me wrong, but I see the price of gold tumbling. The highest I have ever seen gold was ~$1800 in 2011 and we are close to $1300. Due to the high mintage, assuming gold goes down to $1,000/oz. in a year or two you will be able to buy this (ugly) coin on the secondary market for $1,100 or so. Thus, I will pass on this coin but look forward to the Platinum Eagle!

Seth Riesling

Scott the Robot – Gold made its first “big” jump in 1980 at about $850 an ounce & fast forward to 2011 when it made its all-time record high of about $1921 an ounce which is still the record high. So it took approximately 30 years just to double in value (not even taking inflation into account). Many people bought gold in the hype & frenzy of 1980 (when silver hit its all-time record of $50.35 which still stands) & lost their shirt, pants, shoes & underwear in the process as gold dropped precipitously in a matter of just a… Read more »

Michael Irwin

For those that would disparage the design on less than its artistic endeavor, I will say: Black Americans were a part of building this country long before we were a country and long before they were considered, legal or otherwise, Americans. If this and the price discourages sales then good for those that take the plunge. My daughter then will reap the benefit if she holds onto it until she reaches my age in 5 decades.


I can’t pretend to predict the price of gold, but one thing I can tell you is that the dollar is dead (which bodes well for gold). The only way out of our fiscal mess will be to hyperinflate, so Im going to keep buying gold while its cheap


worst coin ever in the 225 years. Would never buy one even if it was 100 bucks.

Gary Lomax

Ugly, disgusting coin. Another disaster from the Obama era. Thank God its over. What a mistake he was.


I enjoy the Coin Hobby for what it is. There are many US coins that appear to be dull or poorly conceived, nevertheless, to enter hateful or political comments only reveals emptiness within. President Trump would say “SAD”.


Michael Irwin & Gary (not Lomax)
Thank you. It really makes me wonder how some of these posters have become so hate-filled that they have to turn a coin’s design into political screeds. If you don’t like a coin’s design, DON’T BUY IT! (Isn’t that called “letting the marketplace decide”?)

How are they going to react when the Mint releases other images of Liberty that don’t meet their preconceived notions? God forbid that they have children to whom they’ve passed on their bigotry.

HB Guy

Munzen, if you want the conversation focused on coins, you should direct your comments to those who allowed “political correctness” to manifest its ugly self on American coinage.

Apart from the hideous design of this coin, the plans for the entire series reek of quotas and political correctness promoted by Obama and his ilk. If you want to return this discussion to coin, avoid this one.


You can’t fault the mint for making all the money they can, we as a country are in debt to the tune of 19.5 trillion. You don’t like it, or you think it’s to high don’t buy it. I don’t believe the mint is forcing anyone, buy something you like the mint has alot to choose from. That’s my 2 cents worth.

michael angiolillo

Did anybody buy this coin? No mention of purchases in comments.


Looking for sales #s so for.


The US mint should have put more artistic design into this proof, it could have been the most beautiful coin ever minted, but for some reason their choices were too limited. The African- American woman should have been smiling and crowned with long flowing hair (not gaudy looking stars) and superimposed before a very beautiful nature scene, like mountains with deer drinking from a tranquil lake in the foreground, or an absolutely spectacular ocean sunrise with lady liberty walking on the beach with her son and daughter holding hands, representing our bright eternal future! As for the reverse, they chose… Read more »

Danny Morano

That was one of the most elegant posts on this coin. You should apply to the Mint as an artistic consultant. This coin to me seems rushed and the inputs of to many people.
You know the old addage, “To Many Cooks Spoil the Soup” or whatever their cooking. In this case, one “Ugly Coin”
Seth, you’re in the know, how many coins did the Mint sell the first day? Call in some favors or twist some arms and let’s us know.
Kaplah, DrWho7


dan i agree with your post. it could have been something really great for the coin collecting hobby and for america. maybe next year it will be a great coin, however, this year to me it was a total disaster.

Anthony W

I purchased one as soon as it was available at 12 pm E.S.T. My plan is to collect every coin in this series because I don’t think we’ll ever see any coin with so much emphasis on multi-cultural backgrounds. Until I collect every one I will leave each coin in it’s original packaging as I plan on having them graded by PCGS, depending on the listed price for First Strike coins, and selling the completed collection if there is a decent profit to be made. If not, I will just past them down to my son with my other precious… Read more »


Hi guys,
On the subject of Gold price:
The Fed will continue to raise the interest rates over the next two years. Gold, tied to th US dollar will also rise with it.


Its interesting you say that, cause rising rates generally means lower gold price (more money flows into bonds at higher interest rates, and gold, which has no yield, sees an outflow of investment). Obviously there are other factors to consider, but based off interest rates alone, higher interest rates mean lower price of gold.


Mint prices for Gold coins rose on April 12.
Geopolitical issues will cause daily fluctuations but overall price will rise with intrest rates over the next 2 years. It is called inflation.

Chas Barber

If you want to ‘invest’ in gold this is NOT the way to go. Unless they cut mintage or something these will be available for year$. ? IF you can’t sell 75k gold SLQ or 100k W/L golds, how do you think you’ll sell 100k of this design. @ curent sales # it is not even going to be a rare issue, NPS $5 BU blows the # away. Overpriced hunk of non-proof gold…….no leg$ like the St. gaudens….only a $ maker for the mint a reward to all the ‘collectors’ who jumped fast & bought the 17 S proof… Read more »


Dollar is dead Fact….gold will rise Fact…this 225th edition is not truly beautiful but it’s not so bad either. I read many negative comments so sad. If you do not have money sit back we going to buy all of em up so do not worry your wallets. Plus, 100,000 only minted. Hmmm…. lady I checked there is over 6 billion people on the earth. 300 million Americans. Seems rare to me.

Kristy Schatz

The mint has done it. They made a coin uglier than the Susan B Anthony.


I love it. I purchased one for myself and one for my niece. God bless the USA.


Great looking coin! Great that it irritates racists as well. Best quality: my kids love it.