2017-W Proof American Silver Eagle Launches


Collectors can now order the most popular annual numismatic product from the United States Mint with today’s release of the 2017-W Proof American Silver Eagle.

2017-W Proof American Silver Eagle
2017-W Proof American Silver Eagle – obverse and reverse

This new issue appears as the thirty-first coin in a series which dates back to 1986. It also marks a return to a standard reeded edge that has appeared on every release with the exception of last year’s 30th anniversary edition.

All other specifications for the coin remain consistent with the program’s long pedigree to include a composition of 1 ounce of 99.9% pure silver, a weight of 31.103 grams, a diameter of 1.598 inches (40.60 mm), and a collectible proof finish — a quality that creates sharp frosted designs that pop against mirror-like backgrounds.

Seen on the proof’s obverse (heads side) is Adolph A. Weinman’s "Walking Liberty" design that appeared on half-dollars from 1916 to 1947. The word LIBERTY is above the allegorical figure while the motto IN GOD WE TRUST is the right and 2017 is below.

2016-W 30th Anniversary Proof American Silver Eagle
CoinNews photos of an obverse and reverse of a 2016-W Proof American Silver Eagle. More than 630,000 of them have sold to date.

For the reverse (tails side), John Mercanti’s heraldic eagle with shield design has also been a staple of the series. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, 1 OZ. FINE SILVER and ONE DOLLAR surround the image, along with a ‘W’ mint mark to denote the coin’s production at the U.S. Mint’s facility in West Point.

Proof American Silver Eagles have seen consistent demand with hundreds of thousands sold annually. Last year’s release now has combined product sales of more than 630,000 pieces despite a late September release.

2017 American Eagle Silver Bullion Coins
CoinNews photo of investor-grade 2017 American Eagle Silver Bullion Coins. Unlike the collector proof edition released today, the U.S. Mint does not sell their bullion coins directly to the public. They are generally available from bullion and coin dealers for a small premium above their melt value.

The proof coin’s longevity has helped in building a wide base of dedicated American Silver Eagle collectors, as has a companion bullion piece intended for investors. Sharing the designs and specifications but lacking the proof finish, sharper detail, and "W" mint mark, this year’s bullion Silver Eagle launched on Jan. 9 and already has sales of more than 7.6 million.


Priced at $53.95, the 2017-W Proof American Silver Eagle is available from the U.S. Mint by visiting its product page. Orders are also accepted by telephone at 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

Photo of 2014 Proof American Silver Eagle
For years, as shown in this CoinNews photo from 2014, proof Silver Eagles have been individually encapsulated, placed inside a blue velvet, satin-lined presentation case, and ship with a Certificate of Authenticity. Notice the proof finish, giving the coin a mirror-like quality.

Coins ship in a case and are accompanied by a United States Mint Certificate of Authenticity.

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As usual Mike Mesak was selling these graded on HSN last Saturday.

Gary Lomax

Yea, he was selling them PF70 for $199.99. He had a 2017 stab with a 2016 coin in it (trying to hide that it was a 2016).


Beautiful coin. I prefer the proof version.


Hey guy’s, I’m new to collecting and I’ve been watching to all of these coin shows on TV and would like to know…does getting a coin graded make the coins value increase? Like Gary Lomax said above, I see 2016 and 2017 PR70 eagles going for $150 to $200 on all these TV coin shows, but they are $55 from the Mint. Is it worth it to spend a $100 or more to guarantee a PR70 graded by ANACS? Does the special grading labels with signatures, limited editions or different designs raise the value of the coins? The owner of… Read more »

Mark S.

I’ve had a completely​ fk.up Experience with Mike the used car salesman Mezack… HSN an CSN. Buying Morgan’s an having them certified thru ANACS. They came back CLEANED… HSN is making it right. CSN is another story… The guy Frank said that it does not matter that a coin comes back CLEANED. I told him buying a coin that hasn’t been advertised as cleaned is fraudulent.. Stated that having a coin certified is at UR Risk ……He stated that he’s been in the business for over 30yrs…. EVERYONE PLEASE PUT A U-TUBE SPOT..(I DON’T KNOW HOW) TELL HOW MIKE. ”… Read more »

Mike in Anaheim

I like graded and ungraded coins. I generally get one from the mint and another grade 70 from places like MCM, mentioned above. Anything sold on HSN is easily double or triple the cost of what you could buy it for from reputable shops. Fun to watch though.


Kerrie. Not an expert but I would never pay that kind of premium for a graded coin. I have some older coins I know would grade 70 but I am am happy knowing I have them raw and original from the mint. If you prefer graded, I would recommend PCGS or NGC. A premium of 10% would be reasonable and hard to justify much more. Maybe 20% if a 70 grade but only with PCGS or NGC.


Great question Kerrie!! I’ll be watching the responses! I personally prefer coins in the original packaging. Cheaper with the chance of having them graded 70.

Gary Lomax

Kerrie, a coin in a holder and graded 70 will command a premium but NOT at the level HSN and other tv shows sell them for. Go to ModernCoinMart or other reputable online dealer and you can get a graded proof silver eagle for like 40% more than the mint cost, not 200% like on TV. Plus it will be NGC or PCGS, not ANACS which is less desired.


I am not a fan of any graded bullion coins. They to me are nothing more than cash for precious metals. Slabbing proof coins maybe, but they would have to be pretty special. Paying for a slabbed bullion coin is not a good investment in my option. No dealer will pay anymore for a modern slabbed bullion coin. They will pay spot or less. Not a good investment.Keep them in tubes or other methods so you can prevent wear and tear and still appreciate the beautiful balance between art and currency.



What is the grade of the US Mint’s 2017 Silver Eagle Proof coin from West Point?


2017 PF70 ultra cameo they’re selling it for $189 to $248
2017 MS70 they’re selling it for $149 to $199
2016 PF70 and 2016 MS70 is same price

Shows like HSN, The Coin Vault, Rick Tomaska’s coin show, AAN America’s auction network, and AVC collectable coins with Don Davis. Usually they’re graded by ANACS, the higher prices are for PCGS and NGC. But they are still selling them at the US mint.