Order Deadline for US Mint 2016 Commemorative Coins; Free Shipping


With the New Year quickly approaching, the United States Mint is starting to remind customers about products that are going off sale.

Mark Twain Silver Dollars in Cases-a
U.S. Mint sales end Dec. 29 for all 2016 commemorative coins, like the Mark Twain silver dollars in collector qualities of proof and uncirculated

Beginning at noon ET on Dec. 29, the U.S. Mint will no longer sell 2016-dated commemorative coins.

"Don’t miss this opportunity to capture these limited edition products before they go off sale forever," the United States Mint reminds in advertising banners on catalog.usmint.gov.

This year’s commemorative programs include gold and silver coins honoring Mark Twain’s life and legacy and gold, silver and clad coins celebrating the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service. Authorizing laws for both programs stipulate that the coins cannot be issued beyond this year.

The two tables below list available commemorative coins, their mintages, and their sales as of Dec 4. Congress routinely sets unrealistic mintages so the maximums should be taken with a grain of salt.

2016 Mark Twain Commemorative Coins

Sales Total % of Maximum Maximum Mintage
$5 Gold Proof 12,761 18,217 18.2% 100,000
$5 Gold Uncirculated 5,456
$1 Silver Proof 75,651 101,263 28.9% 350,000
$1 Silver Uncirculated 25,612


2016 National Park Service Commemorative Coins

Sales Total % of Maximum Maximum Mintage
$5 Gold Proof 18,530 22,229 22.2% 100,000
$5 Gold Uncirculated 3,699
$1 Silver Proof 72,797 92,704 18.5% 500,000
$1 Silver Uncirculated 19,907
50c Proof Clad Half-Dollar 51,482 69,552 9.3% 750,000
50c Uncirculated Clad Half-Dollar 18,070


*The figures above include sales of 13,921 for the 100th Anniversary National Park Service Three-Coin Set. The set includes proofs of each NPS coin, and has a product limit of 15,000.

Ordering and Free Shipping

For more information on the above products or to place orders, visit the U.S. Mint’s online page of commemorative coins.

The Mint is offering free budge shipping on orders of $100 or more through Dec. 11.

Lastly, if recent tradition holds, many of the Mint’s 2015-dated annual sets will become unavailable after Dec. 31.

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Mike Unser,
Any information about the mints intentions with the approx 8000 2016 W Gold Mercury Dimes?
Seems that the Mint would make a statement about these coins one way or another. It’s a shame that they have these and people would like to buy them but nothing is said to the public. Also it’s a shame that the mint forces individuals to buy from dealers or flippers if they don’t make these coins available,to individuals.
Your thoughts please.


The mint will melt the dimes…just wait, they have no plan and horrible management….they can go in the fire with like 80,000 Reagan sets


Free shipping ends on the 11th, right? Why not extend it to the 18th, it’s not like the mint has any other high demand releases for the remainder of the year.., it’s asinine not to extend Free Shipping through the 18th.., unless…

you plan to release the remaining Mercs, APEs, & ALS medals either on the 13th.., or the 15th of December. That’s what I’m planning to, they’ll hit most likely on either of those two dates, or not at all.

I’m planning on pulling the trigger on 10 come the 13th.., Time Will Tell.


Billele – one other observation – The 1/4 AGE quickly went to a Sold Out status after it went CU; The TR P puck immeditately went to Sold Out status this go around when the last on the website (in fulfilment) sold, which surprised me. The Mercs and other have not gone to Sold Out status, why? When others are? Something to think about.., Frankly, I personally don’t believe the US Mint will walk away from over $2 million in revenue with ready made Mercs, APEs, & ALS on the shelf.., besides, they need the revenue in this fiscal year… Read more »


If the US mint allows average Joe first access to coins they will lose big dealer profits. The 2016 100th anniversary dime sold out in minutes to dealers due to high limit. The limit on the quarter and half was low so Joe got his and it was a bust for dealers and the US mint as neither sold out. Joe’s money is small. Dealers money is big. Guess who wins this battle!.