New Ordering Deadline for 2014 Commemorative Coins

US Mint Last Chance Banner for 2014 Commemorative Coins
U.S. Mint Last Chance banner for 2014 Commemorative Coins. Their ordering deadline moved up a day.

There’s one less day to order commemorative coins from the United States Mint. The agency announced on Thursday that it has moved their ordering deadline up to noon ET on Dec. 30 from the same time on the 31st.

Commemorative programs for this year include the 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame and Civil Rights Act of 1964 coins. Authorizing laws for both programs require that these coins be issued and shipped by Dec. 31. To complete shipping by the deadline, the last day to order 2014 commemorative coins was moved up by 24 hours.

Not many of them are left since most are sold out or likely sold out. The two tables below list the Mint’s 2014 commemorative products, their sales as of Dec. 14, and their availability at the time of this writing.

Civil Rights Act of 1964 Silver Dollars

Latest Sales Sales Total % of Maximum Maximum Mintage Availability
Proof Coin 60,322 84,735 24.2% 350,000 Available
Uncirculated Coin 24,413


National Baseball Hall of Fame Products

Latest Sales Sales Total % of Maximum Maximum Mintage Availability
$5 Gold Baseball Proof Coin 32,427 50,104 100.0% 50,000 Sold Out
$5 Gold Baseball Uncirculated Coin 17,677
Silver Dollar Baseball Proof Coin 265,430 396,434 99.1% 400,000 Out of Stock / Likely Sold Out
Silver Dollar Baseball Uncirculated Coin 131,004
Clad Half Dollar Proof Baseball Coin 249,504 422,710 56.4% 750,000 Available via Back Order
Clad Half Dollar Baseball Uncirculated Coin 144,581
Young Collectors Set 28,625


For more information on the above products or to place orders, visit the Mint’s online page of commemorative coins.

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