US Mint Includes Free Shipping on Enrollment Products

Screenshot U.S. Mint Product Enrollment page
Screenshot of U.S. Mint Product Enrollment landing page

The United States Mint in 2018 is including free budget shipping on all products purchased from its enrollment program. That amounts to a potential savings of $4.95 for each offering.

For those unfamiliar with the program, it works a lot like a magazine subscription. When you sign up to receive a family of products, they are shipped automatically to you when they become available.

"After you sign up, you will receive the next product released in the series, and continue to receive products until you cancel," the U.S. Mint promotes on its Products Enrollments page. "You can cancel at any time with no penalty, and even pause your Enrollment if you would like to skip products."

The U.S. Mint sends email notifications to subscribers 30 days before the scheduled release of the next product.

The following products are available by enrollment:

  • Mint Sets
  • Proof Sets
  • Silver Proof Sets
  • ATB Quarters Proof Sets
  • ATB Quarters Silver Proof Sets
  • ATB Quarters Three-Coin Sets
  • ATB Quarters Circulating Coin Sets
  • ATB Quarters Uncirculated Coin Sets
  • ATB Quarters in 100-Coin Bags (D, P or S), 40-Coin Rolls (S), Three-Roll Sets (D, P & S) and Two-Roll Sets (D&P)
  • ATB Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coins
  • Proof and Uncirculated American Silver Eagles from West Point
  • Kennedy Half Dollars in 200-Coin Bags (D&P) and Two-Roll Sets (D&P)
  • Native American $1 Coins in 100-Coin Bags (D or P), 250-Coin Boxes (D or P), 25-Coin Rolls (D or P) and Two-Roll Sets (D&P)

Enroll in a product series at least 24 hours ahead of the next release to get it. For example, if you want to automatically receive rolls of all five 2018 quarters, subscribe to a 25-cent roll series before the first quarter design launches. Already issued products cannot be ordered by subscription.


Review the program and subscribe to available products by visiting the U.S. Mint’s Products Enrollments page.

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Any savings is good savings. Lets see if this new incentive increases the sales of American silver eagles. I think it just might, time will tell.



I’m impressed, a very logical move on the Mint’s behalf. I’d considered canceling my subscriptions and purchasing these products at one time to eliminate the $4.95 S&H fee on an individual product basis. This simple decision should translate into more subscription orders, aid the Mint in forecasting and appease collectors.

Joe Brown

How’s that saying go, if it’s to good to be true, there sticking it to you someplace else.


I can’t find anything on the Mint website that says they will wave standard shipping on enrollment sales. What did you find that actually said they wouldn’t charge. I cancelled my enrollment years ago because the standard shipping made some purchases added 25 to 50% to the price.

Mike Unser (

Steve, the U.S. Mint first announced the decision at its last numismatic forum in Washington, D.C. They wanted to offer a small thank you to loyal customers and make the program more attractive.

In early January, the agency also told subscribers about its free budget shipping change in an email notice to subscribers titled “New For Enrollment Program.”


They sure are keeping it under wraps. I guess they’re not trying to get new subscribers but rewarding those already participating. Thanks for the info. I’ll call and see if it applies to new enrollees.