2015 Lyndon B. Johnson Coin and Chronicles Set Release


Closing the series for 2015, the United States Mint at noon ET today, Oct. 27, will issue the Lyndon B. Johnson Coin and Chronicles Set. This set has a reverse proof $1 coin, a silver medal, an 8-cent stamp and an information booklet chronicling the life of the 36th U.S. President.

2015 Lyndon B. Johnson Coin and Chronicles Set
The 2015 Lyndon B. Johnson Coin & Chronicles Set includes a 1973 stamp, special reverse proof $1, a one-ounce .999 fine silver medal, and informational booklet

Priced at $57.95, all 25,000 sets are expected to sell quickly. The first two sets for 2015 honored Harry S. Truman and Dwight D. Eisenhower. They had limits of 17,000 and they sold out within 15 minutes of their release. The more recent John F. Kennedy Coin and Chronicles Set had a higher limit of 50,000. Still, it saw exceptional demand with sales of 40,000 in the first hour and over 45,600 by the 12th hour. That said, it was a surprise that it took about two more weeks until all the rest sold.

2015 Lyndon B. Johnson Coin and Chronicles Sets include the following items, all housed in a gray presentation folder:

  • One reverse proof 2015-P Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential $1 Coin, struck in Philadelphia.
  • One Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Silver Medal, also struck in Philadelphia.
  • One Lyndon B. Johnson 1973 postage stamp.
  • An information booklet about LBJ and his life.

The unique reverse proof dollar is only available within this set, with a U.S. Mint image of it here:

2015-P Reverse Proof Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential $1 Coin
The obverse or heads side of the dollar shows forward-looking portrait of the president, as designed and sculpted by Michael Gaudioso. The reverse depicts the Statue of Liberty, as designed and sculpted by Don Everhart.

Greatly enhancing their collectible appeal, the Mint just this year started striking reverse proof Presidential dollars and then they made them exclusive to the limited-edition chronicles sets. Reverse proof coins feature mirror-like devices and frosted fields, which is opposite of standard proof coins.

Photo of 2015-P Reverse Proof John F. Kennedy Presidential $1 Coin
Photo of the 2015-P Reverse Proof John F. Kennedy Presidential $1 Coin from the third Chronicles Set
Photo of 2015-P Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential $1 Coin
Photo of the 2015-P Reverse Proof Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential $1 Coin from the second Chronicles Set
Photo of 2015-P Reverse Proof Harry S. Truman Presidential $1 Coin
Photo of the 2015-P Reverse Proof Harry S. Truman Presidential $1 Coin from the first Chronicles Set

The set’s silver medal is composed from one ounce of 99.9% pure silver and it’s design is a replica of Johnson’s inauguration bronze medal from 1965. They’re struck on the same planchets that make American Silver Eagles.

Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Silver Medal
Here is an image from the United States Mint that shows the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Silver Medal

Reverses offer the Presidential Seal along with "INAUGURATED PRESIDENT" at the top and "JANUARY 20, 1965" on the bottom. Other inscriptions read "November 27, 1963" and the quote: "WE WILL SERVE ALL THE NATION, A UNITED NATION WITH A UNITED PURPOSE. – LYNDON B. JOHNSON."

John F. Kennedy Presidential Silver Medal
Photo of the John F. Kennedy Presidential Silver Medal from the third 2015-dated Chronicles Set
Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Silver Medal
Photo of the Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Silver Medal from the second 2015-dated Chronicles Set
Photo of Harry S. Truman Presidential Silver Medal
Photo of the Harry S. Truman Presidential Silver Medal from the first 2015-dated Chronicles Set

The U.S. Mint in Philadelphia makes the silver medals and reverse proof $1 coins, but only the dollars have a ‘P’ mint mark.


The 2015 Lyndon B. Johnson Coin & Chronicles Set will be available from the United States Mint’s online product page right here. Place phone orders using 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

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Buford Mckenzie

Better be ready at exactly 12! Should sell out very fast!


Will lBJ offering go smoothly? OR ¥£=*+??

Buford Mckenzie

Hello, senior on, hopefully the LBJ will go smoothly. But you never really know. 25,000 sets, may and should go pretty fast! If you’re ordering, like me, try and be quick!


Roses are red, violets are blue,
I’ll bet my trigger finger is quicker than you.


Now I wait for my confirmation email…


Well all went smoothly.Logged in 11:30.Completed 12:03 no confirmation yet.Good luck.


I think I got mine. Checkout system is always where it seems to hang up. Has to be a better way.


This was the smoothest one yet, refreshed at noon, placed the order, checked out and was done by 12:01. Waiting on confirmation email.


I ordered 2 for myself at noon without a problem. My dad just asked me to order a set for him, I used my card and his address for shipping but it said I reached my limit. I don’t have a problem giving up one of my two sets for him, I’m just curious what triggers the household limit if I’m sending it to a different household.

Darin Muzzy Sr.

Ya, you must send to a different address, I bought 2 from my address and 2 from my mother-in-laws, back then you could use thevsame card though. Now it must be different address and card


A meeting at work ran long so I thought I’d be shut-out but logged in at 12:17 put in the order, confirmed, and out by 12:19.

Smooth – like s**t thru a goose!


On ebay for a 2015 Lyndon B. Johnson Coin and Chronicles Set, the most recent price sold was $110.00 with free shipping for item #201455700790 from immicoin this morning October 27, 2015 @ 09:28 AM PDT. The lowest price sold was $100.90 + $1.99 shipping for item #151863497406 from yoni3 on October 7, 2015 @ 07:11 AM. The highest price sold was $145.00 with free shipping for item #321884058631 from minerman08 on October 7, 2015 @ 08:34 AM PDT.


Dwight – How do you search the sales information on ebay?


After one hour haven’t sold out yet! Seems not so popular, how about your guys think/


Very smooth transaction, in and out by 12:02. One minor hiccup and done. Just received confirmation. I am very surprised no sell out yet. Mintage is low, price reasonable, special coin? Who knows, this one could be a sleeper on down the road.


Brian, to search for sales on ebay, type in key search words such as LBJ Coin & Chronicles Set or Lyndon B. Johnson. Sort by either most recent listings or by lowest prices or by highest prices. Active Listings mean current asking prices. Sold Listings mean what buyers actually paid in the recent past.


Thanks Dwight


Ordered one at 2:10 pm. No problem!


If anyone is building a hoard of Coin & Chronicle sets from 2009 to present, be advised that LBJ is the last of 2015; Reagan will be sole set of 2016. NO SETS honoring the Watergate era of Nixon and Ford. Reagan being the last hurrah of the Presidential $1 coins. 2009 was Lincoln; 2013 was T. Roosevelt; 2014 was F. D. Roosevelt; 2015 being Truman…Eisenhower…Kennedy and Johnson; Reagan in 2016. So much for having deceased Presidents on all our circulating coins except for Sacawagea 2000 onward. God bless the USA.


Because the Federal Reserve has a huge stockpile of $1.4 Billion unused presidential $1 brass coins from George Washington in 2007 until James A. Garfield in 2011, the production of new Presidential dollar coins for circulation was suspended on December 11, 2011, by U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner. Thereafter minting of these coins have been made solely for collectors of numismatic proof and uncirculated coins.


Now Mint web show unavailable !


It was quick this time around even though it wasn’t letting me login until about 10 minutes before noon and I kept switching between Chrome, Explorer and Firefox. A few seconds after noon I kept refreshing and it took about 5 or 6 tries before I could order. But once there it was fast, no hiccups. I was out by 12:03. I don’t know if anyone else tried this, but I tried to buy an upgraded shipping but the system kept me locked in at POB smartpost .. (I am sending to my PO box) I got an email confirmation… Read more »


When do the Rick, Corey & ChumLee Coin & Pawnicles sets get reelased!!! This OLD MAN set is far out dude!


It went smooth like baby buttcheeks for me.. Got email confirmation already..

Mike Unser (CoinNews.net)

A short article about the set’s sellout in 4 hours is right here.

Christopher Williams

I logged in at approximately 12:01 and was done within one minute.

I had a feeling the US Mint website wasn’t going to be as jammed up as with the previous releases.

I am disappointed that there won’t be a Richard M. Nixon set, but I will be looking forward to the Ronald Reagan set.


I used the cell phone application. Wouldn’t you know the Dr. would have the audacity to schedule an appointment at noon today! Best part, her secretary informed us that she would be running about a half hour late! Perfect! Got two for me and two for my mother’s account. Cell phone app actually went thru even smoother than baby butt checks, if I may be so bold. I failed to recognize the “please refrain from cell phone use” sign in the lobby. Shame on me!!! Happy collecting!

Mike Unser (CoinNews.net)

Here is a link to photos of the LBJ Coin & Chronicles Set.


Have they announced the mintage for the Reagan set yet, that will be interesting.
I received a “order shipped” email on the LBJ set at 12:24 EDT today.


On ebay for a 2015 Lyndon B. Johnson Coin and Chronicles Set, the highest price sold was $145.00 with free shipping via Buy It Now for item #321884058631 from minerman08 on October 7, 2015 @ 08:34 AM PDT. The lowest price sold via Buy It Now price was $67.95 with free shipping from zxc208 on October 28, 2015 @ 18:56:46 PDT for item # 141811463045. The lowest price auctioned was $60.00 + $5.97 shipping from allthebestsales on October 30, 2015 @ 08:30:55 AM for each of his three simultaneous items #272030391317, 272030391649 & 272030392058. In other words, prices have been… Read more »


The more I look at the dollar, the more I am convinced that it is the portrait of the old guy from pawn stars!


Rec’d the Johnson set today 11/3/15. Coin and metal look great but the stamp is WAY off-center. About .040 spacing on the right side and about .200 on the left side. Where was quality control on this set? You think they would select well centered stamps for these sets. Another black mark for the mint as far as I’m concerned.


I just noticed the date on the reverse of the Johnson silver metal is not his inauguration date as stated in the info next to the metal.


Received my two sets today, the quality of the dollars and the medals could be better, no 70’s for me! The stamps are fine, but not really a concern for me.

Norman Lang

Hello, I don’t see any inscription on either coin on my 2015 Johnson Coin and Chronicles Set that says inauguration January 20, 1965 like it states in the written description next to the Presidential Medal. It say’s at the bottom of the Presidential Seal November 22, 1963 that was the day Kennedy was assassinated.
Please help me to understand this. Thank’s, Norman Lang

Ron Kinsey


Dear Valued Customer,
Unfortunately there was a design description error printed inside the folder of the 2015 Coin and Chronicles Set – Lyndon B. Johnson. The text in the folder describing the silver medal reverse reads “The reverse includes the date of his inauguration: January 20, 1965.” The text should have read “The reverse includes the date the president first took office: November 22, 1963.” The Mint apologizes to its customers for this error.

Ron Kinsey

My question is, will they correct this????

Seth Riesling

Ron Kinsey – The U.S. Mint rarely admits to an error, except error coins of course! Lol It took them 15 days from the day of issue of this LBJ C&C set to issue the correction via e-mail. This CoinNews article written by Darrin Lee Unser on Oct. 27 also still has the description of the LBJ silver medal wrong, even though the silver medal photo in the article provided by the U.S. Mint clearly shows that it is a silver version of the original 1963 LBJ bronze medal by sculptor-engraver Gilroy Roberts. Roberts’ name and date of 1963 is… Read more »

James Penne

I know this comes quite some time after release of Johnson Coin and Chronicles set but after reading the remark about the Mint not admitting to mistakes I had to post this, because I’m really at a loss as to who or what to post about an “strike through” error on a Johnson reverse proof 2015 Coin and Chronicle Coin. I’ve notified several Coin grading firms, but no one seems to be excited about this. Does this mean there were lots of these errors minted?


Has anybody seen a 2015 reverse proof Johnson. In 70 grade


PCGS reports 10 as First Strikes, 0 without the FS designation.
NGC reports 0 in any designation.


Still no reverse proof 70. Johnson dollar


The 10 PCGS first strikes are reverse proofs.