2015 $2 Triple Deuce Sets Offer Matching Serial Numbers


The Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) is now accepting orders for its limited 2015 $2 Triple Deuce Set with its three $2 notes bearing matching serial numbers beginning with "2015."

2015 $2 Triple Deuce Set
Shown here is a BEP image of the packaging and bills found inside the 2015 $2 Triple Deuce Set. While the notes in this set share the same designs as other $2s, they are unique with their matching serial numbers that start with 2015.

Limited to 3,000 worldwide, sets are priced at $59.95 — $5 more than last year’s set which sold out within days. If sets do remain available after the pre-release period of June 16 to 22, the BEP indicates that it will offer bulk-pricing of $54.95 for quantities of 25 or more sets. The per-household ordering limit of 5 sets will also be waved after the pre-release period.

Held within the 2015 $2 Triple Deuce Set’s four-panel presentation folder are a:

  • Series 2009 $2 note from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York,
  • Series 2009 $2 note from the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, and
  • Series 2013 $2 note from the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

Each $2 note is protected by a clear acid-free polymer sleeve.


2015 $2 Triple Deuce Sets may be ordered online by visiting the BEP’s website at www.moneyfactorystore.gov, or by calling the BEP at 800-456-3408 from 7:30 a.m. to 7:20 p.m. ET. Sets will begin shipping on June 23, 2015.

About the BEP

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing is the largest producer of security documents in the United States. The bureau prints billions of Federal Reserve Notes for delivery to the Federal Reserve System each year. These notes are produced at facilities in Washington, DC, and Fort Worth, Texas.

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Joe #2

Just ordered a total of 4. 3,000 total is low in my opinion. should sell out in a few days or so. Good luck to all who picked up on some.


Ordered my 5. Web sight was extremely slow at 8AM which would indicate to me there’s heavy interest in this set. 2014 sets are commanding a decent premium. Happy collecting


Just order mine , I checked on ebay there are few listing on 2014 sets . Are these kind of set popular?


Looks like they were popular last year. But in reading over the comments on the 2014 set some people got burned by the cover, which shows the reverse with the year date per the picture above. That is confusing, almost deceptive, since these bills (if they are like last year’s) will have the standard Bicentennial reverse.


I agree with you Richard. I had a friend say to me that the backs of the $2 bills have changed. I sold a couple of the double deuce sets and buyers complained that they expected the back of the notes to be the double deuce design. I don’t think this was intentional (since the BEP is getting 10 times face value for these notes) just probably an oversight. The BEP sight could use additional upgrading. Tracking numbers of shipments and additional acknowledgments would be excellent! Happy collecting!

Joe #2

Just cancelled my order. these are no big deal. Worth $6 total. Same reverse as last year. I called.


/* Same reverse as last year. */
Remember, US bills are dated by series year, not printing year. The “2015” IMO is misleading as advertised because you have to read deeper to see that it refers to the serial number, not the series.

And in any case bills don’t get new reverses without a formal redesign and Congress, in its infinite fealty to Crane Paper and the don’t-change-anything crowd, has specifically forbidden any redesign of $1 and $2 bills.


I don’t mind not redesigning the $1 or $2 bills as long as they stop printing them altogether. And while they’re at it they can stop making pennies, too.


SOLD OUT!!!!!!!!!!