2015 Superman Comic Cover Coins Nearing Sellout


Three new Royal Canadian Mint coins bearing designs featured on iconic Superman comic book covers are nearing a sellout.

2015 $20 Superman Comic Cover Silver Coins
These Royal Canadian Mint coins have reverse design featuring comic book covers of Superman #28 (2014), Superman Action Comics #1 (2011) and Superman Unchained #2 (2013)

Limited to 10,000 coins per design, sales opened to the public on Monday, June 1. By Tuesday afternoon, 77% of the coins had been claimed. The percentage climbed to 85% by early evening.

Comic covers depicted on the three silver coins include:

  • Superman Action Comics #1 (2011)
  • Superman Unchained #2 (2013)
  • Superman #28 (2014)

Advanced engraving techniques are used to frame these comic cover images, which are placed within a series of concentric circles that also add depth and motion to the design.

Struck from one-ounce of 99.99% pure silver in a collector quality finish of proof, each officially licensed coin has a diameter of 38 millimeters, a serrated edge and a $20 face value.

Coins have common reverse inscriptions of CANADA, 2015, and 20 DOLLARS. Also common to each are obverses with Susanna Blunt’s portrait of Queen Elizabeth II along with the surrounding inscriptions ELIZABETH II and D G REGINA.

Royal Canadian Mint-provided design information follows.

2015 $20 Superman Action Comics #1 Silver Coin

The reverse image recreates the 2011 cover of Action Comics #1, and features Superman as he runs from the authorities through the streets of Metropolis. The original artwork introduced a more modern take on a young Superman; wearing denim jeans and boots, Superman still maintains elements from his traditional costume with a blue shirt, red cape and the iconic ‘S’ shield emblazoned across his chest.

2015 $20 Superman Action Comics #1 Silver Coin
2015 $20 Superman Action Comics #1 Silver Coin

Vibrant color enhances the engraved portrait of Superman, even adding a red glow to the streaks caused by bullets that do little to slow him down.

2015 $20 Superman Unchained #2 Silver Coin

As seen on one of the six variant covers associated with Superman Unchained #2 (2013), the reverse image features vibrant color in its depiction of Superman in action. Battling a corrupt and covert military force, Superman displays an incredible feat of strength as he lifts a tank over his head with just one arm.

2015 $20 Superman Unchained #2 Silver Coin
2015 $20 Superman Unchained #2 Silver Coin

In the engraved background, high-tech tanks close in on the Man of Steel™, leaving a wake of destruction and rubble in their path.

2015 $20 Superman #28 Silver Coin

As seen on the cover of Superman #28 (2014), the reverse image features Superman in his Kryptonian battle armor, lifting the title of his comic book with the help of his heat vision and super strength.

2015 $20 Superman #28 Silver Coin
2015 $20 Superman #28 Silver Coin

Dust and debris fall from the SUPERMAN title, as our superhero’s red-colored cape billows in the wind.


Available individually or as a part of a three-coin subscription, place orders by visiting the Royal Canadian Mint’s website at www.mint.ca. An affiliate link to the Mint’s new releases is hereicon. Each coin is CAD $109.95, or US $88.41.

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What a very super idea to honor my childhood hero. Superman even deserves to be in gold coins. Kudos to whoever thought of it. The fact that it has almost sold out just shows the level of influence this character has had on so many lives.


I have a question about Canadian Coins. How long does it usually take for the coins to get here from their mint? My spouse ordered some coins weeks ago and they still have not arrived. I’ve lived in Canada for several years and they are usually more on their toes that this is taking. What I’d like to know is this a usual hold up, such as something like waiting for a credit card clear?