March of Dimes Set Scores First-Day Sales of 52,540

Coins in 2015 March of Dimes Special Silver Set
Coins in 2015 March of Dimes Special Silver Set

The United States Mint’s new March of Dimes Special Silver Set moved out of the gate swiftly, scoring first-day sales of 52,540. That’s 70.1% of the maximum 75,000 sets sold within the first 12 hours of their release. An eventual sellout appears in the works.

Sets went into backorder within an hour of their release, with the U.S. Mint’s online status for them stating:

"This item is available to be ordered now, but it is not currently in stock. Additional inventory is being made. Please add the item to your cart to see when additional inventory is expected to be available."

March of Dimes Set In-Stock Message
This US Mint message notes an in-stock date of Aug. 14, 2015

Early orders are already shipping. Those now just getting around to buying will have to wait some time to get sets in hand. Their expected in-stock date is Friday, August 1, 2015, according to the Mint’s website.

Sets launched at noon ET on Monday, May 4. They include a proof March of Dimes Silver Dollar and two unique Roosevelt silver dimes — one in reverse proof from Philadelphia and another in regular proof from West Point. Both mark firsts for the Mint. That’s very attractive to coin collectors, as are the dimes eventual mintages. The pair will not be sold outside of the set. Even at the 75,000 max level, they will have the lowest mintage in the Roosevelt dime series.

Worth mentioning, many buyers commented about the smoothness of their traction. A stark contrast to collectors’ experiences before the Mint launched their new website and ordering management system.

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Well designed sales of a limited product. And a reasonable price too. Grab one or more now folks!


I’m a little bit disappointed as I thought they would sell out on day 1. I’m not worried about profit potential, just wanted to see a sell out right out of the gate. Still with 24,460 sets left it may be awhile yet for a sell out. The initial rush should be over now.


How many sets were sold before the backorder? Those sets can be first strike or early release.


There is a typographical error on paragraph 4. The sets launched their sales yesterday Monday May 4 instead of today May 5.


On ebay, coin flippers have been reselling these sets for around $100. The U.S. Mint issue price was $61.95. $100 – $61.95 = $38.05 profit which is a 61.4% instant gain.


Of course that is “gross profit”. Don’t forget to deduct the fees EBay gouges you. Therefore, on a $100 sale with free shipping, you can make about $20 on each set. Just received notification of my order being shipped!!!! Happy collecting everyone!


Flipping the key dates for this series for a $20 profit is insane.


Dimes….Zzzzzzzzzzzzz Morons @ the mint, why bother with the 500,000# the limit was 75k on this set, most confusing. limit 75k regardless. Like the 1996-w this will be 0k @ the start in a few years no one will care


What does make this set unique is that it has a Reverse Proof coin. It will also appeal to the “Reverse Proof Short Set” collectors. There are now only 7 coins that have been struck as a “Reverse Proof” and this Dime will now be a key coin for these collectors as well as Dime & Silver Dime collectors.


This is a keeper, not a flipper.


why did people want to sell for $100 ? this is unique piece ,should be more
But one thing need to remember is the size, the dime is pretty small , hard to see real detail on reverse proof,


My 5 sets will be delivered on Thursday. Lightning fast from the Mint!!!!


@Jan – The whole notion of ‘First Strike’ or ‘Early Release’ is purely a TPG marketing ploy. aimed at unsophisticated buyers. The mint has, on numerous occasions, pointed out that they do NOT keep track of the order of production. The date which the TPGs use id date SOLD/SHIPPED, which may have absolutely no relation to any particular coin or how or when it was produced. Moreover, proof dies are replace after a few hundred strikes, and pairs may not even be changed together, creating multiple die pairs. In fact, a first strike could be made from fresh dies months… Read more »


Also, don’t count on Aug 1 as the date of availability. I ordered several of the Marshals uncirculated coins, all of which had backorder dates several months out and all were fulfilled within a week or two at most.


“Even at the 75,000 max level, they will have the lowest mintage in the Roosevelt dime series.” I do not collect dimes, but what about the 1950 proof at 51,386 and 1951 proof at 57,500 listed in the “Red Book”? Would these coins not be part of the “Roosevelt dime series”?


Seems the only coin/coins the US Mint actually states The First Day of Issue are on the Presidential $1 Coin Cover. Even with a product limit of 15,000 they don’t get much attention.


I find it interesting that this set went the 4th at 12:PM eastern.The Backorder notice went up approximately 1 hr later and some where around 52,000 sets sold in the first 12 hrs.leaving 23 thou and some.It is now nearly 24 hrs later and there is no sell out.The mints site still states this product is on back order which means availability.What happened?


Pardon 48 hrs


The “Early Release” graded coins require that they are sent and graded within the 1st (first) 30 days of issue. This is desirable with some collectors as a premium above a “70” grade. It is only an option. Some prefer “Raw” coins, some in an “Unopened” Original Government Packaging (OGP). Again, options. As far as a “Sell Out”. I believe that it will occur. I had estimated that at 50k there would be a sellout. At 75k it will take a week or 3 for the word to reach collectors. Some unfortunately by the on-air shows, but the word will… Read more »


This morning I received an email notification that my coin sets are being shipped. I expect them in about a week.

Mike Unser (

As of Thursday morning, 63,882, or 85.2%, of the authorized 75,000 have been sold. We hope to get another updated total on Friday, as well as publish photos of the three coins in the set.

Mike Unser (

Sets are at 88% of their maximum at this writing. We published the latest sales total and photos of the set right here.